An Ensign Road man facing methamphetamine charges in June has now been charged with stealing power from the city in July.

City of Forsyth electrical department supervisor Michael Bachelor told deputy Peyton Henderson on July 22 that David Bryan Sosebee was stealing power at his home at 146 Ensign Road. According to the report,  Bachelor said while he was inspecting the power box on the right side of the home, he found a screwdriver had been placed inside the connectors to complete the circuit and the meter box located next to the power box was also damaged. 

Bachelor said this is the third time power has been stolen at the home.  He said in February the power was turned off and the residents then got a new account number, which was under a different name, and were able to get the power back on at the home.

Bachelor said the power was turned off again on July 20 and the electrical crew needed to inspect the power box and meter box and discovered the damage, which amounts to $150.  Sosebee is charged with criminal trespass and theft of services.

Monroe County deputies had raided the same home, along with 134 Ensign Road and 196 Mize Street, on June 26 and arrested Sosebee and three others, Deana Sosebee, Necia Craig, and Richard McAllister, and charged them with possession of meth.