Lincoln backs into Dodge truck on East Johnston St. on May 22

A caller reported that a white Lincoln with a Virginia tag backed into a white Dodge Ram truck on East Johnston Street on May 22. Sgt. David Asbell could not find the suspect.

Intoxicated Jones St. man reports woman stole, tossed cell phone 

A Jones Street man told Sgt. David Asbell on May 22 that he was sitting on his porch when a woman came outside, took his phone from him and tossed it in the yard. The man was drunk and unable to provide any information about the suspect or the phone.

Magnolia Med Spa reports two instances of criminal trespassing

Forsyth officers responded to two reports of criminal trespassing at Magnolia’s Med Spa on the Forsyth square on May 24.

Forsyth officer locates passenger’s shoe stuck between gas, brakes

A Forsyth man was charged with driving on a suspended license as his effort to evacuate the driver’s seat during a traffic stop was undone when his shoe got stuck by the brake pedal on May 26. Officer Mitchel Bell pulled over a vehicle for speeding and noticed a lot of movement inside the car as the driver changed places with a passenger. When Bell approached the vehicle he noticed a white shoe between the brake and gas pedals even though the driver was wearing red shoes. Mitchell noted that the backseat passenger was wearing no shoes and had one white shoe between his feet to match the one by the gas pedal. He admitted he was driving because his daughter was tired and he knew his license was suspended. He was charged with speeding and driving without a license.

White substance found on hydrangeas, shrubs at Magnolia Med Spa

Magnolia Med Spa on the courthouse square told Forsyth officer Jeremy Malone on May 29 that someone poured a white substance on five hydrangea bushes and six shrubs outside their back door, killing them all, a $140 loss. The employee said she doesn’t know who would’ve done it or when. The case was turned over to investigations.

Officer discovers man sleeping in pergola at Country Club Park

Sgt. David Asbell found a man sleeping in the pergola in the city park near the golf course. The 61-year-old man said he was having issues with his wife. Asbell told him that he couldn’t sleep in the park and cited him for criminal trespass. Asbell asked the man if he needed financial help, but the man said he gets a check and didn’t want his help.

Cabiness Road woman reports snake entered hole in backyard

A Cabiness Road Apartments woman told Maj. George Foster on May 31 that children were playing in the backyard when they saw a snake go into a hole. Foster said he didn’t have the proper tools to handle a snake.

Union Hill Apartments resident calls officer over personal problems

Forsyth police Sgt. David Asbell told a Union Hill Apartments woman that it was up to her to stop drinking, fix her relationship with her boyfriend or leave him when she called for police help. The woman told Asbell she was tried of fighting with her long-time boyfriend. Asbell told her that wasn’t a police matter, and said her personal relationships and drinking were her problems, not the police’s. Asbell advised her to go inside, sleep off the alcohol and only call police if there’s abuse or threats.

Driver arrested after running into parked truck on Lee King Road

A 27-year-old white Forsyth man was arrested and charged with failure to maintain lane after a wreck on Lee King Road on May 24. At about 8:25 a.m., Cpl. Jacob Robins went to the rear lot of the BP gas station where he saw a silver 2010 Chevrolet HHR with heavy damage blocking the northbound lane of Lee King Road. Robins saw the HHR had hit the rear of a parked black 2004 Ford super duty pickup truck and pushed it under the trailer of a parked tractor trailer with an Indiana tag. The male HHR driver was extremely nervous and said he didn’t know what had happened. The HHR driver, who kept adjusting things inside a backpack, said he was headed back from a meeting in Macon that began at 7 a.m. Monroe County EMTs determined the driver was not injured. A male witness said he saw the HHR turn from Rumble Road onto Lee King Road. The witness said the HHR swerved almost completely off the road onto the BP property before returning to the road and hitting the parked pickup truck. Robins then took the HHR driver to the Monroe County Jail where he was also charged with violation of driving permit.

Deputy locates heroin, syringes inside truck in Dollar General lot

A 35-year-old white Albany woman, a 42-year-old white Albany man and a 35-year-old white Leesburg man were each arrested and charged with possession of heroin and possession of drug related objects in the High Falls Dollar General parking lot on May 31. At about 5:31 p.m., a a 9-1-1 caller reported a suspicious white Ford truck had been sitting in the High Falls Dollar General parking lot for over three hours. The 9-1-1 caller said a male occupant had gotten out and walked inside the store a number of times but had never bought anything. When Cpl. Holly Martinage arrived, she saw two men and a woman inside the truck with several occupants appearing to be under the influence of drugs. The woman told Martinage they were waiting on a Western Union transaction to come through. A male front seat passenger then said they had run out of gas while en route to pick up another person. Meanwhile, Martinage saw the male back seat passenger was shaking and sweating, and dispatchers determined both male passengers were wanted by multiple agencies. Martinage then found two syringes in the back seat passenger’s left front pants pocket and a syringe in the front seat passenger’s shorts pocket. Martinage then searched the truck and found a bookbag containing multiple bags of syringes, a silver and black case containing more syringes, a glass smoking device, two lighters, a toy treasure box that contained suspected heroin and a spoon. Martinage then took the woman and both male passengers to the Monroe County Jail.

Hickory Road residents report damaged mailboxes on May 31

At about 8 a.m. on May 31, a Hickory Road man told Cpl. Timothy Campfield that his mailbox had been knocked down. A male neighbor then told Campfield that his mailbox was also damaged. Campfield believed the damage was caused by a vehicle, but he was unable to find a vehicle with damage nearby.

Brookwood Dr. resident reveals blighted home sold for back taxes

City councilman John Howard asked code enforcement officer George Foster for an update on a home with code issues on Brookwood Drive. Foster asked the owner on June 1 why he hadn’t kept his promises about keeping up the property, and the man informed Foster that the home was sold for delinquent taxes. The new owner said he couldn’t take possession of the property for one year unless the previous owner quit claims it to him.

Amazon packages stolen on Estes Road 


At about 12 p.m. on June 1, a female Estes Road resident told Dep. Paul Stewart that two packages from Amazon were delivered to her home on May 30 and May 31, respectively, but she did not receive either one of them. The resident said both packages were supposed to have been left in her mailbox. The resident said a check for $700 was also mailed to her from the Crawford County Board of Commissioners’ office several days prior, but she had not received it either.


Deputies locate stolen vehicle on I-75 South, arrest driver, passenger

A 21-year-old white Valdosta woman and a 40-year-old black Macon man were each arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property after a traffic stop on I-75 South on May 31. At about 12:57 p.m., Sgt. John Thompson and Dep. Wade Kendrick saw a white 2003 Saturn L200 with an Arkansas tag traveling without tag lights on I-75 South near mile marker 185. Dispatchers notified Thompson the vehicle came back stolen out of Independence County, Arkansas. Thompson ordered the female driver and male passenger to exit the vehicle with their hands in the air and drop to the ground, which they did. The passenger said he was at the Exit 201 truck stop when he got a ride from a “white girl” after she asked him for a cigarette and said she needed gas. He said the driver was to take him to Macon, where she was also headed. The driver then gave Thompson a fake name and date of birth. Dispatchers then called the man who the passenger said he was, and the man said he was in Macon and that his brother was likely using his identity, which deputies determined was true. Deputies then determined the passenger had a warrant out of Fulton County for failure to appear. The driver, who had a Florida ID, told deputies she recently split from her ex-boyfriend and said he must have reported the vehicle was stolen because he was upset at her. The driver said she picked up the passenger in Valdosta and said they drove together to Macon. She said the passenger then wanted her to drive him to the Exit 201 truck stop, where he got out of the vehicle for 30 to 45 minutes, before returning. The passenger then reiterated that he only got in the vehicle with the driver because he needed a ride while denying being in Valdosta. Deputies then took the driver and the passenger to the Monroe County Jail and notified the Independence County Sheriff’s Office about the stolen vehicle being found. The driver was also charged with having no tag lights and driving without a license. The passenger was also charged with giving a false name and date of birth.

Chriswood Drive man reports mail being sent to Illinois address

At about 1:38 p.m. on June 1, a Chriswood Drive man told Cpl. Jacob Robins that over the past couple of weeks he and his wife had not been receiving all of their mail. The man said he contacted the post office and learned that someone had created a change of address sometime prior to May 15 for the man and was having his mail sent to a Harvey, Ill. home. The man said he then called his credit card companies and discovered someone had also been trying to apply for new credit cards under his name but had been unsuccessful because they couldn’t answer the security questions. The man told Robins he doesn’t know anyone who lives in Illinois and said his wife has changed their mailing address back to their home.

Oak Ridge Drive man reports revolver stolen from truck on June 3

At about 9:32 a.m. on June 3, an Oak Ridge Drive man told Cpl. Thomas Haskins that when he arrived home after being out of town for the weekend he discovered the door to his parked 2007 Chevrolet Silverado was open. The man, who had left his truck unlocked, said his stainless steel 32-caliber revolver, a fire extinguisher, $50 in cash and a pair of Costa sunglasses were stolen from the truck. The man said his neighbor notified him about his truck being open on the morning of June 2, so he suspected the theft occurred on the night of June 1 or early morning of June 2.

Recreation department gate chain removed on Fairview Church Road

At about 7:24 a.m. on June 3, a male Monroe County Recreation Department maintenance director told Cpl. Jake Justice and Dep. Stephen Phipps that someone walking at the park noticed the complex’s rear gate on Fairview Church Road was unlocked. Deputies determined the chain to the gate had been removed. The maintenance director said there was no surveillance video of the incident and said he didn’t know when it had occurred.

Craig Road residents report Challenger driver harassed kids

At about 6 p.m. on June 3, a male Craig Road resident and a female Craig Road resident told Dep. Tyler Rodgers their children were riding four-wheelers through trails in the area when they were harassed by the male driver of a yellow 2010 Dodge Challenger. The residents said the Challenger has a flag on the side window, a badge on the back window and a “Back the Blue” tag. The residents’ children said they were riding their four-wheelers with a male friend near the intersection of Craig Road and Freeman Road at 4 p.m. on June 1. The residents’ children said the Challenger driver told the children he was an off-duty police officer and had search warrants for them. The residents’ children said their friend began to drive away, and the Challenger pursued him. The residents’ children said they then encountered the Challenger again near the intersection of Stokes Store Road and Hwy. 42 North. They said the Challenger driver revved his engine, flicked them off and yelled and cursed at them. Rodgers then Facetimed the friend who confirmed the June 1 incident and said he was chased by the Challenger another time six months earlier. The friend said in the first incident he passed the Challenger on his dirtbike and put his thumb in the air while saying, “Nice car.” He said the Challenger then turned around and chased him down Gordon Road, hitting his dirtbike’s rear tire and causing him to wreck. Rodgers then ran the Challenger’s tag and showed the residents’ children a photo of the car’s owner. The children confirmed the owner was the driver they had seen. Rodgers then warned the residents’ children about the dangers of operating four-wheelers and dirtbikes on a road and told them to stay away from the Challenger if they saw it again. Rodgers then found the Challenger parked at a Lassiter Road home. The Challenger driver denied yelling and cursing at the children and also denied chasing after them. The Challenger driver said he first encountered the friend on his dirtbike on Craig Road several days earlier. He said he waved the dirtbike to drive around him at which point the friend flicked him off and popped a wheelie, kicking rocks onto his car. The Challenger driver said he then called the Sheriff’s Office on May 30 about the dirtbike driving recklessly on Teagle Road near Brownlee Road. The Challenger driver said he also told the residents’ children that he had also called the sheriff’s office on them but denied telling them he was an off-duty officer or that he had search warrants. The Challenger driver then told Rodgers he had not driven his car in two days. Rodgers also told the Challenger driver to call law enforcement if he saw the dirtbikes or four-wheelers doing anything illegal and warned him to stay away from the children.

Macon driver arrested for DUI after crashing into wall on I-75 South

A 43-year-old white Macon man was arrested and charged with DUI after a traffic stop on I-75 South on June 3. At about 7:04 a.m., Cpl. Christian Sawley was notified by dispatchers of a black 2015 Chevrolet Silverado driving all over the road on I-75 South near mile marker 183. A male 9-1-1 caller said the truck nearly hit his vehicle. He said he followed the truck and saw it run off the road and hit a wall. The truck’s male driver said he was headed home from work when he wiped his eye, causing him to run into a wall near mile marker 184. Sawley saw the driver had urinated on himself, but the driver denied having been drinking. He then failed several field sobriety tests. Sawley found inside the truck part of a Xanax bar in a pink cup, a Camel cigarette pack with a plastic tube with residue inside and a pill container with about seven Xanax bars inside. Sawley then took the driver to Monroe County Hospital for a blood test before taking him to the Monroe County Jail. The driver was also charged with pills not in original container, reckless driving and failure to maintain lane.

Deputy locates vehicle alongside I-75 South after one-car wreck

At about 6:49 a.m. on June 4, Cpl. Christian Sawley found an abandoned green 2019 Ford Crown Victoria facing north along the side of the road on I-75 South near mile marker 174. The car appeared to have lost control and spun out on the right shoulder of the road.

Pea Ridge Rd. residents report neighbor points gun over car battery

At about 10 p.m. on June 3, a female Pea Ridge Road resident told Dep. Peyton Henderson, Sgt. John Thompson and Cpl. Christian Sawley that her male neighbor stood on the road in front of her home holding what appeared to be a long handgun and yelled at her while accusing her son of stealing a car battery off of his property. The resident’s husband told Henderson he was standing in the yard when the neighbor walked to the front of his home holding an object. He said the neighbor accused his son of stealing a car battery. The resident’s husband said he gave his neighbor permission to check under the hood of his cars for the battery, but the resident then told the neighbor he was not allowed to come onto their property and instead called the police. The neighbor then told Thompson he did go in front of the residents’ home to talk to them about the missing car battery. However, he said he was only holding a flashlight, not a gun.

Estes Road resident reports son stole keys to Chevrolet Malibu

A 50-year-old black Macon man faces a charge of theft by taking after he allegedly stole his mother’s car on June 5. At about 7:51 a.m., an Estes Road woman told Sgt. Kevin Williams that her son took her blue 2006 Chevrolet Malibu without her permission. The woman said her son took her car keys from her purse while she was sleeping. Williams asked the woman how she knew that her son took her car, and she said his girlfriend had called her and said her son had driven to her home at about 3 a.m. that morning. The woman said her son had been using drugs heavily and had recently been abusive toward her. The woman said she wanted her son charged for the theft.

Deputies find THC oil, marijuana in vehicle during I-75 South stop

A 44-year-old black Los Angeles, Calif. man was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop on I-75 South on June 5. At about 11:30 a.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a 2019 Chevrolet Equinox following another vehicle too closely on I-75 South near mile marker 188. The male driver appeared very nervous, was visibly shaking. and asked for a warning several times. The driver then denied having anything illegal inside his vehicle but refused to allow Haskins to search. Sgt. Kevin Williams then deployed his K-9 dog Zibi, who alerted on the vehicle. The driver then admitted to having a small amount of marijuana inside of a black laptop bag. Haskins and Williams then found inside the vehicle a bud of marijuana, three THC oil e-cigarette cartridges, a large vacuum-sealed plastic bag with an ounce of raw marijuana and a flask of alcohol. When Haskins showed the driver the drugs he found, the driver replied, “Oh, I forgot that was in there.” Deputies later determined they recovered 27 grams of marijuana in total. Haskins then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act, an open container violation and following too closely.

Vining Street resident reports lawnmower stolen from front yard

At about 3 p.m. on June 7, a male Vining Street resident told Dep. Peyton Henderson that his riding lawnmower was stolen. The resident said he last saw his yellow, black and green Husqvarna riding lawnmower at about 4:30 p.m. on June 4 when it was parked in his front yard next to his push mower. The resident’s wife said her brother-in-law first discovered their lawnmower was missing, and they said they first thought their pastor might have borrowed it, but he had not. The resident said his home surveillance cameras captured a suspect standing in his yard smoking a cigarette. The cameras also showed a car driving very slowly by his home at about 3:30 a.m. on June 5.

Deputy locates crack cocaine inside vehicle during I-75 North stop

A 49-year-old Hispanic Atlanta man was arrested and charged with three counts of possession of a Schedule II controlled substance after pills and crack cocaine were found in his SUV during a traffic stop on I-75 North on June 7. At about 7:29 p.m., Cpl. Jacob Robins saw a gray 2008 Mercedes GL 450 with extremely dark window tint on I-75 North near mile marker 190. Robins determined the SUV’s male owner’s license was suspended, and he was wanted out of Fulton County for failure to appear. The SUV driver, who was the owner, told Robins he missed a court appearance because his home burned down, but Robins told him he would have to arrest him anyway. Robins then found inside the SUV a glass tube with wire and drug residue in the center console along with a small metal tin containing several different pills and vitamins. Inside the glove box Robins found a vacuum-sealed bag of marijuana and a small clear plastic bag of suspected crack cocaine. Sgt. John Thompson later determined Robins seized four grams of crack cocaine, six Hydrocodone pills and one Oxycodone pill. Robins then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail. The driver was also charged with a window tint violation, driving while license suspended, possession of drug related objects and possession of marijuana.

Jackson man taken to hospital after allegedly being hit by metal bat

At about 5:50 p.m. on June 7, a Jackson man told Inv. Daniel Ruiz that he was taken to the High Falls Road fire station to have his injuries checked out by a male friend after he was involved in a fight with another man, whose identity was not known. The man told Ruiz something went wrong between them and he was hit in the head with a metal bat. Ruiz saw the man was bleeding from his ear, had a bloody right hand, a cut to his left eye and was complaining of jaw pain. Dep. Peyton Henderson then tried to get the man to give him more information about the attack, but he refused to say anymore. The man later went to Spalding County Hospital for treatment.

Driver charged with DUI after running stop sign on Johnston Street

A 29-year-old black Stockbridge man was arrested and charged with DUI after a traffic stop on Lovers Lane on June 8. At about 11 p.m., Cpl. Christian Sawley saw a white 2015 Dodge Charger traveling 60 mph in a 45 mph zone fail to stop at the stop sign at West Johnston Street and West Main Street. Sawley tried to stop the car, but it turned right onto Jones Street and sped up. Sawley followed the car until it turned left and parked beside a home on Lovers Lane. The male driver told Sawley he didn’t have a license, and dispatchers determined the driver’s license was suspended for failure to appear. The driver’s breath smelled of alcohol, his eyes were very red, and he admitted to have been drinking earlier in the night. Sawley then handcuffed the driver and told him to get into his patrol car. The driver refused and said, “If I do that I’m going to jail.” When Sawley told the driver he was going to jail anyway, the driver sat down. As Sawley talked to the driver’s aunt, the driver then began yelling and hitting his patrol car window. Sawley then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with failure to stop at a stop sign, speeding and driving while license suspended.

Woman arrested after deputy finds drugs in vibrator remote control

A 32-year-old white Jackson woman was arrested and charged with Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substance Act after a deputy found methamphetamine inside her vibrator during a traffic stop on Montpelier Road on June 8. At about 1:13 p.m., Cpl. Jake Justice saw a maroon 1994 Chevrolet GMT-400 pickup truck with a damaged windshield on Montpelier Road. Dispatchers notified Justice that the truck’s male owner, who was driving, had an arrest warrant out of Lake City. The driver denied having anything illegal inside his truck and allowed Justice to search. Justice then found on the back seat a blue t-shirt that had an orange cap, often used to close needles, inside of it. Justice then searched a female passenger’s purse and found a pink vibrator, which contained a small clear bag of suspected methamphetamine inside of the remote control battery compartment. The passenger appeared embarrassed but confirmed the vibrator was hers. When Justice then placed handcuffs on her, she started to cry and said the drugs were not hers. Justice then took the passenger to the Monroe County Jail. Meanwhile, Dep. Peyton Henderson also took the driver, a 54-year-old white Forsyth man, to the Monroe County Jail, where he was not given any additional charges.