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Monroe County has stopped Big Peach developers from building its office and storage park on Hwy. 41 due to neighbor complaints, but property owner Wes Cone said they expect to be able to resume the job soon.

Monroe County zoning official Kelsey Fortner filed a stop work order against the project last week on complaints from adjacent property owner Phillip English. English said the owners, Wes Cone and Todd Rivers, might be disturbing more than the 3.2 acres for which they had been approved. English said he thinks the county also requires a buffer between residential and commercial property. Fortner said the developers also failed to put up a silt fence before clearing the property but said they had now done that.

“They’ve done everything I’ve asked them to do,” said Fortner. Fortner said she checked the site even after the rain last week and found no runoff in the water.

“I’ve had much worse than this,” said Fortner.

Fortner said now engineers will check the property to see if developers have cleared beyond the 3.2 acres before she can let them resume working. 

Cone said they’ve done nothing wrong and he expects they’ll be able to resume work on Wednesday, April 7. He said English, a contractor, has been hiding in the woods and harassing his employees because he’s an old timer unhappy to see a millennial doing a project.

Cone said the project will include offices in the front and warehouse space in the back and will be called something like Big Peach Plaza.