cell tower

Verizon told Monroe County commissioners on Tuesday that a new cell phone tower planned for Montpelier Road will fix Forsyth’s poor cell phone service in about a year.

“Yes sir it will,” said Dr. Greg Spence, Verizon project manager, after commissioner George Emami asked if a new tower planned behind the county’s gas depot would fix the problem.

Emami said every time he walks out of his office in downtown Forsyth and leaves his WiFi, he loses data service on his phone. 

“It’s dial-up speed,” said Emami. Emami said he spent several hours on the phone with Verizon trying to determine the problem and finally someone in corporate conceded there was a known issue in Forsyth.

Spence said environmental regulations stopped plans to put a Verizon tower on the water tank in Forsyth. Now, the cell phone giant has tentatively agreed to lease land for a 199-foot tower from Monroe County behind its gas depot on Montpelier Road. Spence said such towers generally provide cell service to a radius of 3-5 miles.

Spence said if that all goes well he expects the tower to be up and running by the end of 2021. Verizon would pay the county $700 per month to lease the land for the tower.