mcso final

Biker records his

fleeing attempt with 

GoPro camera

On Saturday, March 14, a motorcyclist was caught after wrecking at the end of a long, high-speed chase. At around 3 p.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw four motorcycles traveling southbound I-75 near milepost 212 at 120 mph and weaving in and out of traffic. The motorcyclists saw Hawkins and immediately exited by driving across 3 lanes of traffic. They failed to stop at the stop sign at the 188 southbound exit and turned left onto Collier Road. Three of the motorcycles rapidly accelerated down Collier Road and one of the motorcycles turned left onto Hwy 42 North. 

Haskins continued after the two of the motorcycles, one black and one white, on Collier Road at speeds exceeding 100 mph. As they approached the city limits, the black motorcycle turned left onto Russell Parkway and the white motorcycle stayed straight on Collier Road. Haskins notified other deputies the direction of the black motorcycle and continued pursuit of the white motorcycle. Cpl. Jacob Justice was able to intercept the black motorcycle on North Lee Street. 

The white motorcycle continued traveling on Collier Road and approached the red light at North Lee Street. It then turned right and narrowly missed striking a vehicle turning out of the Dairy Queen. The driver rapidly accelerated down North Lee Street towards the square and passed several vehicles in the turning lane and at the railroad crossing. 

He continued passing several vehicles on the square and stayed straight onto Hwy 42 S. He then accelerated rapidly out of town at speeds exceeding 100 mph. 

The motorcycle accelerated to speeds of approximately 150 mph at times on Hwy 42 South for about 10 miles. As the motorcycle approached Treadwell Road, the driver suddenly slammed on brakes, causing the rear tire to lock up, and he attempted to turn left onto Treadwell Rd. He was not able to make the turn and drove into the front yard of a home on the corner of Hwy 42 South and Treadwell Road and stopped. 

Haskins ordered the driver to put his hands up. The driver just looked at him and did not comply. The corporal opened the door on his vehicle and the motorcycle immediately accelerated rapidly, however it was unable to get traction, and the motorcycle slid onto the ground and the driver fell off.  

Haskins drew his weapon and told the driver to put his hands up, however he refused, and began running backwards. 

He was ordered to lay onto the ground, and the driver went to his knees, but would not lay completely down. Haskins pushed him to the ground. Once on the ground, he refused to place his hands behind his back, but the corporal was able to pull his hands behind him and place him in handcuffs.  

Haskins seized the driver’s “GoPro Hero 7” camera mounted to his helmet that it was still recording. The driver said he fled because, “I was just scared of the police”. The motorcycle’s license plate was pushed under the rear fender and not visible. 

The Buford man was cited for speeding, passing in a no passing zone, passing on a hillcrest or turn, failure to stop at stop sign, failure to obey traffic control device, motorcycle driving in same lane as another vehicle, reckless driving, failure to maintain lane, failure to exercise due care, driving in divided gore of roadway, motorcycle operating in between cars, passing with less than 200 feet between cars, passing within 100 feet of a railway intersection, driving without a motorcycle license, and improper tag display, 

Warrants were also taken against him for felony fleeing, attempting to elude a police officer and obstruction of law enforcement. 

Out of gas Tennessee 

woman goes to jail

A Tennessee woman faces DUI and other charges after calling police to report she had run out of gas. On March 17, at about 11:30 p.m., Cpl. Tyler Rodgers was dispatched to Berner Loop to assist a Copperfield, Tenn. woman who requested help because she was nearly out of gas. When he arrived, the woman had driven to Old Cabaniss Road. 

Upon arrival, Rodgers found a gold Honda Civic partially blocking the South Bound lane on Hwy. 83 North. The woman stated she was almost out of gas and was driving to Stockbridge. When asked where she was coming from, she replied she was coming from Stockbridge. While speaking, she was fidgeting with her fingers and biting her fingernails. She said she was scared, and when asked why, she said a man had frightened her by looking at her weird. When asked her where she saw the man and if he said anything to her, she did not reply.  

She was observed to have abnormally large pupils. She said she had not been arrested or used drugs before. But dispatch informed Rodgers that the woman had prior drug charges as recently as 2019. When asked again if she had ever been arrested, she said she had been a long time ago for a lot of stuff. Asked if there was anything illegal in her vehicle, she stated she did not want her vehicle searched.

The woman then threw a plastic cigarette wrapping on the roadway and Rodgers informed her that was littering and told her to pick it up, which she did. She agreed to perform the Field Sobriety Test and was told to picture a straight line in front of her. She asked, “How do I do that?” and once again threw the plastic wrapping on the ground. “I had to throw that down, I couldn’t do that anymore.” 

Due to her condition, she was taken to the Monroe County Hospital for medical treatment. Once she was released, she was transported to the Monroe County Jail and cited for improper stopping on roadway, windshield requirements, littering, and DUI.

Nursing home patient threatens roommate

At about 9 p.m. on March 22, Corporal Tyler Rodgers was dispatched to Pruitt Health of Monroe regarding a disorderly patient. An employee told the corporal she was approached by a patient requesting her to call 911. The patient said her roommate threw a glass vase against the wall, broke it and threatened to kill her. 

The employee said she entered the room and found broken glass on the floor and witnessed the woman tell her roommate that she should be glad she didn’t stab her. 

Staff members moved the elderly woman to a separate room without roommates.

Intrusive neighbor 

worries family

A Forsyth man told Deputy Phillip Billingslea on March 23 around 2 p.m. that his Freedom Drive neighbor had complained to him several times about his music being too loud. He said that he and the neighbor had exchanged numbers and he told him that in the future if the music was too loud, he could give him a call and let him know to turn it down. 

The man said that even after exchanging numbers, the neighbor continued coming onto his property, demanding he turn the music down. He stated that the man came onto his back porch, while he was in his hot tub with his family, stood over him, and demanded that he turn the music down. 

He told Billingslea that his family feared going outside to use the back porch while he’s not home because they do not want to be confronted by the neighbor. He said he wanted a report filed for future reference if the neighbor trespasses again. He asked the deputy not to contact the man because he didn’t want any problems.

Pit bull bites child on face

A young Forsyth boy was bitten on the face by a pit bull in a Lassiter Road home on March 23. At about 2:45 p.m., Deputy Peyton Henderson, was dispatched to the Monroe County Hospital where the boy’s mother said her son was playing tug-of-war with her roommate’s pit bull when the boy was bitten underneath the left eye. 

The dog’s owner told Henderson the dog was not aggressive and did not growl before the bite, Animal control confirmed the owner did not have vaccination paperwork for the dog and said the dog needed to be isolated and quarantined for 10 days. 

The man was cited for no vaccination on the dog. 

Possible squatter reported on property

A Jackson woman told Deputy Peyton Henderson on March 22 at approximately 9:45 a.m. that over the last few days she had spotted a man on her property multiple times. She said during the evening hours on March 21, she saw the man walking down her driveway with a flashlight. She told the deputy when the male subject is spotted, he takes off into the woods and it is the same man every time. 

The woman described the male subject as: white male, approximately 40 years-of-age, tall, skinny, with a clean-cut face and always wears a blue jean jacket and dark pants.  

She believes the male subject is squatting on her property and using her property to cut across to the High Falls Hide-Away and the cabins located off High Falls Road. 

She was advised to contact the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office if she spots the male subject. 

Woman told to buy gift 

card or end up in jail

A Dames Ferry Road woman told Deputy Phillip Billingslea on March 23 she received a call from a man claiming to be from the Henry County Sheriff’s Office. She said the man told her she was wanted for not showing up to a case involving one of her therapy clients and said she couldn’t talk to anyone because there was a gag order against her. 

He went on to tell her that if she hung up, he would send two police to arrest her. He also said if she didn’t go to Walmart or Kroger and get a reloadable gift card totaling $3,000, she would be arrested for failure to appear. 

He also said that she had a new court date on April 9 and said if she paid the $3,000, she would get a refund after court. She was advised not to send any money and to contact the Sheriff’s Office if he called back.

Ex-father-in-law suspected of mail theft

 A Forsyth man told Deputy D. Mosely on March 25 that he has pictures of his ex-father-in-law coming to his Fairway Run home and taking mail. 

 He said his ex-father-in-law used to live at the home but changed his address with the postal service, and mail belonging to him was sent back to the post office. He also believes his ex-father-in-law may have attempted to break into his home and has seen multiple marks around windows and doors. 

The ex-father-in-law told Mosely he gets alerted by the post office when his mail goes out and that’s when he goes by the home. He was told not to go to there anymore and go by the post office if he was still having problems receiving his mail.

Woman tries to return

stolen item to Walmart

The Forsyth Walmart security chief told officer Richard Maddox on March 23 that a woman was trying to return curtains that he had stolen from the store. She admitted she had done so and was cited for shoplifting and criminal trespassing, because she had been banned from the store.

Mother locks baby in

her car to pump gas

A mother told police on March 25 that she accidentally locked her 3 month old in her KIA Soul while was getting gas at the Shell Station on Hwy. 42. The city fire department was able to use tools to get inside her car in about 10 minutes without doing damage.

Campground resident says ex stole his trailer

A resident at KOA Kampground told officer Jeremy Malone on March 26 that his ex-fiancee had stolen the trailer the shared at the campground. The complainant said he did a title pawn on the trailer so it was not actually in his name. He also complained that his ex was hacking his social media accounts and phone records. Malone urged him to change his passwords again. No charges were filed.

Man waves gun under attack from his 

neighbor’s pit bull

A Power House Road man told officer Jeremy Malone on March 28 that he pulled his gun after he was attacked by his neighbor’s pit bull while mowing grass. Three neighbors, including children, came out trying to chase the dog, which the complainant said he considered a threat to his own dog, who was inside his garage. The children were finally able to catch the dog. The family showed police a video their son had shot of the incident including the neighbor waving his gun around. Malone explained the leash law to the neighbors with the pit bull and explained to the mower that while he can use the gun to defend himself, he needed to handle the gun safely.

Ryder truck driver charged with DUI

Deputy Gueorgui Dimitrov stopped a Ryder box truck at mile marker 188 traveling north on I-75 on March 7 at about 8 p.m. after it was observed weaving in and out of lanes and almost striking another vehicle.

Before Dimitrov could ask the driver any questions, the Clarkston man made a spontaneous utterance saying he was not drunk. When asked where he was going, he said to Atlanta to return the truck to its owner. 

Dimitrov observed the driver had bloodshot and watery eyes and could also smell the odor of alcoholic beverage. He then asked the man when he last had something to drink prior to driving and he answered, “I had one beer this afternoon.”

After the driver failed standardized field sobriety testing and tested positive for high concentration of breath alcohol, he was cited for failure to maintain lane and DUI. 

Alleged drunk driver attempts to change tire

Corporal Sawley met with a Champs driver at about 9:30 p.m. on March 20 at the north bound scales on I-75 who told him he had pulled up on a Toyota vehicle that had struck the guard rail. He also said the driver was drunk and was trying to change the tire and the front end of the vehicle was wrecked. 

Sawley then noticed approximately 10 feet of damaged guard rail and a dirt trail which led straight to the subject’s vehicle. 

As he approached the vehicle, he observed a Palm Bay, Fla. woman leaning against the driver’s door. He also noticed the front driver’s rim and tire appeared damaged with an axle bent at an almost 90-degree angle. Sawley asked the driver if she was going to try and change the tire, at which point she said that she was going to try to, so that she could continue driving to her sister’s in Iowa. 

She was asked if she was on any medications and she replied that she was currently on antidepressants but had not taken any. She was then asked if she had anything to drink, to which she said, “I had one beer... no two beers.” When questioned how long ago, she said “four hours ago when I left a friend’s house in Palm Beach, Fla.”

Her vehicle was searched, and an open bottle of Pinnacle Vodka was found on the passenger floor, which had two thirds of the vodka missing. Also located were two more full bottles of vodka and a bottle of margarita mix in the back seat. 

The woman was charged with DUI refusal and failure to maintain lane.