Angie Hamlin, center, and her son and daughter-in-law, Trey and Christy Thiel, stand in front of a tree with a Jesus Christ tree topper she designed on top at The Mart.

When the Lord speaks you listen, right? This is an inspirational story of just that…..Back in 2010, Angie Hamlin of Bolingbroke had just completed taking down the Christmas tree and packed up the angel that adorned the top of the tree. As she was getting dressed for the day, she said the Lord spoke to her in the shower telling her to make Jesus the topper and put Christ back in Christmas. 

She told her husband, Ted;  they didn’t expand on it at the time and she continued her job as an operating room nurse. But every once in a while God would convict her of it. 

Angie said several years went by and one day she mentioned this to her boss at the time - Dr. Guy Foulkes - who told her about a friend with connections on how to have such an item produced. She said basically four calls was all it took. Doors were being opened to a factory in China that could mass produce. 

She sent pictures back and forth and they finally got it right after many changes. Angie said she tried to make the topper so that it would light up and could never get that just right. She said she woke up one morning and God said “I am the Light;” so she dropped the lighting detail on the topper. 

Angie said she went by her heart from then on and did what the Lord led her to do. After getting together a rough design from that year’s angel, Angie set out to make the Lord’s mission a reality. 

Through God’s infinite wisdom and grace, in a short period of time a patent was granted and an order was placed for the mold. At the Georgia’s Inventors Association they were able to get started with trademark and copy rights and were told there was nothing else like this on the market. 

The Jesus topper comes with different colored silk sashes, and the sash crosses Jesus’ body on the topper from left to right. Angie explained she got this from the movie “Heaven is For Real” where the little boy in this movie saw Jesus. She also said that the coloring of Jesus’ skin was changed several times, but she believes it is the true coloring of Jesus skin. 

Angie said the tree topper is the last item you place on your tree and the first thing you take down. It is always wrapped with special care and gives a special glow from its place on top of the tree. The Christmas tree does not feel the same without something on top. 

What, or rather who, is the true meaning of Christmas? Is it Santa? Perhaps it’s the special feeling of families coming together to celebrate. Maybe it’s the way the lights twinkle and the holiday cheer that buzzes in the air.

You might think all these things would be the true meaning of Christmas, but it’s really a baby born in a manger that came to save the world from our sins. JESUS CHRIST, the baby born in a manger, is the true meaning of Christmas.

By purchasing the Season’s Reason Christmas Tree topper we are putting CHRIST back in Christmas, one tree at a time. 

Angie said Season’s Reason will give a portion of all sales to addiction centers and veterans. The toppers will be in several retail stores and Amazon very soon, but you can contact Season’s Reason to purchase one directly. There is also a discounted price for churches and missions to use for fundraisers. The topper retails for $39.95 

Angie said she constantly strives to fulfill the purpose God gave her and continues to feel humbled by the great mission God placed on her heart. Angie said she is just the spokesperson for this newfound adventure. Her husband, Ted, runs the day-to-day operations, and her children help with sales/marketing. She is an inspiration to all who meet her. I bought a tree topper and can’t wait until Christmas to place the real meaning of Christmas on our tree.

To learn more, go to ’Season’s Reason’ on Facebook or

Vicki Smith covers Bolingbroke for the Reporter. She and her husband, Bobby Lee, own & operate Properties Plus Realty, and she is president of Bolingbroke Community Club., which gives us the beloved Bolingbroke Christmas parade.