A Forsyth woman was arrested on July 6 after her mother-in-law was found living in squalid conditions.

Rebecca Lea Wasson, 47, was charged with elder abuse and taken to the Monroe County Jail.

According to the incident report, at about 6:22 a.m. on July 5, Dep. Chris Sherrell of the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office was notified by Monroe County EMTs that a 75-year-old female Old Atlanta Highway resident had fallen and was injured. The woman had severe injuries to her feet and appeared to be living in filth. EMTs told Sherrell that the woman had soiled herself several times and did not appear to have bathed in over a week.

Sherrell saw what appeared to be decomposing flesh on the woman’s right foot as well as a large open sore. EMTs told Sherrell it appeared that the woman’s right foot would have to be amputated due to the severity of the injuries.

The woman’s daughter-in-law, Wasson, who also lives at the home, told Sherrell that her mother-in-law had been injured since May but said she had refused to allow her to take her to the doctor or ER. Wasson said she thought her mother-in-law was “fine” because she hid the extent of her injuries from her. Wasson said her mother-in-law called EMTs that day because she had fallen and couldn’t get up. Wasson added that she has been severely depressed lately, which is why her mother-in-law’s room was so dirty and why she hadn’t been cared for adequately.

After Sherrell photographed the woman’s injuries, she was taken to Macon’s Medical Center Navicent Health for treatment. The following day, on July 6, Monroe County Magistrate Judge Buck Wilder issued an arrest warrant for Wasson.