If you’re looking for someone to pressure wash your home or driveway or clean your gutters to prepare for more outdoor time this fall, give Monroe County 18 year old Michael Head a call for a free quote.

The oldest child of Greg and Michelle Head, Michael Head has been pressure washing his own family’s home since he was 10 years old. With all that experience he’s become skilled at cleaning with a pressure washer and now he’s offering that talent to Monroe County through his own business, MH Enterprise.

Head will give a thorough cleaning and a new shiny look to any property, whether home or business, driveway or sidewalk. For patios and sidewalks that have become stained green by moss or algae, Head uses bleach to restore their original sheen. For customers concerned about bleach, Head can use an environmentally friendly solutions called Simply Green to achieve the same results.

Head said anyone thinking about such a job can call him and he’ll inspect the property and give a free quote. Call Head at 478-845-8802 to make your property shine this fall.