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Out of country soldier has citations dropped

A soldier stationed in South Korea for the last several months had driving citations dropped after he contacted Cpl. Thomas Haskins around 11 a.m. on Aug. 27. He told Haskins his grandmother received a letter in the mail stating that he had an upcoming court date in Monroe County for two citations issued to him by Haskins. He said that he has not been inside the states for several months so there was no way he would have been able to have any citations. 

He said he believed someone stole his identity and provided false information during the traffic stop. He gave Haskins two citation numbers from the paperwork he received for a Blue 2016 Scion. Haskins reviewed the citations and the video of the stop and the citations were dropped. 


Man breaks into sister’s bedroom and threatens her

A drunken Forsyth man was arrested after he broke into his sister’s bedroom and threatened her and her boyfriend in a Hwy. 42 home around 6:40 p.m. on Aug. 31. The woman told Cpl. Jacob Justice and deputy Justin Watson her brother had consumed a lot of alcohol, had a knife in his possession and told her he would kill her before leaving the home. While speaking to her and her mother, the woman’s boyfriend came out of the bedroom holding onto his right side. He said when the brother broke into the room, he struck him in the midsection with his knee and he fell back against a dresser. He said the man was upset about a girl, using profanity and he told his sister, “I’ll kill you”. 

The boyfriend tackled him to the floor and a silver knife fell to the to the ground. He said he held him down for a brief second and when he let him up, he left the home. While searching the perimeter of the home, Justice found the man in the bushes laying on the ground, behind a brick wall. He was arrested for making terroristic threats.


Woman’s Pitbull attacked and injured by three stray dogs 

An Old Indian Springs Road woman told deputy Larry Sullivan her Pitbull was attacked in her back yard by three stray dogs, a Doberman, German Shepard and a pitbull and had to be taken to the animal clinic due to the many cuts from the attack around 7 p.m. on Sept. 1. She said the dogs came through the woods behind her home and was unsure if they belonged to anyone. Animal control was notified about the incident.


A bag with marijuana tossed over GPSTC fence

Deputy Jacob Davis stopped to check on a disabled vehicle blocking the southbound lane on Collier Road around 11 p.m. on Sep. 2 and the driver and a passenger walked down an embankment when he arrived. Davis asked the driver why they were up on the embankment and he said he was trying to get service on his phone.  He told Davis his blue 2000 Acura was “jerking while he drove” so he pulled over. All of the driver’s information checked out and he was allowed to leave.

After the driver left, Davis investigated where the two men were on the embankment and walked to the guard line fence of GPSTC. He saw a yellow Dollar General bag on the other side of the fence. Inside the bag was large quantity of tobacco, rolling paper plastic baggies, and a roll of duct tape. He also found a second plastic bag inside with 23 individual packs of tobacco wrapped in duct tape, and 3 individual bags of marijuana wrapped in duct tape. Warrants will be sworn out for driver for distributing marijuana. 


Large roll of wire shifts loose on trailer of semi-truck

The Forsyth driver of a 2001 Freightliner semi-truck told deputy John Cochran he was traveling north on I-75 near North Lee Street when a vehicle cut in front of him, causing him to slam on his brakes around 3 p.m. on Sept. 2. He said that when he slammed his brakes a roll of wire that weighed around 18,000 pounds shifted forward and came through the front of his trailer. Cochran told him a report would be completed. 


Woman gets parking ticket along with DUI

A Macon woman in a white Acura MDX partially blocking the roadway near Abernathy Road and Hwy. 83 around midnight on Sep. 3 was arrested for DUI and other charges by Cpl. Nicholas Ortiz. Ortiz could smell alcohol and in the drink holder he saw a half-full Mike’s Hard Lemonade bottle. He asked the driver if she had anything to drink today and she said, “Yes, way too much”. 

While she was walking, Ortiz noticed she was having trouble keeping her balance and asked her how many drinks she had today, and she replied “8”. Ortiz asked her if she would participate in a sobriety test and she replied, “yes”. After failing the test, she was charged with improper parking, open container, and DUI. 


Father goes to police station about disrespectful son

A father went to the Forsyth Police Department on Sept. 4 wanting to speak to an officer about his 14-year-old son failing school and being disrespectful around the house. He asked if one of the officers would go speak with him. As officer David Asbell and another policeman were about to leave, the man said his son had reached out and wanted to talk with him. He told the officers he no longer needed them to speak with his son and to hold off filing a report.


Ex-boyfriend attempts to extort money over pet fee

A woman told officer Cody Maples her ex-boyfriend was trying to extort money over a pet on Sept. 5. She said her boyfriend had repeatedly contacted her demanding that she pay $100 for a pet deposit on his apartment in Warner Robins. She says he had stated multiple times not to worry about it and it was only after their breakup a few weeks back that he started demanding she pay. The ex-boyfriend had sent so many emails demanding money that she had to block him. She showed Maples several emails that supported her story. 

The man said he and his ex had made a verbal agreement to split a $400 pet deposit so he could take her dog in.  He had told her that even half of their original agreement would be alright, and he’d stop pestering her. Maples told him not contact her anymore and to take the matter to civil court. 


Intoxicated man likes deputy’s hat

An intoxicated man from Cairo went to jail after deputy Larry Sullivan saw him fail to observe the “move over law” on I-75 S near North Lee Street around 10:10 p.m. on Sept. 5. The man’s black 2018 Kia SUV then drifted out of its lane almost striking another vehicle and quickly swerved back into the middle lane. Sullivan made the stop near the Tift College Drive exit. 

As Sullivan walked up to the vehicle, the driver said, “That hat looks good on you.” Sullivan immediately smelled alcohol and noticed his eyes were watery and red. He asked Owens if he had any alcoholic drinks today, the man hesitated, smiled, and said: “enough.” When asked how much alcohol he had consumed, he replied: “about 0.5,” Sullivan asked what he meant and he replied again with, “0.5.” 

Sullivan asked the driver if he would perform a sobriety test and he said he was not drunk and would take the test. While Sullivan was instructing for the one-leg stand test, he put one hand on his head, one hand on his stomach, and began jumping up and down. The deputy told him to not move and wait until he was done giving him instructions. The man replied he did not want to do a test and refused any further instructions. He was handcuffed, arrested and was issued citations for the move over law, open container, failure to maintain lane, and DUI - refusal.


Stolen pistol sends Dublin man to jail

An East Dublin man was arrested for theft after being stopped for speeding by deputy Willie Brown on I-75 S near North Lee Street around 8:45 p.m. on Sept. 4. Brown clocked the vehicle at 89 mph but the driver insisted his cruise control was set at 83 mph and there was no way he was going that fast. He said the vehicle belonged to the extremely nervous male passenger. 

Brown saw a small container with a white top filled with suspected marijuana sitting to the left of the passenger’s foot on the floorboard. Brown had him exit the vehicle and asked if there was anymore marijuana in the vehicle. He replied there was nothing else and the marijuana belonged to him. He said he owns a firearm but he thinks he left it in Colorado and asked if he could smoke a cigarette.

Asmall Altoids breath mints container with two prescription medication pills was found. Brown removed panels in the front of the car and located a black Springfield Armory 9mm pistol with an extended magazine next to the slide railing of the driver’s seat along with a Glock Manufacture box with 3 magazines. Dispatch said the pistol was reported stolen out of Warner Robins. The passenger said the firearm was left in his car by his cousin who lives in Macon. He said when he spoke to his cousin about the pistol, he said it was registered and there are registration papers on it. The driver said he just flew into Atlanta today and did not know anything about the firearm. The passenger was arrested for theft by receiving. The car was released to the driver.


Jealous woman refuses to let ex feed his dogs

A Sharp Street woman told officer Benjamin Anais that her ex had broken her plastic fence and was trespassing on her property Sept. 6. The ex-boyfriend responded that he had come to her house to feed his dogs. His former girlfriend had refused to let him in after discovering that he brought his new girlfriend with him. The man claimed he then broke the fence climbing over to get to the dogs. The woman said she just wanted the dogs gone and to be reimbursed for the damaged fence. The ex-boyfriend agreed to come get the dogs the next day.


“Friend” pushes woman out of truck

Officer David Asbell went to the ER on Sept. 6 to speak with an injured woman who claimed she was pushed out of a truck. The victim first stated she’d fallen, but later admitted she was pushed. The woman said she’d gotten a ride home from a friend. As she was exiting the truck to go in her house, the friend pushed her and she fell to the ground, bashing her lip and injuring her shoulder. The woman was taken to the ER after complaining about severe side pain. The woman refused to reveal the identity of the friend. Thinking it could be a domestic abuse situation, Asbell urged her to file a report, stating that “incidents like this only escalate”. Asbell gave the woman a case card and returned to service. 


Man attacked by Pitbulls while mowing yard

 A North Indian Springs Drive man told officer Richard Maddox on Sept. 7 that he had been attacked by his neighbor’s Pitbulls while mowing his grass. Maddox spoke with the man, who said he was mowing his front yard when two Pitbulls rushed him and knocked over his lawn mower. The man said he’d had problems with the dogs in the past and wanted something done. As they were talking, Maddox witnessed the Pitbull pups climb through a hole in the fence and run into the yard. Maddox spoke with the dogs’ owner, who claimed he had tried several ways of keeping the pups fenced in, but for every hole he patched the dogs made a new one. The owner was cited for animals running at large. 


Pitbulls trap a woman in her car

Three dogs trapped a woman in her car on Boxankle Road around noon on Sept. 7. The woman told deputy Peyton Henderson she was unable to exit her vehicle due to three Pitbulls surrounding her. She said she rolled down her window and began to yell at them and they ran toward her neighbor’s house. She showed Henderson photos and video footage. 

Henderson saw all three dogs run from one neighbor’s house to another neighbor’s house and found the owner who secured the dogs inside his home. He received three citations for leash law violation.  

Man attempts to break into Verizon with screwdriver 

An employee of the Verizon store on North Lee St. told officer Kim Barnett that a man had come to the front door that morning with a screwdriver in hand on Sept. 9. The man fiddled with the lock for a minute before looking up and seeing the employee behind the counter. She yelled out that the store doesn’t open until 10. The man responded by banging on the glass with his hands, demanding that he be let in. After some time, the man got in his yellow truck and sped off. 

The employee said she waited for her manager to arrive before calling the cops because she wasn’t sure what to do. Barnett told her that if a similar situation ever arises and she feels threatened, call police immediately. While Barnett doesn’t know the man by name, she has seen the yellow truck driving around town and states that she’ll make contact with him the next time he’s spotted.