Date and time? July 14 around 8 p.m. 

Name of driver? Arsenio Damar Nuckles

Age of driver? 31

Where was driver from? Marietta

Type of vehicle? 2017 Mazda SUV

Highway? I-75 S

Speeds reached? High speed

Where did it start? BP gas station, Tift College Drive

Where did it end? Near Hwy. 18 and I-75 S

Total distance of chase? 1 mile

How did it end? Deputies decided they would try to box the vehicle in as opposed to a P.I.T. maneuver to guarantee safety of a child in the car. Deputy Thompson was able to slow the Mazda down by 

applying his brakes from the front, while deputy Seckinger was pushing the vehicle toward the

median wall near Hwy. 18. Meanwhile, deputy Brown blocked the car from the rear. Once, the Mazda slowed to a stop, the deputies unholstered their weapons and aimed at Nuckles. He was immediately arrested.

What did they find? Deputies discovered the Mazda had been reported stolen out of Florida. 

What were the charges? Nuckles was charged with fleeing, obstruction, cruelty to children in the second degree, driving without a license, no registration, printing a fake tag, and several moving violations during the pursuit. His female passenger, Christine Philippe, 23, of Lehigh Acres, FL was charged with bringing stolen property into the state of Georgia and giving false information.

Law enforcement personnel involved? deputy Jaleel Brown, Sgt. Kirk Seckinger and deputy Jeff Thompson

What was notable about this chase? Nuckles told deputies he did not have to present his license due to his supreme law of the land. He also said there was no probable cause to stop him and therefore he would not provide identification and requested a supervisor. When Sgt. Seckinger and deputy Thompson arrived, Nuckles told them he was traveling and not required to have a driver license to operate a vehicle.