Monroe County deputies seized $17,000 cash from two Macon men traveling I-75 south of Forsyth on Feb. 25.

Deputy Brown stopped a northbound black Chevy Impala there for having too dark windows. Brown said he could smell marijuana coming from inside the car and the driver, Jimmy Walker, 41, of Macon, and passenger, Daniel Zeigler, 53, of Macon, seemed very nervous. Walker said they had smoked pot in the car the night before and that they were heading to McDonough Auto Parts in Forsyth to get an alternator for the Zeigler’s truck. Walker said he had served prison time for trafficking cocaine. Deputies found a stash of cash in Walker’s pocket and he said it was about $7,000.

Brown found more cash in a Kroger bag in the car and in the center console. The passenger apologized for smoking pot and causing Walker the trouble. Asked how much money they had total, Walker said about $17,000. Asked how they had so much money, Walker said he works for a dump truck company and sells cars. Because of their drug and criminal history, deputies seized the money. The K-9 drug dog Gustaw alerted to drug smells on the money, which totaled $17,513. Walker presented a W-2 from 2017 showing he made $17,000 from the dump truck company. Brown said they would be able to present evidence in the seizure process.