mays road scraping

Concerned citizens are asking why Monroe County road crews apparently scraped Mays Road even after it had been annexed into the city and was therefore no longer the county’s responsibility. A local resident snapped this photo on May 27 of what appears to be fresh scrape marks and ditch work on Mays Road. City council annexed Mays Road and the surrounding 591 acres, all it owned by entities related to H&H Timberlands, on May 3. That came just months after the city annexed another 1,500 acres owned by H&H. County road superintendent Junior Watts told the Reporter they did the work before it was annexed. County manager Jim Hedges later said after checking the records Watts  determined it was scraped May 5, after it was annexed. Hedges had proposed abandoning the dirt road Mays Road in March, claiming it was a dumping ground for trash and riding ground for ATVs. But commissioner George Emami nixed the plan, saying that he suspected H&H, which owns all surrounding property, is behind the move. Hedges and commission chairman Greg Tapley both denied having any conversations with H&H about it. Soon, the city council voted to annex Mays Road and the H&H tract, making the abandonment moot.