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Forsyth Police receive report of suspicious man with Bible in car

Forsyth Police Sgt. David Asbell responded to a report of a suspicious person outside of Robins Federal on August 1. A man had been sitting in his car taking notes from a Bible in his lap. Asbell told the man he would have to go to a different location where he wouldn’t make anyone else nervous.

Deputy discovers baby unattended at home after domestic dispute

A 26-year-old white Forsyth man and a 27-year-old white Forsyth woman face charges of disorderly conduct and second degree cruelty to children after a domestic dispute at a Juliette Road home on Aug. 4. At about 11:34 p.m., a male neighbor and his wife told Dep. Tyler Rodgers they had heard loud banging coming from a nearby Juliette Road trailer for the past two hours. The neighbor’s wife said the female resident of the trailer had walked over to her home earlier and asked to speak with her husband. The neighbor’s wife said the female resident then accused her husband of having sex with the resident’s husband. The neighbors said the resident told them that her 10-month-old baby was inside her trailer alone and instructed them to tell the resident’s husband to go back to their home. The neighbors said the resident, who had a bruised left eye and blood dripping from her nose, then left walking toward Juliette Road to search for her husband. The neighbors added that deputies had visited the residents’ home recently for a similar dispute. Rodgers then entered the residents’ home and found several items scattered in the kitchen as well as a broken window. Rodgers then found the residents’ baby lying on a bed with no one else inside the home. Meanwhile, Dep. Stephen Phipps searched the area for the residents but was unable to find them. Therefore, Rodgers contacted a female Monroe County C.A.R.E. Cottage employee about the matter. The C.A.R.E. Cottage employee then arrived at the residents’ home and found the baby’s diaper was wet with urine and appeared to have been that way for a while. The C.A.R.E. Cottage employee then took the baby to the C.A.R.E. Cottage, where she met with Monroe County Department of Family and Children Services (DFCS) representatives. Rodgers learned the resident’s husband has an active Temporary Restraining Order (TPO) against his wife. The female resident, who was arrested the following day on Aug. 5, was also charged with violation of a family violence order.

Forsyth man receives call about drugs, blood found in rental car

At about 12 p.m. on Aug. 6, a Forsyth man told Cpl. Thomas Haskins that he received a call from an unknown male who identified himself as “Jeyfrey Tribiano.” The man said the caller, who said he worked for a law enforcement agency, told him that police in El Paso, Texas had found a rental car in the man’s name that had cocaine and blood inside. The man said the caller then began asking for his bank account information, saying there were 26 existing accounts opened using the man’s information. The man said the caller also told him that if he contacted the police about the matter, the man would be arrested. The man said he refused to give the caller any personal information and hung up the phone.

Macon woman reports fraudulent charges on credit cards on Aug. 8

At about 10:16 a.m. on Aug. 8, a Macon woman told Inv. Jacob Robins that she was contacted by LifeLock on July 21 about a fraudulent Capital One card being taken out in her name. The woman told Robins that someone has opened cards in her name with TMobile, Credit One and Capital One. The woman, who said the unknown suspect has access to a significant amount of her personal information, said the suspect also tried to open an account with Discover but said she froze her credit before the Discover account could be opened.

Forsyth woman finds $662 unauthorized charge on credit card

At about 4:51 p.m. on Aug. 9, a Forsyth woman told Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz that someone had fraudulently charged $662.23 to her Victoria Secret credit card. The woman said she received a bill on July 21 stating she owed $662.23 in purchases at a New York City Bed Bath and Beyond store. She said the fraudulent transactions were made on May 21.

Hwy. 87 homeowner reports mailboxes damages on Aug. 10

At about 10:57 a.m. on Aug. 10, a male Hwy. 87 homeowner told Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz that someone had damaged six mailboxes at Whispering Pines trailer park. The homeowner said he owns the damaged mailboxes but said some of them had locks on them that he doesn’t own. The homeowner said he would find out if anything was missing from the mailboxes. He said each damaged mailbox was valued at about $12.