stolen dirt bike

A Forsyth man found out the hard way the perils of selling items on Facebook on Friday when his “buyer” made off with his Yamaha dirt bike without paying for it.

Here’s what happened according to Monroe County investigator Lt. Jarred Duncan: Tim Hargett of Forsyth was trying to sell his 2006 Yamaha dirt bike, worth about $3,000, on Facebook Marketplace last week when a man expressed interest. Hargett met with two men around 5:30 p.m. at the Chevron on the Hwy. 74 roundabout in Culloden.

The one buying the dirt bike took it for a test drive down Hwy. 341 south toward Musella. When he failed to return, Hargett asked the other guy for the money. The other man said he would get the money out of his truck. Instead, he got into the truck and sped away on Hwy. 74 west toward Thomaston.

Duncan said the man had used a fake FB account to contact Hargett. The suspects are described as young black males. If anyone has any information that help solve the crime please call the sheriff’s office at 994-7043.