To the Editor: 

After speaking with Erin Cook from Southern Rivers Energy, I’m convinced that they had no knowledge of any contractors spreading mimosa seed along their right of way. It’s not illegal to plant Mimosa in Georgia so I was surprised and disbelieving at first when she said, “that’s not even a thing”. I was expecting the conversation to be about maintenance costs. It was not. She was indeed puzzled as to who this person was and couldn’t verify that he even worked for the contractors.

At this point I have no clue who the man was that was in our yard on Aug. 28, nor do I now believe he even worked for their contractors. It’s public knowledge that the fiberoptic network is coming to our area and this is the premise the man used for being on my property. 

After speaking with Erin, I would like to apologize to Southern Rivers, their other customers, and to anyone else affected by my letter to the editor. Through all my years of being a customer of Southern Rivers Energy I’ve only had good service from them and they do an excellent job for our community.


Gregory Walker