The isolation facility at GPSTC in Forsyth had its first resident over the weekend. He has now gone home. (Photo courtesy GPSTC)

The isolation village at the Georgia Public Safety Training Center (GPSTC) in Forsyth had its first resident over the weekend but he’s now gone home.

Chris Wigginton, director of GPSTC, told the Reporter that the hastily-build RV park in Forsyth had its first patient who tested positive for the coronavirus over the weekend. The man stayed three nights and then went home, said Wigginton.

Wigginton said the village of 20 brand-new RVs is for those who test positive for the virus but are on the path to recovery. The village is an overflow place for hospitals who have patients who are ready to leave but still need to be isolated and can’t at home. Wigginton said hospitals give GPSTC a two-hour heads up that a patient is coming. The state poured a concrete pad and installed septic tanks for the RVs in the past two weeks. The virus village is located near the Department of Corrections Fleet Management Building off of Collier Road.

Meanwhile, Gov. Brian Kemp announced this week that GPSTC’s 242 dorm rooms will also be available for lodging for first responders who are exposed to the virus but haven’t tested positive. Wigginton said no one is yet staying in the dorms.

Monroe County has reported one resident having Coronavirus, allegedly a High Falls woman. But due to HIPPA laws not much else is known about her name or condition. Georgia has reported 800 cases of the virus with 26 dead.