Mackenzie Davenport of Fowler Flemister Concrete shown at the company’s new plant going up off College Street.

Work has begun on a new $2.5 million Fowler Flemister Concrete plant on College Street in Forsyth with plans to open next month.

“There’s a lot of potential and great people in Forsyth,” said McKenzie Davenport, co-owner of Milledgeville-based Fowler Flemister. “We like the welcoming environment here and the people have been fantastic. They’re very energized and motivated to get things done and like to see progress. We’ve been to some towns where they’re against development, but Forsyth has done a good job seeing what’s on the horizon and putting people in place to be a part of that.”

Fowler Flemister bought 35 acres off College Street for its plant, and plans to use only about half of the land while selling the rest. Davenport said they’ll hire 8-10 employees at the plant and that the building should be delivered soon. 

Fowler Flemister is one of two concrete companies building plants in Forsyth, as Reaves Concrete of Valdosta is building a plant in the Hwy. 18 industrial park. Davenport said they’re excited to be in competition with them and said it’s a great opportunity for all of them.

Davenport said Fowler Flemister is 60 years old having been built by his wife’s grandfather. Now his brother-in-law and he have joined the company to grow it into the future.

“We’re kicking butt and  giving direction to these guys and moving it into the next generation,” said Davenport.

Davenport said they like to locate their plants in small towns where they like to get highly involved in the community.