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Rumble Road BP clerk assists deputy

A Rumble Road BP overnight clerk assisted deputy Corbin Becelia in the recovery of a 2005 Chevrolet Cavalier stolen out of Warner Robins on Sept. 21 around 1 a.m. Becelia arrived at the station and noticed the silver Chevy with no license plate, with extensive damage and missing the driver’s side tire. 

The deputy spoke with the clerk who said the driver told him his tire came off the vehicle at the I-75/I-475 split and he continued driving north until he made it to the station. The clerk was able to give an accurate description of the tattooed man who gave him his name. Since the man asked to leave the car at the station’s parking lot, the clerk also took the information of the man’s friend who came to pick him up around 1:30 a.m. Becelia ran the V.I.N. number on the vehicle and it came back as stolen. A wrecker removed the vehicle with no additional damage. 


Macon man’s PayPal account hacked 

A Macon man told deputy Anthony Thompson at the sheriff’s office on Sept. 21 around 3:02 p.m. someone hacked his PayPal account and purchased a Nike track jacket from Hibbett Sports for $143.33. He said the transaction had taken place on Sept. 19 and the item was delivered to a man at an address in Huntington Beach, Calif.


Unlicensed truck driver parks rig in middle of road and goes shopping

A tractor-trailer with an Illinois tag parked in the turning lane in front of Royal Seven on Cabiness Road around 8:30 p.m. on Sept. 21 caught the attention of officer Arthur Musselman and the unlicensed driver was cited. Musselman parked behind the truck and walked to speak to the driver but found the cab empty. The officer then returned to his patrol car and waited for the driver to return. 

Shortly thereafter, the driver exited the convenience store and Musselman asked to see his license which dispatch said had been suspended by Florida for non-judgmental determination. The driver said he was unaware of the suspension. 

He was cited for parking in the road and driving on a suspended license then released. The tractor-trailer was towed and impounded. 


Unlicensed Saturn driver goes to jail 

A white Saturn without a tag light was stopped by officer Arthur Musselman in the parking lot of the Marathon station on North Lee Street on Sept. 22 and the driver went to jail for driving without a license. When Musselman asked the driver for her license, she replied she didn’t have it with her. 

The officer learned she was unlicensed and arrested her. The car was released to a licensed passenger. 


Hardee’s worker calls police over paycheck

A Hardee’s employee on North Lee Street complained to officer David Asbell on Sept. 22 he was supposed to get his check the day before, but was told they didn’t have it. Asbell spoke with the manager, Ms. Johnson, who said she did not have a check for the man, but she would contact the main office when it opened and would follow up with making sure the employee was paid.

Asbell returned to the man and explained the process for filing a grievance with the Department of Labor if he continues to have a pay dispute. 


Marijuana found in Hyundai after Waffle House stop

A man was arrested on drug charges when officer Jeremy Malone, who was sitting in the Hardees parking lot around 6:43 a.m. on Sept. 22 saw his gray Hyundai with a female passenger pull into the lot and circle around to the exit with burned-out taillights. Malone followed the car out, initiated a stop and the man pulled into the Waffle House parking lot. 

Malone smelled marijuana as he approached the vehicle and told the driver he could smell the weed. The man admitted that it was in a tray on the floorboard between his feet which Malone could see. The officer had him step out of the car and also found a small bag of marijuana in his pocket. The tray contained marijuana shake and three blunts, of which one was partially smoked. 

The passenger pulled her pockets inside out and shook her clothing to show she wasn’t hiding anything. A marijuana grinder was found in the center console and a large bag of marijuana was found in the trunk. The driver said all the marijuana in the front of the car was his, but his father must have put the pot in the trunk without his knowledge. The total amount of marijuana weighed 4.2 ounces. A Smith and Wesson 9mm was also found but had no records. 

The man was arrested and taken to jail and the pistol was turned over to the passenger. 


Woman suspects ex-boyfriend damaged property

A woman told deputy Preston Harvey in the lobby of the sheriff’s office around 12:53 on Sept. 23 that earlier in the day someone had damaged multiple items that belonged to her, and she believed an ex-boyfriend had done the damage but wasn’t sure. She added she had an active restraining order against him. 

She told Harvey she found the items which included a Duraflame space heater, a pink and black Xbox controller, a blue and black Xbox controller, a purple HP Network computer, a Hamilton Beach crock pot, a Huber Wear knife block, an orange hair straightener, 3 gold trophies, a candleholder, photos, and a glass photo frame all damaged when she picked up them up a plastic bag from a Mandy Lane home. She said a pink DVD player and bulletin board belonging to her younger sister also suffered damage. 

Harvey advised her to call the sheriff’s office if her ex-boyfriend contacted her in any way regarding the damaged goods. 


Drugs found in hotel room; warrants issued

Drugs were found in a room at La Quinta Inn on Russell Parkway on Sept. 23 around 1:50 p.m. and a male guest had warrants issued against him. Officers Jeremy Malone, John Bogdan, David Asbell responded to the call made by staff who told them the company that had paid for the room of a man had called and requested that a woman staying in the room with the man needed to leave. 

According to staff, the woman in the room complied and began gathering her belongings into a couple of bags in the room while employees watched. While she was gathering her things, the staff noticed a bag on the nightstand next to the bed that had a white substance inside of it and decided to call the police. The staff also called the business paying for the room again and a representative of the company said they did not condone having any visitors in the room and wanted the room emptied of any people and searched for drugs. 

Malone asked the woman if she had anything on her. She stated she had nothing and began to empty her belongings out so that the officers could see she had nothing illegal. She pulled out a small syringe and immediately said her sister had diabetes and it was for her. Next, while emptying her bags, a small cut straw fell onto the ground. She picked everything up and put it back in her bags except the straw. Malone also asked her to pull her bra way from her and shake it as well as run her thumb around her waistline so he could see if she had anything tucked in her pants. She complied and there was nothing found on her person. She agreed to talk to the officer after she was read her rights and she was placed in the rear of a patrol car. 

Malone and Bogdan while then went up to the suspect’s room while Asbell stayed with the suspect and the hotel staff provided the officers with a device to enter the unoccupied room. They immediately found a small bag of white substance they believed to be methamphetamine sitting on the nightstand next to the right side of the bed. Malone also found a small unsmoked marijuana joint on the nightstand on the left side of the bed. 

Bogdan found several syringes inside a bag sitting on the floor along with a fake green bean can that contained a small bag of marijuana and rolling papers. There was also an M1911A handgun with a fully loaded magazine. Included in a bag was a prescription bottle that contained four ecstasy pills, two hydrocodone pills, and two Xanax pills. 

After securing all contraband, the officers turned the room back over to the La Quinta Inn staff for them to secure and clean. Malone spoke with the woman sitting in the patrol car and explained that finding a straw associated with drugs and her being in the room while the drugs were present, he felt he had enough to charge her for all the contraband found. 

The woman told him she was not the owner of any of the drugs and asked if she could call the registered guest of the room and see if he would confess that it was all his and Malone gave her permission. She called him several times and when he finally answered, she put him on speaker phone and explained that she was about to go to jail for drugs and he told her to tell the police that it wasn’t hers. She told him that she already did. He then admitted it was his and repeated the statement five times before hanging up abruptly. Malone was able to hear his confession and based on that evidence and the fact that there was no drug residue on the straw that the woman said she used for makeup purposes, she was released. 

The man refused to come back to the hotel once he learned of police presence and turned off his phone. Warrants were issued against him for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of marijuana, possession of ecstasy, possession of hydrocodone, possession of Xanax, and possession of methamphetamine.  


Man showing daughter how 4-wheel drive works 

gets stuck in ditch

Forsyth officer Richard Maddox found a green Chevrolet S10 abandoned on the east shoulder of Johnson Lane on Sept. 24 and while waiting for a wrecker the officer met with the male driver who arrived on scene. The man told Maddox he had driven under the powerline to show his 13-year-old daughter how the 4-wheel drive worked on the vehicle. 

He said the reverse on the S10 did not work so he tried to ease the vehicle down the large embankment but got stuck at the bottom. Buice Wrecker Service arrived and removed the vehicle. 



Unlicensed driver of uninsured flatbed causes windshield damage with loose rocks 

Officer Richard Maddox had just finished a traffic stop on the interstate when a gold Infiniti Qx80 pulled up behind him and a male driver got out. 

The man told Maddox a flatbed tractor trailer was ahead of him, and a large quantity of rocks flew off the back of the trailer striking his windshield and causing a large fracture. He was able to give the tag number to the officer and while they were speaking, the truck passed, and Maddox stopped the vehicle at the Tift College Drive exit and saw many loose rocks on the trailer bed. 

The driver gave Maddox his license but when asked for paperwork on the truck, he handed a blue binder to the officer. Maddox found an insurance card dated from 2015 and asked if he had an updated one. The man looked through the truck but could only find one from 2018. 

After running his information, Maddox learned the man had a suspension on his license and arrested him. 

He was taken to jail and charged with driving without a license, property damage, and no insurance.


Speeding driver goes to jail for no insurance

A red Chevrolet Malibu was speeding on Johnston Street going west around 3:45 p.m. on Sept. 26 and as Officer Richard Maddox reached 45 mph while following the vehicle, it was still pulling away from him. 

The male driver made a quick left onto Kimball Street without signaling and proceeded to the intersection of Main Street and turned left without stopping. 

At the traffic light, the Malibu turned left onto Lee Street and Maddox was finally able to catch up, activated his emergency lights and the driver stopped at Plum Street. 

After running the driver’s information, Maddox found the vehicle had no insurance and the man told him he was in the process of changing insurance companies from Geico to Progressive. 

The officer allowed him to call Progressive to verify coverage but after speaking with them he told Maddox his initial payment did not go through. He was cited for speeding, seatbelt violation, failure to signal, and no insurance and taken to jail. 


Irate woman agrees to keep it down

A female Union Hill Apartments resident agreed to settle down after officer Jeremy Malone responded to a call concerning an altercation between neighbors around 8:15 a.m. on Sept. 27. Malone spoke with two tenants who both said their neighbor was high on crack cocaine and had been yelling in her apartment all night about someone stealing her lottery ticket.  

The complainant said that when she went outside that morning, the woman came out and began yelling at her and a child walking to school. The woman was calling her names and trying to get her to come inside of her apartment. She said another resident had to calm her down because she was so upset and thought it better to call the police rather than to try to talk with the woman anymore. 

When Malone spoke with the woman, she was extremely irate and very loud. She was also very emotional, constantly going between sad and crying to mad and crying. 

She told him she is always being messed with by neighbors in the apartment complex and she is tired of it. Malone told her that she is very loud and needs to try and lower her voice. She replied she would keep to herself and agreed not talk to anyone else outside.