mcso final

False report of a crime

leads to marijuana arrest

Two High Falls residents were arrested after calling deputies about a dispute allgedly over the sale of a cell phone. A resident told Deputy S. Phipps on Feb. 17 that he had put an iPhone for sale on Facebook Market Place and he and another man met in front of a driveway on Virginia Lee Blvd. He stated he arrived with his girlfriend when the buyer got into his vehicle and they began talking about a price for the phone. He said that the man suddenly snatched the cellphone out of his hand and ran off. When asked why they would be out at that time in the morning, trying to sell a phone, he stated, “it was the only time to meet him”.

Monroe County Deputy Kendrick found the man who ran away at a Virginia Lee Blvd. location, where Monroe County Narcotics and S.E.R.T. teams had recently done a narcotics search warrant. The subject stated that the other man was selling him a half ounce of marijuana. When asked about the cell phone, he stated there was never any deal for a cell phone. 

The complainant was not able to show where he had the phone for sale on the Facebook Market Place, nor could he produce any messages about the cell phone being for sale or sold. Deputies recovered the stolen marijuana, which the second subject admitted to having on his person. 

Both were arrested. One charged with False Report of a crime, the other charged with Possession of Marijuana, and both were transported to the Monroe County Jail.

Cousin shoots out 

power meter

At about 10 p.m. on Feb. 27 Deputy Phipps investigated omeone shot out the power meter and zapping power to a Brownlee Road home.

A man advised the deputy that his cousin was accusing him of shooting out the voltage meter. A witness said that he saw the first man behind the trailer and heard him shooting a BB Gun. 

He stated he was in the house when the power went out but that he and everyone in the house thought the lights went out as the result of lack of payment of the electric bill. Once they were outside near the power meter, he noticed the meter hanging out of the electric box. He said he picked the meter up and noticed that there was some damage to the face of it and that there was a BB inside of the voltage meter. 

The second man’s aunt told deputy Phipps she didn’t know what had happened until her nephew told her it was her son in the backyard, shooting at the meter with the BB gun. She stated she didn’t see or hear her son in the backyard. 

The deputy went to the home where the first man lives and smelled a strong odor of alcoholic beverage on him. The man admitted to shooting earlier but argued he didn’t damage the meter. He then became upset and hostile. He was arrested for Criminal Trespass.

Routine traffic stop 

turned marijuana bust

On March 1, officer Monica Cruz stopped a black Ford Fusion on I-75 for speeding. The driver’s Florida license was suspended for unpaid parking tickets so she was arrested. While speaking to the passenger, her husband, Cruz detected the faint scent of marijuana. The man admitted having of a small amount of marijuana for medicinal purposes. The confiscated contraband included two plastic containers of weed, two bottles of cannabis oil and one quantity of powder-marijuana. The total amount wound up being less than one gram (a misdemeanor) and Cruz allowed the man to take possession of the car while she transported his wife to Monroe County Jail. 

Jealous ex slashes 

new girl’s tires 

An employee of the Forsyth McDonald’s told officer Richard Maddox on March 4 that her car tires were slashed by her boyfriend’s jealous ex. She found out through her boyfriend, who had seen a social media post where the woman bragged about the crime. The McDonald’s employee was waiting on her manager to review parking lot camera footage to see if the crime was caught on video. 

False names and 


On March 5, at 8:20 a.m., Deputy P. Henderson was patrolling the area of the Popes Ferry Boat Ramp and came across a suspicious vehicle. The vehicle was the only vehicle at the boat ramp and was in park and still running. The car was occupied by two subjects, a man and a woman, who were asked why they were parked near the boat ramp. The passenger stated they were just sitting, watching the water. They were asked for their names which dispatch stated nothing was returned for the names given. 

The owner of the vehicle was contacted and asked who was supposed to have possession of the vehicle. It was then discovered the male subject was wanted out of Monroe County for Failure to Appear and to use caution when dealing with him. A backup unit was then dispatched. 

While waiting for backup to arrive, the man was advised to step out of the vehicle, but he refused. He was informed that he had a warrant and was ordered to exit the vehicle multiple times, to which each time he refused. Finally, he exited the vehicle, but continued to refuse to follow orders. He continued to state that the name he gave was correct and that the DA needed to be called in reference to the warrant. While waiting for backup, Deputy Henderson was asked several times by the female subject if she could head back home, since she had given her name and date of birth. She was advised to stay near the patrol vehicle and not to leave.

The male subject then stated he would cooperate, turned to face his vehicle, then placed his hands behind his back. Handcuffs were secured in the double lock position and he was searched for weapons and contraband. After which he was placed in the rear of the patrol vehicle. The female subject was question and after dispatch revealed she was suspended; she was also placed under arrest.

Two back up Monroe County Deputies soon arrived on scene. Upon their arrival, Sgt. John Thompson and Captain Jeff Thompson proceeded to inventory the vehicle. Upon opening the driver side door, Sgt. Thompson observed orange syringe caps located on the floor of the vehicle. Upon further investigation of the vehicle, a bluish/grayish pouch was found in the glovebox located on the passenger side. The pouch contained two syringes, two glass pipes, a measuring spoon with suspected methamphetamine, and two bags of suspected methamphetamine. Two other syringes were located inside the glove box. 

The pair were transported to the Monroe County Jail.

Neighbors bicker over 

aggressive pitbull 

Officer Richard Maddox had to mediate an animal-dispute between two squabbling neighbors on Fern Drive on March 5. The incident started when one of the neighbors let his dogs out into his fenced-in backyard, only to discover a Pitbull and brown Pomeranian had made their way onto his property. The complainant informed the officer that he had advised his female neighbor numerous times not to let her dogs freely wander near his house. According to the man, the Pitbull in particular had exhibited signs of aggression. Maddox called in animal control, who came and impound the dogs. The dogs’ owner was informed, and she will be allowed to reclaim them.

Fight breaks out 

at Burger King 

Officer Jeremy Malone responded to a heated exchange between a Burger King manager and an unruly patron on March 5. The incident began when the manager informed a woman, who had been loitering in a corner booth, that she needed to either order food or leave the restaurant. The woman responded in a very hostile way and soon a screaming match broke out. The manager asked the woman to leave multiple times before calling the police. Officer Malone arrived and tried to speak civilly with the woman, who was still behaving aggressively. After further bickering, the officer ordered the woman to leave and made it clear she was banned from the establishment. 

Female threatens to

blow chest through back

An unknown female caller threatened to kill a Forsyth woman by “blowing her chest through her back” at about 4:30 p.m. on March 1. Deputy Mosely and Corporal Justice were called to a home on S. Kimbell Street on March 5, regarding terroristic threats being made. The complainant stated she received a phone call from unknown caller who also talked about Ingles, where the complainant often visits. She was advised that if any such calls happened again, call the Sheriff’s Office immediately.


Rat poison suspected in death of two dogs

A woman on Blount Road advised Deputy Brown on Thursday, March 5, that she found her younger Boston Terrier deceased behind a cage on her front porch. She also stated her aunt went to the house earlier when she found her elder Boston Terrier deceased in the middle of the living room of the home. She believed the cause of death to be rat poisoning. She also stated her dogs never leave the yard and she has not possessed any rat poisoning. She said she believes her neighbors next door may have something to do with it, however she is unsure. 

Motel fines woman $40 for stain left by Tanning Lotion 

Officer Jeremy Malone was dispatched to the Econolodge on Cabaniss Road on March 7 after a motel guest complained that she got a bill for staining her room’s sheets. The guest’s female partner, a regular self-tanner, received a $40 bill from the motel for a stain left on the sheets and comforter by her tanning lotion. The woman was adamant that the stain would wash right out and insisted that the Econolodge repay her. Econolodge said guests are automatically billed $40 for any damages done to the rooms but agreed to repay her should the stain indeed come out. 

Car break in on Sharpe Street 

Officer David Asbell investigated a car break that occurred sometime early March 8. The victim parked her Honda around 12:30 at night and had left her driver’s door unlocked due to mechanical issues. Around 8 p.m. the following morning, the victim’s mother came outside and noticed some debris around the car but thought little of it. Shorty later, the car-owner came out and realized that the car had been ransacked. It seems the perp had attempted to steal the stereo and just managed to remove the faceplate. The glovebox was also broken in to, but no items appeared to be missing. Officer Asbell dusted for fingerprints and recovered two sets; no word yet if a match has been made. 

 Man flees at 110 mph

Officer Jeremy Malone responded to the area of Al’s Market around 12:30 p.m. on March 8, in reference to a reckless driver. As he approached, he observed a grey Ford F-150 with Florida license plates do a burn out and turn the truck in a circle as it sped around the building. When Officer Malone pulled into the parking lot, the truck was stopped at a pump. He pulled in behind the truck but as the officer approached the driver, the vehicle sped off north on Lee Street. 

The vehicle continued through town, ignoring stops until going north on Cabaniss Road, hitting speeds of 110 mph. He continued, passing vehicles on double solid lines, curves and hills. At one point, he drove into oncoming traffic for no apparent reason, causing drivers to swerve off the road. Officer Malone lost sight of the vehicle.

Several units from the Monroe County Sheriff’s Office arrived to assist and soon a deputy located the truck stopped deep in a ravine in the woods. The truck was locked, and they were unable to locate the suspect. Bullets were seen inside the truck. K-9 units were called in.

The family of the suspect arrived on the scene and the mother of suspect said that he had stolen the truck from his father in Florida along with a Springfield XD .45 handgun. The father was able to open the truck remotely and no handgun was found inside. 

The mother also said her son was a schizophrenic and thought law enforcement was going to kill him, so he had to kill them first. The DNR located the suspect nearby and he was arrested and charged with attempting to elude, reckless driving and speeding. The gun was never located.

Neighbor fires weapon

A man told Sgt. Todd Haskins on March 9 a neighbor fired a gun near his property line while he was walking his dog down the driveway. 

The neighbor admitted to Sgt. Haskins that she fired a gun when her dogs began barking at the man. She stated that unknown people have been breaking into her storage sheds during the night and she felt that someone was trespassing on her property. She said that she called out and asked if he was the neighbor’s grandson, but there was no reply, so she fired a shot into the ground. She was warned that she should not be discharging a firearm in this manner and she should contact the Sheriff’s Office if she believes that someone is trespassing.

Homeless couple arrested

A homeless man and woman from Ashbrowne, Utah and Fitzgerald, Ga. respectively were arrested around 3:30 p.m. on March 9 after a maroon Nissan was observed following too closely traveling southbound on I-75. The driver told Lt. Beck that they were headed to Fitzgerald to see her parents. She said that they were homeless and that they would be living with her parents once they got there. She stated that she was sorry and was then asked who the male passenger was. She replied that she had a child with him and that they have been together for about a year. Lt. Beck asked her what his name was, and she stated “Nick Thompson”. She was also asked what his middle name is. She stated that she did not know. 

She was again asked the middle name of the male front seat passenger in her vehicle and she said she just met him. She was reminded that she had stated that she had a child with this person. She again said that she did not know his middle name. 

Contact was then made with the male passenger who stated his name was “Nick William Thompson”. Dispatch ran this name and it came back as not on file. “Nick” stated that he had never been in trouble, nor had he ever had a driver’s license. 

By this time other units had arrived to assist Lt. Beck. and Cpl. Haskins brought out a portable fingerprint scanner. Shortly thereafter, the male passenger was placed under arrest for giving a false name and date-of-birth. The female driver was also placed under arrest for obstruction.

Man with pants on 

backwards arrested

for disorderly conduct

Officer Cody Maples responded to a call regarding a heavily intoxicated man standing outside the Holiday Cove Apartments with his pants on backwards and shouting profanities at 2 a.m. on March 12. The complainant told Officer Maples that the man had been drinking since 1:30 that afternoon and had consumed several large bottles of vodka. 

She said he had knocked several pictures and a mirror off a wall in her apartment and threw cat food on the floor. There was scattered glass and a splintered door frame where a door had been broken open. 

Due to his extreme intoxication, it was determined that medical assistance was necessary for the man and he was transported to the Monroe County Emergency Room by EMS. 

At 4 a.m. Officer Maples was dispatched to the Emergency Room after the drunken man began acting violently towards the nursing staff and refusing medical treatment. He stuck his hands out, demanding to be put in handcuffs. The nurses removed his IV and he was placed in handcuffs. While in route to the Monroe County Justice Center, he demanded that he be read his “randa mi-rights”. 


Fight breaks out in Circle K

Fifty dollars’ worth of merchandise was destroyed during an altercation between 2 men standing in line at the Circle K gas station on North Lee Street on March 12, around 7:00 p.m. One man told Officer Kevin Powell the other man had entered the parking lot at a high rate of speed and nearly ran over him.  While standing in line, he told the man he needed to learn to drive better. The other man responded by hitting him with two gas cans and using profanity, starting the fight. Both were taken to jail for disorderly conduct.

Heated argument carried into front yard

A Freeman Avenue couple ended up in jail after a fight that started in their kitchen and continued to the front yard. Officer Richard Maddox arrived at the home on March 14 and had to separate them. The woman told him the fight began approximately an hour and a half earlier while the man was cooking. They had started arguing and the man pushed her. She pushed him back and picked up a wooden stick but dropped it. Soon they were on the floor, with his legs wrapped around her neck and would not let her go. 

Her uncle came in and told them to settle down. The man let her go and knocked several items off a shelf in her room. She went into his room and pushed his flat screen TV to the floor. They then carried the quarrel outside. They were both arrested for disorderly conduct.

Cash stolen at self-checkout

Corporal Kimberly Barnett responded to a call at Walmart on March 13 regarding cash taken from a self-checkout register. A man told Corporal Barnett he had selected $100 cash back but forgot to get the money and left the store.  Once he realized his mistake, he immediately returned to retrieve the money, but it was missing. 

Camera footage revealed the money was still there when he walked away and immediately thereafter, an unknown black male approached the register and blocked the shot of the money. When the cash dispenser was again in view, the money was missing. 

Drive-thru tirade

A customer drove to the Dairy Queen on March 13 when she skipped the ordering speaker and went directly to the window to give her order. While waiting for the order, the cashier left the window to perform other duties and was replaced by a different employee who gave the customer the wrong order. Employees told Officer Kimberly Barnett that the customer became irate and began shouting profanities at the cashier, demanding her money back. She was told she would have to come back at the end of the shift when the drawer was counted, and she could have her refund then. Officer Barnett attempted to explain this to the customer, but she continued to be upset and didn’t want to listen to reason. She said she was going to go through the drive-thru again but was advised she would face charges if she did so. She got upset again but left the property.