truck lanes map

The Monroe County Development Authority breathed a sigh of relief on Tuesday after getting a new map of the planned I-75 truck lanes from the DOT. It shows that most of Monroe County’s I-75 exits, including exits at Rumble Road and Hwy. 18 to local industrial parks, would remain open to truck traffic. The map also shows how the two new truck lanes will stay outside the northbound lanes until  right before the Hwy. 18 exit when they will move to the median between the north and south bound lanes. Then at the Hwy. 42 exit they will move back to the outside of the northbound lanes. Authority president Bo Gregory said that means that El Tejado, Zaxby’s and other businesses close to the interstate will be able to stay where they are. Authority member Jim Cole commended the city for lobbying the DOT behind the scenes to have the lanes moved.