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Eddie Rowland has been named Monroe County’s 2021 Businessman of the Year. He was nominated by his daughter Katie Rowland. Each February the Reporter salutes the men who make Monroe County work with his special section dedicated to the working men of Monroe County. Congratulations Eddie Rowland and thank you to all the men who make Monroe County work.

If I had to describe my dad in three ways I’d say he’s a Jesus follower, a family man, and a businessman. The first two make him a great businessman because there he finds his true purpose in life. Following Jesus gives him the drive to be successful for God’s glory alone, and gives him a supernatural endurance that keeps him going even when times get tough. His commitment to family keeps him grounded. We’re privileged to serve as his wise counsel for business decisions, and we’re thankful that his business endeavors are rooted in providing and leaving a legacy for his family. 


My dad always told me you only get one life, so take the risks and don’t leave anything on the table. The boldness to take the risk has made him a successful businessman. Eddie has walked in this zeal and fearlessness throughout my life as he made leaps from big corporate business to Real Estate, to opening an HVAC business in the middle of the 2008 recession, to being elected as a Monroe County Commissioner twice, to selling his HVAC business, and to now embarking on a new business in the middle of a pandemic. 


Despite his bold and fearless nature, he is a humble man with a servant’s heart. He knows how to roll up his sleeves and get to work. He does the research and doesn’t take any decision he makes lightly. He’s willing to make the sacrifice for the team and never lets his status get in the way of his or his business’ success. Dad always has others’ best interests at heart. He sees his success and the success of his businesses as a platform to serve and give more to his community. 


My dad is never complacent. He wants more for his businesses, his family, and his community. He goes after his dreams but always brings his family and friends along for the ride. His new business, Old Mill Market Co. (coming Spring 2021) was born with the mission to share the things we as a family treasure most with our community. Our store motto “Made by family, for family” is our commitment to offering the same quality of product and service we would provide to our closest family and friends. I say “our store” because it was always important to dad that this be a family adventure. So far he’s made sure each member of the family has a valuable position at the store.


So, I am nominating my dad, Eddie Rowland as Businessman of the Year. His zeal inspires everyone around him. His fearlessness allows him to take the risk. His humility reminds him life is about serving others. As he serves on the Monroe County Board of Commissioners, manages a successful Property Sales and Management Company, and opens the Old Mill Market Company, my dad stays grounded in his purpose of being a businessman: to glorify God, and love Him by serving others. 


- Nominated by Katie Rowland