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Monroe County’s school board voted 4-3 not to return to five days per week for grades 6-12 on Tuesday. However the board seemed to be leaning toward returning to five days per week for grades 6-12 when the new quarter begins on March 15, if not earlier. Board members Greg Head, Stuart Pippin and Eva Bilderback argued for returning to normal effective Monday, Feb. 15, saying COVID cases were down and school spread not common. But board members Priscilla Doster, Jeremy Goodwin and Nolen Howard voted to stay at two days per week for grades 6-12. So it came down again to board member JP Evans, who hasn’t attended a meeting in a year, but votes by phone. He didn’t seem to understand the motion, only saying he wanted to vote with the majority. Finally he voted no and the motion failed. Superintendent Mike Hickman said they plan to return to 5 days on March 15.

superintendent Dr. Mike Hickman told the Reporter on Monday that he thinks grades 6-12 need to return to normal schedule on March 15, the start of the last quarter of the year for schools. Students in grades 6-12 have only been going two days per week since Christmas, the so-called A-B schedule. A Reporter Facebook poll last month showed 301 respondents opposed the A-B schedule and only 143 supported the limited schedule. Monroe County schools now require students in grades 6-12 to wear masks. The board was expected to discuss the A-B schedule at their meeting on Tuesday.