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Tossed banana peel adds

llittering to DUI charge

A Forsyth man who had urinated on himself was charged with DUI on Rumble Road around 11:50 p.m. on Feb. 23. Deputy Phillip Billingslea and Corporal Tyler Rodgers were patrolling Rumble Road near St. Paul A.M.E. church when they stopped a green Chevrolet Silverado for crossing the center line. After handing his driver’s license to Billingslea, and while the deputy was walking back to his car, Rodgers observed the Forsyth man throw a banana peel out of his vehicle to the pavement.

Billingslea then returned to the car and told the driver to collect the peel from the roadway. The man nearly fell over trying to pick it up and had urinated on himself. The deputy noticed a strong odor of alcohol on the man’s breath and clothes. He was taken to the Monroe County Jail where he was cited for failure to maintain lane, brake light requirement, littering, and DUI.

Reckless driver charged with marijuana possession and DUI refusal

A Marietta man was charged with DUI on I-75 south after being stopped for driving recklessly at the Rumble Road exit on March 2 at approximately 1:45 a.m. Corporal Christian Sawley asked the driver to step from his car but the driver refused, stating he was tired and just wanted to go home. He was asked to step out again and then complied. Sawley noticed the smell of marijuana coming from the car and asked the driver if he had anything to drink that night. The man replied he was just tired and had been up for days.

Sawley asked the man if he could search the vehicle and the man became agitated, said no and began moving away from the officers. He was then placed in handcuffs and searched. A clear plastic pouch containing marijuana and an unidentified white pill was found. Several containers of unopened hard seltzer were found as well as an open, empty can of hard seltzer located on the driver’s side floorboard. The man was booked for DUI refusal, reckless driving, possession of marijuana and window tint violation. 

Man attempts to shoplift buggy full of food and household items

A black man in a gray hoodie tried to steal $150-$200 worth of merchandise from the High Falls Dollar General on March 10 at about 8:45 p.m. and loaded up a shopping cart full of groceries and household items worth between $150 - $200 then tried to take the items without paying. 

A clerk told Corporal Thomas Haskins that the black man pushed the shopping cart to the doorway and left it there. He then picked up a small “Debbie cake” item and checked out with the cashier and payed for the single item.

He walked to the exit and pulled the shopping cart full of unpaid items out of the store with him. The clerk noticed him leaving with items that were not bagged and she followed the male outside and saw him unloading the shopping cart into the backseat of a blue Mercury Marquis.

She confronted the man and asked him if he paid for the items, to which he began rambling about having a receipt. She informed him that none of the items were bagged and that he did not pay for them. He then loaded all the items back into the shopping cart and left the scene. The events were viewed on video and the clerk told Corporal Haskins that someone inside the store had said his name was “Willie”.

Two Florida men arrested

for cocaine possession

Two Florida men were chargred with possession of cocaine after a traffic stop on I-75 on March 12. Cpl. Thomas Haskins stopped a Silver Chevy Malibu traveling northbound near milepost 192 for having very dark window tint around 10:20 a.m. The vehicle continued for a mile before slowing down and stopping. The driver was found to be driving without a license and was placed in handcuffs.  The passenger’s license was checked and came back as “not valid”. 

Deputy Yolonda Mercer found a small container with a cut two-inch plastic straw with white residue inside and several empty small plastic bags with white residue. She also found what appeared to be a green plastic lighter, however it had a false top, and there were two plastic bags containing cocaine inside.

The passenger was found to have priors on his criminal history for cocaine, marijuana, and methamphetamine. When asked who the cocaine belonged too, the passenger initially stated his “ex-girlfriend” does cocaine and the straws and cocaine belonged to her. He then changed his story and said the cocaine belonged to his friend that they left at a McDonald’s, because they suspected him of being a drug user.

Both subjects were taken to the Monroe County Jail and charged with Violation of the Controlled Substances Act and possession of drug related objects. The driver was also charged with window tint violation and driving while unlicensed. The Sheriff’s Office will apply for seizure of the vehicle.

Woman throws trash

on patrol vehicle

A Macon woman was arrested after throwing trash onto her husband’s Bibb County Sheriffs patrol vehicle. At 8 p.m. on March 12, Deputy G. Dimitrov was dispatched to an Estes Road home where the husband told him he had returned home and discovered a dent in his right front fender and pizza boxes piled on his car.  He also later found damage to his $200 Craftsman drill he believed his wife to have caused.

His wife said she was mad and threw trash on his car to send a message to him because he had been opening her mail but denied causing damage to the vehicle’s fender. She was arrested for disorderly conduct.

Indiana women charged with marijuana possession and speeding

Two Indian women were charged with marijuana possession after a traffic stop on March 14. Cpl. Thomas Haskins pulled over a Gold Chevy Cruze speeding at 83 mph around 12:30 a.m. on I-75 southbound near milepost 191. When emergency lights were activated, the vehicle accelerated to 90 mph and continued until milepost 193, where it slowed and finally stopped.  

Haskins smelled the odor of marijuana from inside the vehicle. The passenger initially denied there was any marijuana in the car but then admitted the driver had passed a bag to her when the attempt was first made to stop them. She said it was stuffed down the front of her pants. A search was conducted of the car, and a glass pipe was located inside the passenger door. She was arrested for marijuana possession. The driver was charged with window tint violation and speeding.

Man with marijuana had

 unsecured 7-year-old daughter in vehicle

An Ohio man was arrested for possession of marijuana and for having his 7 year old daughter unsecure during a traffic stop on March 16.  Deputy Jacob Davis  stopped a 2016 Toyota driven by a Toledo, Ohio man clocked speeding 94 mph on I-75 southbound near the weigh station on March 16, around 12:45 a.m. Davis smelled the odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle and noticed his 7-year-old daughter unsecured in the rear of the vehicle. The man admitted to smoking pot about 20 minutes before driving and that he had marijuana, as well as THC vaping cartridges in the vehicle. An open bottle of alcohol was also found. 

The man was placed under arrest for possession of marijuana, child seatbelt law and speeding. His daughter was handed over to the care of Deputy Phipps. His daughter was returned to him after he was booked and released.

Marijuana roach in door handle helps send 

woman to jail

A Forsyth woman was charged with possession of marijuana at Walmart on March 17. Officer Jeremy Malone stopped a woman for having a faulty taillight and a suspended tag on March 17 around 6:45 a.m. at the Walmart entrance.  He smelled the strong odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. She stated there was some marijuana in the door handle and handed Office Malone a marijuana roach. 

He then asked for her license, but she was unable to provide it. A small bag of marijuana was also located in her purse. She was charged with driving while suspended, suspended registration, taillight requirements, no insurance, and possession of marijuana. She was transported to the Monroe County Jail.

Man with gun busted for marijuana

A Forsyth man was charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop at the Circle K on Hwy 18 on March 17. At approximately 11:15 a.m. a Forsyth officer stopped a vehicle. The driver got out with a fully exposed gun tucked into his waistband. He was immediately ordered to the ground and taken into custody. A small amount of marijuana was found in the center console and the driver was cited for possession of marijuana.

Forgotten smartphone identifies drunk

driver who left scene 

An allegedly drunk driver from Forsyth was found after he abandoned his wrecked car on I-75 because he left his cell phone in the car. Kevin Powell found a damaged Dodge Charger against the median barrier wall, facing south in the north bound lanes on I-75 near mile marker 187 by on March 18 around 3 a.m. The vehicle had left the roadway, gone through a chain link fence, crossed the interstate and struck the median barrier wall. 

The car was unoccupied and inside there was an open, half full, still cold to the touch, can of Bud Light in the driver’s floorboard. Benjamin located a smartphone in the passenger’s floorboard. The phone was playing music and had a picture of a man that they were able to identify from previous encounters.  

Deputy Kendrick, Deputy Sullivan, Corporal Benjamin and Officer Powell went to a Juliette Road apartment and spoke with the phone’s owner about the accident. He was intoxicated and denied driving the car. Through continued questioning, he finally admitted to totaling the vehicle. 

The owner of the vehicle said the man came in, woke her up, and told her that he wrecked the car. She said she went to look for it but did not find it. 

The Forsyth man was taken to the Monroe County Hospital then to the Monroe County Jail. He was cited for failure to maintain lane, open container of alcohol, driving while license suspended, and leaving the scene of accident with property damage.

Man booked for leaving child alone in car

A Forsyth man was charged with reckless conduct for leaving his son in the car while he shopped at Walmart on March 19.

Cpl. Kim Barnett responded to a report of an unattended child in a vehicle on North Lee Street on March 19. Barnett could see through the backseat glass of a 2016 GMC Sierra Danali that there was a young male child with no one standing nearby. She opened the door and checked on the child while Officer Maddox began looking for the owner of the truck. The child’s father was found in the customer service line inside the store. 

Maddox took him outside to the truck and he was asked why he left his child in a truck that was running and unsecured. He answered that he thought it was locked and wasn’t a big deal. It was explained to him that it was a big deal and he was asked if he had anyone who could come pick up the child. He said his wife was at work and he didn’t have anyone else.

The man was allowed time to take his child home and get a caretaker but was told he would need to turn himself into the Monroe County Jail on a warrant for reckless conduct. He then left the scene with the child. 

Officer Maddox went to the magistrate court to secure a warrant and while there, the man arrived and was taken to the back to be booked in.

Woman hit in face several times by boyfriend

A Forsyth man was arrested for hitting his girlfriend at the Marathon station on Johnstonville Road on March 20. Corporal Nicholas Ortiz was dispatched to the gas station around 12:30 p. m. on March 20 in reference to a domestic dispute. A woman there told him her boyfriend had struck her in the face multiple times. She said they were at his home when they had a verbal altercation and when they left, he ran his arm across her neck pinning her to the passenger seat of the vehicle with his elbow. 

She also said while he was driving, he struck her multiple times in the face with an open palm. Ortiz noticed multiple red marks on her face and neck as well as blood on her shirt and legs. 

She told the corporal when her boyfriend pulled into the Marathon on Johnstonville Road, she got out of the vehicle and went inside to ask to clerk to use the phone so she could call her mother and 911. Her boyfriend then entered the store and told her to get off the phone in a low and menacing voice. She told him no and he got back in his vehicle and left heading towards Smith Road. 

Deputy Dustin Ramsey went to the boyfriend’s home on Smith Road and arrested him. Photographs were taken of the woman’s injuries and a warrant was taken out for battery.

 Intoxicated driver clocked doing over 

100 mph

An Itasca, Illinois man was arrested around 5:30 on March 22 after speeding while intoxicated on southbound I-75. Investigator Jones paced the driver at over 100 miles per hour and observed him driving in the emergency lane and failing to maintain his lane several times in between mileposts 198 and 193. He was pulled over at milepost 193 exit ramp. Dispatch informed them that the driver’s license was revoked. He was placed in handcuffs and was unsteady on his feet.  

He said he drank half of a beer. He said there was a half empty beer can inside the vehicle and he would pass any testing given him. 

The female passenger had an active warrant in Illinois; however, they would not extradite. Corporal Ortiz asked asked her how much alcohol the driver consumed, to which she stated he had been drinking for a good portion of the trip. She said she had not consumed any alcohol. 

Corporal Ortiz and Corporal Rodgers performed a search of the vehicle for open containers and located two 24-ounce cans of alcoholic beverages, one of which was opened and an empty bottle of vodka on the back-seat floor in arms reach of the driver seat. 

The passenger did not show any obvious signs of impairment and gave a breath sample which indicated no mouth alcohol and the vehicle was turned over to her. 

The driver was taken to the Monroe County Jail where he failed the Standardized Field Sobriety Test. He was cited for speeding, failure to maintain lane, driving in the emergency lane, reckless driving, driving while license suspended/revoked, open container of alcohol, and DUI.

Daughter throws rock through window

 A High Falls woman was charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct after damaging her parent’s cabin in a fight that started over an iPad.

Corporal Christian Sawley was dispatched to a High Falls Road cabin on March 14, at around 8:30 p.m., in reference to a domestic dispute. He spoke with a woman who told him she got into an argument with her daughter over an iPad. She said her daughter then left the home with her boyfriend and she locked the door behind them until everything calmed down. 

She said when they returned to the cabin, they began banging on the door and threw a rock through the front window. When the daughter was asked for her version she said “I started knocking on the door and she wouldn’t let me in, so I got the rock and hit the door, when that didn’t work I threw the rock through the window”. 

She was placed under arrest and transported to the Monroe County Jail where she was charged with criminal damage to property and disorderly conduct. 

Punch thrown 

at Five Below

Deputy Peyton Henderson was dispatched to Logistics Center Parkway on March 18, at approximately 10 a.m., in reference to a fight between employees. Upon arriving on scene, the deputy spoke with one of the employees involved in the altercation who told him he was coming back inside the building from having a break when he heard another man make the comment, “How ‘bout you go dig your dead homeboy up?” He stated that they exchanged a few more words after that and he admitted to throwing the first punch. When asked if he was hit back, he said he did not think so. 

Deputy Henderson was shown a video of the altercation by human resources and the Macon man was placed under arrest for simple battery.