Monroe County commissioner Larry Evans is calling for his opponent Lamarcus Davis to be removed from the Nov. 3 ballot citing technical defects in his paperwork when he qualified to run. But Monroe County chief registrar Kaye Warren said after checking with the county attorney, there’s nothing wrong with Davis’ paperwork.

Evans, the Monroe County commissioner for District 1 since 1987, filed an official protest of the ballot this week in a letter to Warren. Evans said he obtained all of Davis’ qualifying records on Oct. 8 and that Davis failed to put a notarized signature on each of the 26 pages he submitted as required. Davis qualified as an independent and thus was required to submit about 100 signatures. 

Evans also complained that Davis only said he is running for county commissioner, but did not say which post he is seeking. Evans said he could’ve been running for chairman instead of Evans’ District 1.

“I am requesting that your office remove Lamarcus Davis (sic) name from the November 3, 2020 election because he does not meet the lawful requirements I have stated in accordance with Georgia law,” wrote Evans.

Evans added that he tried to attend the regular Board of Registrars meeting on Oct. 13 to address the issue but it was cancelled.

Warren said Davis did have his signature notarized on one page of his qualifying paperwork and she said that county attorney Ben Vaughn said that was sufficient, that it’s not required on every page. She said Davis only had about 10 signatures on each page. She also noted that Davis paid the qualifying fee of $216 which is the fee for a district commissioner, not the $234 fee associated with the chairman’s position.

Evans read his letter into the record at the end of commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 20. However commissioners George Emami and John Ambrose had left the meeting which deprived them of a quorum. Attorney Vaughn said that meant it couldn’t be added to the record.

Evans didn’t say why he waited until now to protest the ballot. Warren said as of Tuesday, 1,479 District 1 voters have already cast ballots in early voting. County-wide, 4,200 have already cast ballots in early voting and 1,300 absentee votes have already been received for a total of 5,500. The county has about 20,000 registerd voters.

It’s not the first time Evans has taken aim at Davis. In March, when Davis qualified to run against him, Evans replaced him on the Monroe County Recreation Board where Davis had served for a decade.

Asked to respond to Evans’ latest move, Davis said:

“I did everything correctly on my paperwork. For him to try to get me on a technicality shows the kind of person he is. There are a lot of things in the public record I could bring out, but I’m gonna continue to run a clean race and be a vessel of unity for the communuity. I’m trying to take the high road and putting it in God’s hands. I’m not gonna say anything negative. If that’s the way he’s gonna be, that’s the way he’s gonna be. I encourage people to get out and vote, and may the best man win.”