Despite a severe fall drought, Monroe County still wound up with about 57 inches of rain in 2019, according to the Monroe County Extension Office. That is about average.

A very wet 2018 recorded 84 inches of rain. The county started 2019 with a wet January (7.21 inches), but the skies dried up in September when nary a drop was measured, prompting the city and county to enact drought restrictions for water customers the rest of the year.

Rain returned in late October, with Pea Ridge reporting 14 inches that week. The county reported an average of 4.71 inches in October, 4.68 inches in November and 10.82 inches in December.

Monroe County Extension records rainfall totals from the county’s 14 waste collection and recycling centers. This data is averaged to give rain totals for each month and year. In 2019, Pea Ridge was the wettest station with 87.4 inches, and Smarr was the driest with 41.20 inches. None of the stations measured any snow in 2019.