Forsyth’s bombastic Facebook ranter Scott Bogulski appears to have resolved the last of his charges for stealing trailers in 2015-16.

Bogulski has reached an agreement with the Jasper County District Attorney to pay $2,250 in restitution to Jasper County High School for stealing their enclosed athletic trailer in August 2015. Assistant district attorney Brent Cochran said Bogulski agreed to repay the cost of the trailer by May 15 in exchange for having the criminal charges dropped. Jasper County High (formerly Monticello High) used the trailer to carry football equipment to road games.

“I wasn’t expecting anything out of it, so it sure is good to hear that,” said Jasper County High principal Buddy Cain when told the news. “We look forward to getting that money. It won’t quite cover the cost of the new trailer we had to buy, but it will help.”

Monroe County authorities had provided a photo that appeared to be the stolen Jasper County High trailer attached to Bogulski’s truck in his yard in August 2015. Jasper County school officials also had surveillance video of a truck that matches Bogulski’s taking the trailer.

Bogulski was just released from prison in March 2020 after serving nearly three years for stealing a cargo trailer from the Georgia Beef Board in Macon. Since being released Bogulski has resumed his commentary on his Facebook page, Forsyth Georgia Nuze. Meanwhile, probation officials told the Reporter they were investigating evidence that Bogulski is advertising his crime scene cleaning business on-line, a violation of his probation, along with claims that Bogulski posts from a fake account using the name of Brian Johnson. It includes a photo of a fireman in uniform who’s been identified as Brian Sherrard, the fire chief in Milpitas, Calif. Sherrard said he had no knowledge his photo was being used on a page called Forsyth Georgia Nuze.