Dr. Anna Fletcher

Dr. Anna Fletcher

Dr. Anna Fletcher is the newest addition to the medical team at Caldwell Veterinary Hospital in Forsyth, but she is far from a new face in Monroe County. Anna grew up Monroe County, graduated from Mary Persons in 2012 and has deep family roots in the community. 

She received her Doctor of Veterinary Medicine from the University of Georgia College of Veterinary Medicine this spring and her license to practice veterinary medicine in Georgia. She attended Gordon State College and Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College before earning her B.S. at University of Georgia in agriculture, cum laude, specializing in animal science and biological science. While in veterinary school, Anna was President of the Omega Tau Sigma Professional Veterinary Fraternity.

Anna said she had hoped to come back to Forsyth to practice but had not really expected the opportunity to open up so soon after graduating. She said Dr. Butler Caldwell’s practice has grown so much that he contacted her and asked her if she would be interested in joining it. She said she is excited to join Caldwell, Lisa Lennington and Andrea Thormahlen and the rest of the staff at Caldwell Veterinary in taking care of the canine and feline members of Monroe County families.

Anna said she has been constantly busy on the job since she came on board June 1. She said she enjoys seeing both the animals and the people. 

“A bunch of students in my class planned to work in emergency care, but I love general practice,” said Anna. “I love to see them coming back and see how they’re doing. I like being in a small town.”

She is interested in surgery and orthopedics and performs surgery at Caldwell Veterinary two days/week.

Becoming a veterinarian is a goal Anna has kept in sight for a number of years. As a child she wanted to be a medical doctor, but when she was 15, she got a job with a local vet and knew that the veterinary field was where she wanted to be. She worked for vets in Monroe County, including Dr. Smith and Dr. Pinson, and continued to work part time at veterinary offices while she was an undergraduate student and at the UGA veterinary clinic during her post graduate studies.

She said having worked as a kennel person and in various other capacities in veterinary clinics made learning and understanding what she was being taught in veterinary classes easier. It especially helped as she began her clinical rotations. She feels it also gives her a good working relationship with others in the office because she understands their jobs and what they do. 

Anna said she is glad to have Caldwell, Lennington and Thormahlen as mentors as she begins her practice after graduation and that with the field of medicine changing so quickly it is an advantage to have doctors sharing knowledge and helping each other.

Anna’s own family includes Otis, her Jack Russell terrier. She said he should have a degree in veterinary medicine as he has been by her side throughout her studies, beginning with her first year in college. The household includes two cats, Baby Mama and Blue, and the newest addition is a ferret named Rodrigo. 

Rodrigo was found loose in the neighborhood, and Anna adopted him. She said, “Everyone in vet school has a ton of animals,” so her animals were used to being around the pets of her roommates and friends and are “pretty calm” with each other and the move to a new location. 

“[Rodrigo] behaves when he gets attention,” she said. “He’s not afraid of anything.”

Anna’s human family is also very proud of her accomplishments and happy to have her back in Monroe County. Her father, Jim Fletcher writes, “Dr. Fletcher is from a Fletcher Family legacy of individuals who have served Monroe County, Georgia, continuously for the past 220 years as agricultural producers, land stewards, attorneys, educators, health care professionals, politicians, civic leaders, businesspeople, civil service agents, military soldiers, public officials, and public representatives.  Dr. Fletcher is joining her most accomplished group of ancestors, by continuing to serve Monroe County and Middle Georgia, in her academic area of expertise, as a Doctor of Small Animal Veterinary Medicine.”

Anna’s mother is Tammy Webb DiRocco, her grandfather is Jack K. Fletcher and her sister is artist Emily Fletcher.