(Photo courtesy GPSTC)

Monroe County has fired two firefighters for copying one another’s open-book assignment, while the city of Forsyth has opted to keep the veteran firefighter in the episode.

New Monroe County fire chief Matt Jackson fired full-time firefighter Chaz Hutto and part-time firefighter Craig “Bean” McMurry last week. The move came after Jackson was told the firefighters had copied one another’s work in a firefighter instructor’s class at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC). 

“My gut call was — lying cheating and stealing, we don’t have a place for that in Monroe County,” said commissioner Eddie Rowland. “It’s unfortunate.”

Hutto was full-time with the county while McMurry was part-time. McMurry has appealed the firing to county manager Jim Hedges. However, McMurry’s full-time job is with the Forsyth Fire Department, and the city has opted to discipline McMurry but not fire him.

City manager Janice Hall said the allegations involved a precourse open book assignment that students have 30 days to complete before class begins. One source close to the situation said that McMurry allowed Hutto to copy his open-book homework assignment for the GPSTC course. 

GPSTC was in the news in February after all 33 members of a state trooper class at GPSTC were fired when it was discovered that they had cheated on an on-line test.