Days Inn pool

Days Inn pool

Two apparently unattended kids under the age of 6 nearly drowned and had to be given CPR after they were pulled from the pool at the Forsyth Days Inn on Saturday, June 20.

Forsyth police rushed to the Days Inn pool around 6:35 p.m. on Saturday after several witnesses reported that kids were nearly drowning.

Here’s what happened, according to the police report: witness Deidre Jenkins told Forsyth officer Arthur Musselman that her son was in the pool when he felt someone grab him. He looked down and saw a young girl age 5 or 6 struggling to keep her head above water and breathe. The boy picked the girl out of the water and handed her to Jenkins, who began CPR. As the little girl recovered somewhat she pointed and said “my brother”. Jenkins then saw a boy about age 3 or 4 floating facedown in the pool and did not appear to be breathing. Jenkins pulled the boy out of the water and handed him to Yolanda Mathis, who started CPR. The boy soon began vomiting water and continued to do so.

The adults then took the children to their hotel room 224 to turn them over to their parents Jose and Jewel Martinez. 

Other witnesses started asking people at the pool whose children they were. Eventually a group of 16 year olds said the children were with them and they were supposed to be watching them for their parents in room 224. Witnesses said the teens were laughing at the situation.  

When the witnesses returned the children to their parents, they said the parents didn’t seem overly concerned about the near drownings of their children. The mother was lying on the bed with a 2-week-old infant. Witnesses said the infant fell off the bed and the mother didn’t seem overly concerned.

Forsyth officers talked to the family in their room and they said the children appeared to be OK. They said they would be checking out on Sunday and heading back to Fort Valley.