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Drunk Florida driver 

rear-ends vehicle then crashes into median

An intoxicated Florida woman involved in a two-vehicle accident on I-75N just south of Hwy. 18 on Oct. 5 around 11 p.m. went to jail for DUI. Cpl. Larry Sullivan was dispatched to the scene and asked the driver of one of the vehicles if he was hurt and the man replied he was alright, just shaken up. Sullivan then went to the second vehicle, a 2018 Kia Accord whose air bags had been deployed and asked the female driver if she had hit her head. She said she didn’t think so but was also shaken up by the accident. 

She told Sullivan she was in the left lane when a car in front of her quickly slowed down and she slammed on her brakes, moved to the right, but ended up on the left shoulder against the median wall. The corporal assisted the 37-year-old woman from her car and noticed she was unsteady on her feet and spoke with slurred speech. 

While she went to the EMS ambulance to be checked for injuries, Sullivan spoke with the other driver who told him he was traveling in the middle lane in front of the Kia which was in the left lane. He said he was struck in the rear, causing him to be pushed to the right and he pulled over to the left shoulder behind the Kia.

Sullivan went to the woman at the ambulance, and she told him she was on six medications and had taken Ambien approximately 2 hours earlier. EMS said she didn’t need to go to the hospital and Sullivan helped her back to her car. She was very unsteady so he asked if she would perform a sobriety test and she consented. After continuing to lose her balance, she asked several times if she needed to do the test and became very uncooperative. The corporal then ended the testing and handcuffed her. She was cited with DUI-refusal and failure to maintain lane. 


Man swerving on I-75 arrested for DUI

A white 2016 Chevrolet Silverado was seen swerving in and out of lanes 2 miles south of Johnstonville Road on I-75S by deputy Corbin Becelia around 12:15 a.m. on Oct. 6 and Becelia later took the driver to jail for DUI and traffic offenses. The deputy paced the Silverado doing 95 mph almost running off the road and nearly crashing into other vehicles. After Becelia activated his emergency lights, the male driver had a delayed reaction to pulling over and started swerving from his lane. He finally came to a stop near North Lee Street, nearly driving into a ditch. 

Becelia could smell alcohol as he approached the vehicle and the driver’s eyes were red and watery. He was very unsteady on his feet when asked to step from the car and kept asking why he was pulled over and if he could make a phone call. Becelia told him he was stopped for failing to maintain his lane, speeding, and failing to use his turn signal, but the man kept repeating the same question as if he was not comprehending. He refused the field sobriety test and a blood test and was handcuffed. 

A six pack of Coors Lite was found with only one cold can inside and there was a tan cooler in the backseat with a can of Coors Lite that had been opened and dumped out into the cooler. The driver was taken to the Monroe County Jail where he was cited for failure to maintain lane, failure to signal, speeding, affixing materials, and DUI-refusal.


Methamphetamine found in a Ziploc bag during stop

A Douglas woman driving a burgundy 2009 Chrysler 300 with darkly tinted windows south on I-75 was stopped by deputy Ahlstrom and Cpl. Wade Kendrick near Johnstonville Road on Oct. 6 around 7:53 p.m. and she was arrested for trafficking drugs. Ahlstrom saw multiple air fresheners hanging in several locations in the car and when the driver partially rolled down the passenger window, he could smell a very strong odor of air freshener and/or perfume. She told the deputy she was on her way home from adopting a dog. 

Ahlstrom could smell raw marijuana coming from within the vehicle and instructed the 31-year-old woman to step from the vehicle. She denied having anything illegal in the car and wouldn’t consent to a search. Ahlstrom told her he didn’t need her consent due to the marijuana smell. 

He immediately saw marijuana residue on the center console as well as in the carpet on the floorboard of the vehicle. Located in the front passenger floorboard was an open Ziploc bag box. Inside the open box he found a rolled up Ziploc bag with a clear crystal-like substance suspected to be methamphetamine. A purse on the front passenger seat contained $1,217. She was taken to jail and also cited for window tint violation. Ahlstrom is seeking a warrant against her for trafficking methamphetamine.



Woman’s back too bad to break up fight

A Jones Street woman told Cpl. Anais Benjamin she couldn’t break up a fight between her grandson and another man on Oct. 7 because of her bad back and called 911. She said the fight was over her grandson’s daughter because the other man wanted her to put on her night clothes. Her grandson told him he didn’t want her to because she was already asleep. 

The man told Benjamin that the grandson got upset about putting clothes on the girl and pushed him and wanted to fight when he tried to close the door where she was sleeping. The grandson said the man tried to come into his room and he closed the door. He said when he tried to open the door again, he pushed him. The man then told him he would cut him with a knife he had in his hand. 

Officer Marc Merriman then asked the other man if he had a knife and he said it was in his room at the rear of the house and the officer asked to see it. He went to his room and took a small pocketknife from the pocket of a pair of pants hanging on a hanger. Both men were told to stay in their own rooms away from each other and they both agreed. 


Driver jailed for no insurance

A woman driving a Jeep Compass with suspended registration was stopped by officer Richard Maddox at the Tift College Drive Marathon station parking lot on Oct. 8 around 2:39 p.m. After running the tag number, Maddox also learned there was no insurance on the vehicle, he had the woman step out of the vehicle and took her to jail. 


Woman hides from man in Rumble Rd BP restroom

Deputy Cody Maples was dispatched to the Rumble Road BP around 4:15 a.m. on Oct. 9 after an Atlanta woman called the sheriff’s office and said she was hiding in the restroom after being threatened with a knife by one of her male passengers. After speaking with the woman, Maples had both men exit her vehicle and while he was speaking with them, the woman exited the store holding $550 in cash that she handed to one of the men. She explained that it was pay for him helping her and she just wanted him out of the car. 

Maples told the man that the woman said he threatened her with a knife. The man said he and the woman had argued and he refused to get out of the car because she had not paid him or the other man for their help. He said they had been moving furniture from Ohio to Florida and after several days of driving, neither had been paid. He said he wanted his pay before they got to Atlanta because of the suspicious nature of the job. He told Maples that in the beginning, the woman had him follow her in his truck before getting in the moving truck and didn’t know the location of his vehicle. He said he was nervous that he would not receive pay once they were back home. The woman said she would text him the location of his vehicle in Atlanta, but she did not want him to travel with her because he scared her. 

Maples ran the man’s information through dispatch and learned he had an arrest warrant from Gwinnett County and he was handcuffed and placed in the backseat of the patrol vehicle. The other man said he never saw a knife. Deputy Shania Hawkins gave the $550 to the man before he was taken to jail. 


Homeless woman found sleeping inside business

A homeless woman was discovered sleeping inside of Midsouth Packers on Hwy. 42S on Oct. 9 around 6:30 a.m. An employee of the business told deputy Peyton Rodgers he arrived at the business and found the backdoor to the building left unlocked and a dark-haired woman inside. No items were taken from the property and the employee said they didn’t want to press charges, but a warrant was taken out on her for burglary. 


Drunk driver backs up on interstate, nearly striking motorcycle

A Covington man was arrested around 6:44 p.m. on Oct. 10 by Cpl. Larry Sullivan after an interstate traveler called the sheriff’s office about a 2014 Kia Forte they saw stopped in the southbound lane then backup after missing the High Falls exit, nearly striking a motorcycle, and continuing on the interstate. A BOLO was immediately issued. The caller turned on their flashers and followed the Kia while telling dispatch the vehicle was weaving back and forth from lane to lane. 

Sullivan spotted the Kia as it passed drifting right to left inside the right lane near Johnstonville Road. He initiated a stop, but the driver continued until Sullivan pulled patrol car pulled alongside the Kia to get the driver’s attention. He finally stopped on the right shoulder near North Lee Street.

As Sullivan approached, the driver opened his door and looked at him and when asked for his license, he began to feel around in his pockets. Sullivan could smell alcohol on the man and asked him to step out of the car. The driver then slowly exited the Kia and stood at the door using his hand to balance himself. The corporal went to the back of the car and had to tell the man several times to walk to him before he complied. 

The man used his hand on the car for balance as he made his way back and Sullivan again asked if he had his license and he replied it was in the car and admitted in slurred speech that he had recently drank three beers. He explained he was coming from a family birthday event in Atlanta and going to Covington where he lived. Sullivan told him he was south of Covington and asked him if knew where he was and he answered he knew he was on the interstate. He agreed to a sobriety test but said he was a veteran and had problems with his legs. 

He had to be asked several times to walk in front of the patrol vehicle and when asked if he had problems with his eyes, he replied he had many problems. He had to be told several times to keep his head still while performing an eye gaze test and fell towards Sgt. Chris Sherrell. He was then arrested for DUI and taken to jail.