A Forsyth truck driver faces terroristic threat charges after causing a panic by telling an employee of Five Below on Friday that he thinks he has the Corona virus.

Here’s what happened according to the report by Monroe County deputy Willie Brown. At about 11:30 p.m. on Friday, March 20, truck driver Darrell See, 53, of Pleasant Grove Road, Forsyth, dropped his trailer of goods at the Five Below distribution center on Logistics Parkway and went into the receiving area. That’s where See told employee Shamatrel Hill that he had been suffering symptoms similar to the Coronavirus for the past three weeks. See also told Hill that after dropping a load in Florida about three weeks ago, he started having a dry cough, aching body and feeling feverish. Before leaving, he told Hill he might have the Coronavirus. 

Hill’s manager Dorothy Hall overheard the conversation and asked Hill, “did he say what I thought I heard?” Hill said yes. Five Below sent both Hall and Hill home as a precaution and did a thorough cleaning. Five Below officials were able to identify the driver and talked to his boss. Company owner Peter Pshichenko said See had not mentioned being sick to him.

Hill told the Reporter she doesn’t know whether See was joking or not but said she thinks he should be charged.

“It’s not a joking matter,” said Hill.

Hill said she hasn’t had any symptoms since the encounter. Hill said Five Below has reduced their workforce by half since the virus scare. As of press time, See hadn’t turned himself in for the misdemeanor charge.