SO THAT’S WHERE ALL THE TOILET PAPER WENT? District 3 Monroe County commissioner John Ambrose tried to bring a little levity to the county’s emergency meeting on Monday in light of the coronavirus outbreak. Ambrose walked into the meeting wearing a mask out of toilet paper, but removed it when they got down to business and declared a state of emergency barring public gatherings of 10 or more. 


Monroe County and the city of Forsyth have both barred public gatherings of 10 or more people but stopped short of enforcing a curfew in light of the Coronavirus outbreak.

The county did approve exemptions for grocery stores, gas stations and pharmacies where 10 or more people may be getting necessities in a larger store. The county is encouraging a voluntary curfew from 9 p.m.-6 a.m. Commissioners approved the emergency declaration at a special called meeting on Monday afternoon.

Mayor Eric Wilson, who was there, noted that most people have been staying home anyway. County EMA director Brian Meadows said everyone in the city and county is working well together to prevent spread. Commissioner John Ambrose wondered what they’ll say to restaurants if they have more than 10 customers. Meadows said they will tell them they can’t have more than 10. Sheriff Brad Freeman was asked if he was going to lock people up who violated the new rules. “No,” said the sheriff. While some commissioners wanted tighter restrictions, commissioner Larry Evans, who sat in the audience, not on the dais, to avoid getting too close to other commissioners, disagreed. 

“Just pass it as it is,” said Evans. “Most people are gonna take it seriously enough. I’ll take carry out. Everybody knows this is an airborne transmissible disease.”