“Butter” was shot by deputies Saturday. (Photo courtesy Natasha Anderson)

Monroe County deputies shot a pit bull who got aggressive while they executed a search warrant in High Falls on Saturday night.

Monroe County’s SWAT team executed a search warrant at the High Falls home of Roman Zajicek when a pit bull got aggressive and tried to bite deputies, said sheriff Brad Freeman. Deputies shot the dog in the mouth, but the dog did survive, said Freeman. Freeman said deputies asked Zajicek if he wanted deputies to take the dog to a veterinarian but he declined and left the dog with a friend who was not being arrested. Freeman said the friend took the dog to the vet and the dog is expected to recover.

A friend of Zajicek’s, Natasha Anderson, took to Facebook complaining that deputies wouldn’t allow Zajicek to do anything with the dog, whose name is “Butter”. Anderson said Butter lost half her teeth and that the vet removed the bullet from the dog’s mouth.

Zajicek , 37, of 50 Virginia Lee Boulevard, was charged with disorderly house, operating out-of-service vehicle, taillights required, windshield violation and tire violation.

Along with Zajicek, Jody Paull, 33, Johnny Anderson, 29, Arlin Bridges, 39, John Mitchell, 41, and Jasper Adams, 37, were arrested and face charges ranging from Possession of Methamphetamine, Possession of Drug Related Objects, Possession of Marijuana less than an ounce, Obstruction, and multiple other citations.

Deputies raided Zajicek’s house after receiving complaints of high traffic at the location. During the search, deputies confiscated about 4.5 grams of suspected crystal methamphetamine, suspected marijuana, scales, syringes and pipes.