A Culloden man who stole the identity and credit of nearly 400 victims around Monroe County and beyond was sentenced to 20 years in prison on Wednesday, June 2.

Leonard Tyler Curry, 27, of 510 Fuller Road, Culloden was sentenced by Judge Tommy Wilson after pleading guilty to identity fraud, theft, forgery, and RICO violations. Curry was arrested in January 2020 after Monroe and Bibb deputies raided his home. Sheriff Brad Freeman said Curry was stealing mail from mail boxes, many times mailings for pre-approved credit cards, and using them to secure credit in his victim’s names. Freeman said that Curry would contact the credit card company and change the address of the pre-approved credit card to get access to the credit.

Deputies found financial forgery devices, multiple credit/debit cards, counterfeit checks, and stolen mail at Curry’s home. Freeman said they also found six computers at the home they are searching for evidence of other thefts. 

District attorney Jonathan Adams credited assistant DA Leslie Tilson and Monroe County sheriff’s investigator Jacob Robins for an outstanding job on their case against Curry. Robins said one victim who also lived on Fuller Road caught him rifling through his mailbox. Evidence also mounted that many of the credit cards were being sent to Curry’s address at 510 Fuller Road. Finally Robins said they staked out the area watching mailboxes and got enough evidence for a search warrant. Robins said once Curry was in jail, reports of mail theft went down considerably. Robins said many of the victims didn’t even know their identity had been stolen unless they did a credit check.

Robins said he spent four months on the case gathering evidence toward a prosecution. Asked where Curry spent all that stolen credit, Robins said Curry bought one laptop and may have pawned things off for cash because he dabbled in meth. Curry told deputies he mostly used the stolen credit to cover living expenses.

While most of Curry’s 382 victims lived around him, Robins said he also stole identities in Bibb, Lamar, Crawford, DeKalb counties as well as in Ellijay, Decatur and McDonough.