Hanna Marie Huff

Hannah Marie Huff

Sept. 7, 2008

Daughter of

Randy & Rachel Huff

This week’s birthdays and anniversaries are courtesy of Forsyth Lions Club calendar.

Sept. 14

Chris Willingham

Sept. 16

Meg Strickland

Summer Williams

Sept. 17

Camille Walston

Sept. 18

Monica Barkley

Holly Hamlin

Gael Bostick

Mamie Josey

Darren Ramsey

Sept. 19

Carolyn Bittick

Sept. 20

David Willoughby

Haylee Hadden

Susan Hollar

Sept. 21

Logan Matthews

Ernest Jackson

Jayden Willoughby

Bill Pace

Tristan Hunt

Keith & Charlotte Morey

To have your name added to the calendar, contact Virginia Remick at 994-5426.