Travis Daniel

Travis Daniel

Editor’s note: The Reporter gives all local political candidates a free article as a way to share their views. After consenting to an interview and being allowed to edit his article, District 4 county commission candidate Travis Daniel insisted the next day that he didn’t want to be in the newspaper. However with voters already heading to the polls, we have decided to publish his article anyway to try to help them make an informed decision. 

A plumber with Forsyth roots said he’s running for District 4 Monroe County commissioner because he loves his hometown.

Travis Daniel, 43, graduated from Mary Persons and is working as a plumber in Atlanta.

Daniel said he’s lived in Forsyth since the mid 1980s and wants to keep it from turning into McDonough, where he also lived for a few years.

“I love Forsyth,” said Daniel, adding that there are parts of that should be cleaned up. Daniel, who is challenging incumbent George Emami, said part of him agrees with some of Emami’s efforts to stop some people from living permanently in unsightly RVs and campers and blight. He said people should definitely have to have septic tanks to live in campers and should have to keep their yards in decent order. 

“Nobody wants to be told what to do,” said Daniel. “I don’t care what you live in. But it needs septic.”

 Daniel said he lived in a job trailer when his parents were building a home while he was growing up, so he understands some people have to live in temporary housing. 

“Maybe if you’re single or older or just an earthy person that should be fine too,” said Daniel. “High Falls has got some trashy spots and clutter. But I would want to help. I am willing to listen to different opinions.” 

He said people should be able to live in RVs and campers while they build homes, especially given the price of real estate.

“It’s ridiculous,” said Daniel. “But the housing market is gonna crash eventually like it always does.”

While he’s a newcomer to politics, Daniel said his plumbing work has has him overseeing the plumbing in multiple high-rise buildings in Atlanta, which requires a lot of politics, finances and employing budgets.

Daniel said he thinks Emami and commissioners blew it when they bought the Falls View restaurant in High Falls for a fire station.

“I don’t know who thought of that mess,” said Daniel. “It’s a horrible spot for a fire station.”

Daniel said he wants to see Forsyth grow but not as much as Henry County. “That’s a s— show right now,” said Daniel. He said Monroe County doesn’t need new subdivisions jammed on top of each other. He said he drives to Atlanta every weekday for work and has noticed the traffic jams are starting in Monroe County now.

Asked if he thinks he has a chance, Daniel was confident: “Of course I have a chance,” said Daniel.

Daniel said he knows his ex-wife has launched attacks against him on social media, but said he ignores her. 

Asked if he knows any other commissioners, Daniel said he went to Mary Persons with District 1 commissioner LaMarcus Davis and they played football together.

Daniel and Emami will face off in the May 24 Republican primary. The winner is expected to face independent candidate Bob Hunter in November.