Terry Martin

Terry Martin


erry Martin is an independent life and health insurance agent who specializes in Medicare Health plans, including Medicare Supplement, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Drug plans. She has been an independent agent for the last eight years and worked for a Medicare Advantage company for six years prior to that.

 “I love working with seniors and helping them save money,” said Martin. “My top priority is making sure my clients understand all options available to people on Medicare and helping them choose which option works best for them. It is not a ‘one size fits all;’ each person has specific medical and financial needs.”

Martin’s office is in Bolingbroke. She is contracted with most Medicare Advantage plans in Monroe County and many Medicare supplement plans. There is no charge to beneficiaries for her services; she is paid by the insurance companies. But she is an agent for her client, not the company. 

There are many changes to Medicare plans in 2021 including the Senior Savings Model that is available on some plans that caps insulin cost at $35/month.

She is available throughout the year to answer questions and help resolve any issues with plans.The Medicare Annual Enrollment Period ends Dec. 7; so now is the time to review plans and benefits available for 2021. 

There are Medicare Advantage plans in Monroe County that include extra benefits, such as dental, vision, hearing, gym membership and even a personal emergency response system. There are many plans available to help with drug costs, Medicare Part B premiums and co-pays, depending on income. 

 “My mission is helping seniors navigate the Medicare system and get the care they need to stay healthy,” said Martin. “My philosophy is to always do what is best for my client, not me or the insurance company.”

She invites those who are looking for answers about Medicare programs to contact her at 478-318-8581 or tatmartin40@yahoo.com and learn more about the programs available.