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Drunk woman driving with busted headlight arrested for DUI

A Gray woman was charged with DUI after she was stopped for driving a Toyota Prius missing a headlight on Hwy. 87 N just north of Taylor Road on Dec. 15 around 2:14 a.m. 

The woman told deputy Jaleel Brown she was going home to Gray from Natalia’s, an Italian restaurant off Bass Road. Brown told her he stopped her for a headlight violation and she said she hit a deer about a month ago and hasn’t been able to get the vehicle fixed. 

Brown could smell alcohol and asked her to step from the vehicle.  He also noticed a vape pen in the driver’s seat that resembled a THC oil cartridge. The woman told him the substance was just vape juice. 

Brown asked her if she had anything to drink and she said she had a whiskey drink and a Michelob Ultra beer. He asked her if she’d ever been stopped for DUI, to which she replied she’d been arrested for DUI back in 2017. She agreed to take a sobriety test and after swaying and using her arms for balance during the test, she was arrested and cited for failure to maintain lane, headlight violation, and DUI.


Man wants ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend out of his home 

A Reedy Creek Road man complained to deputy Teldric Middlebrooks on Dec. 18 around 4:30 p.m. he let his ex-girlfriend and her new boyfriend “Bo” move in with him but now he wanted her to leave the home, which she refused to do. The woman told Middlebrooks that the man allowed her to live with him and had been there for about a year. She said he became upset after she told him that they will not get back into a relationship. She said he told her to leave but she needed more time before she could get her belongings. 

 After running the woman’s name and date of birth, Middlebrooks learned she was wanted in Bibb County for a probation violation and was arrested. The man was told he would have to see a magistrate judge and go through the eviction process to have the woman evicted.



Meth user just out of rehab goes to jail

Lt. Chad Beck  stopped a black 2006 Mercury Milan on I-75 S for having a heavily damaged windshield near North Lee and the Cuthbert woman passenger in the car ended up in jail for methamphetamine possession on Dec. 22 around 2:36 p.m. 

Beck noticed the female passenger appeared to be extremely nervous and would never make eye contact. The man said the woman was his girlfriend and consented to a vehicle search. Beck learned the driver had a warrant out of Kansas for parole violation.

A set of scales were inside the woman’s purse along with a large torch style lighter on the passenger’s side. There was also a zip up style small clear bag sitting on the passenger seat. The zipper was open and looked as if the items inside had been taking out quickly to hide. 

The woman denied having anything illegal on her person. She said had just gotten out of rehab for meth and insisted that she was clean. The driver said the woman was on the dean’s list at the rehab center. 

Sgt. John Thompson and deputy Judy Mercer spoke with the woman who then admitted she had some methamphetamine in her pocket, along with a glass pipe. She was handcuffed and arrested for methamphetamine possession. The driver was released from the scene after being cited for the broken windshield. Kansas officials said they would not extradite the man. 


Driver of speeding Mustang jailed for DUI

A Pine Mountain man wound up in jail for DUI after deputy Jaleel Brown stopped his white 2014 Ford Mustang on I-75 N doing 107 mph on Dec. 22 around 3 p.m. 

Brown stopped the Mustang near the Rumble Road exit and noticed the passenger’s pupils were constricted and he could smell alcohol coming from the vehicle. He also saw the driver had a relaxed presence and slowed reactions. The man said he worked for a supply company in Macon, however he lived in Lagrange. Removing the shades from his face, Brown saw his eyes were bloodshot and he could smell alcohol on his breath. The man told Brown he had a few drinks and was just leaving the Hooters restaurant in Macon. He was arrested for DUI and taken to jail after failing a sobriety test.


Elderly woman assaulted by young man

Police were called after a 23-year-old man attacked an elderly woman at a home on West Main Street on Dec. 25. Officer David Asbell spoke with the woman, who said the fight started when she found the man looking through her purse. When she told him to stop, the man grabbed her shirt, pushed her to the floor and knocked her oxygen tank on top of her. 

Asbell tried to speak to the man, but he refused to talk. Asbell then arrested him for simple battery of a person over 65 and took the him to the Monroe County Jail. 


Man on way home from 

Atlanta club arrested for DUI

A Union City man was arrested for DUI on I-75 S near Johnstonville Road on Dec. 26 around 3 a.m. after deputies got a BOLO on a 2015 Infiniti originating in Butts County. Dispatch received several calls on the vehicle, including one from a complainant who saw the driver pull over near High Falls Road to urinate on the side of the highway.

A short time later, Cpl. Tyler Rodgers saw the vehicle traveling in the far-right lane and swerve into the emergency lane. It then crossed over into the middle lane, where it almost struck another vehicle. 

Rodgers stopped the vehicle and the driver took several seconds to pull over to the shoulder and the driver was still having a hard time maintaining his lane. 

Once the vehicle stopped, the driver did not place the vehicle in park. The driver took his foot off the brake and the car began rolling. The driver then slammed on the brake and put the car in park. 

Rodgers immediately smelled  alcohol and he saw an open liquor bottle on the back passenger seat and one on the front passenger floorboard. 

Both the driver and his passenger had bloodshot red and watery eyes. Rodgers asked the driver where they were coming from and how much they had to drink and he said, “we coming from the club in Atlanta.” He then asked the driver where he was going, and the man replied he was going home. When asked where home was, both the driver and passenger gave answers Rodgers was unable to understand due to their slurred speech. 

The driver was unsteady on his feet and his movements were very delayed. He had a hard time keeping his balance to the point to where he almost fell over. He was swaying as he stood and kept asking why he was pulled over. He refused the field sobriety test and was handcuffed. 

The passenger was found to be impaired, not in a safe condition to operate the vehicle and called for a ride to come and pick him up. An empty bottle of D’usse Cognac was found on the back passenger seat and a half empty bottle on the front passenger floorboard.  The man was cited for failure to maintain lane, failure to signal when changing lanes, open container, reckless driving, and DUI. 


Hysterical woman calls baby-daddy an abuser

Police were called to Willis Wilder Drive on Dec. 26 after neighbors called about a woman in hysterics. Officer Benjamin Anais spoke with the woman, who said, “it isn’t fair” and that she wanted her kids. When Anais asked what isn’t fair, the woman responded “life”. The woman’s baby-daddy then opened the door and asked Anais if he could make the woman leave until she’d calmed down. The man said that she had come by to pick up their kids, then started yelling that he wasn’t going to have any fun tonight and that she wanted him to go to jail, so he locked her out of the house. 

The woman told Anais she was tired of the man putting his hands on her and said he hit her and pulled out her hair. The woman said that she didn’t want to talk to police because she was worried about being locked up. Anais explained that she wasn’t in trouble and that he was just checking in because of a call. Anais went back to the man, who said he never hit her and was fine with her taking the kids if she’d calm down. At that point a friend came to pick up the woman and the kids. 


Fictitious Facebook post has man’s home for rent

A Juliette man told Sgt. Kevin Williams that someone has been trying to rent out his Taylor Road home with a fraudulent Facebook listing. He told Williams around 12:50 p.m. on Dec. 28 that a “Jerry David” had his home listed on a Facebook page for rent. He said he called the number listed for David and he could not get an answer. He texted the number and someone replied that the house was ready to go and for rent. 

He told Williams that several people have contacted him about the listing, and he had reported it as being fraudulent on the Facebook group. He said he has lived at the home for several months. 

He has screen shots of all the text messages as well as the listing from the Facebook page. He said he wanted a report generated for his records in the event something came of this fictitious Facebook post. 


Jail staff finds marijuana in arrested woman’s mouth

A Forsyth man and woman went to jail after they were stopped at the intersection of Mize Street and Indian Springs Drive. Sgt. Kevin Williams saw the male driver without a seatbelt around 5 p.m. on Dec. 28 and after initiating the stop, Williams noticed the driver moving around unrestrained but when he approached the vehicle, the driver then had his seatbelt fastened. 

Williams asked him if he just put his seatbelt on and the man hesitated and then said he already had it on.

A red bag was found under the driver’s seat that contained a glasses case with three baggies of a clear crystal-like substance. There was also a digital scale in the glove compartment that had a crystal-like substance on it. 

Both the driver and female passenger were arrested and searched. Deputies found a small plastic bag of suspected methamphetamine in the driver’s pocket and the pair were taken to jail. 

Jail staff found a small bag of marijuana in the woman’s mouth. Warrants are being sought on the driver for distributing methamphetamine and possession of drug-related objects. Warrants are being sought on the woman for distributing methamphetamine, possession of drug-related objects, possession of marijuana, and crossing the guard line with intoxicants. 


Motorcycle crashes on railroad tracks, ending chase

A Milledgeville man tried to outrun deputies on foot after crashing his motorcycle during a high-speed chase on Dec. 28 around 9:49 p.m. Cpl. Christian Sawley earlier had clocked the man’s 2004 Suzuki GSXR 1000 at 169 mph on I-75 N near Pate Road. The driver was also crossing three lanes in one motion without signaling. 

The motorcycle exited on Rumble Road and Sawley was able to catch up enough to call out a traffic stop. As he applied his emergency lights, the motorcycle failed to stop at the stop sign and began accelerating west bound on Rumble Road. While crossing the bridge, the motorcycle then began driving on the wrong side of the road, to take the south bound entrance ramp for the interstate. The motorcycle then continued straight on Rumble Road, driving on the wrong side of the road, and in the turning lane at speeds above 120 mph. 

Approaching the S curves, the motorcycle again was traveling on the wrong side of the road in the curve. After passing the water tower, the motorcycle again reached speeds over 120 mph.  Approaching the Railroad crossing, the motorcycle was again on the wrong side of the road, failed to stop at the stop sign, and left the roadway, crashing into the railroad. The driver jumped up and began running toward the motorcycle. Once he noticed the motorcycle was inoperative, he then began running across the tracks but once Sawley began giving chase, the man looked back and gave up. 

The motorcycle had no insurance and canceled registration. The driver was taken to the Monroe County Jail, where he was charged with speeding (2 counts), improper lane change, reckless driving, failure to stop at a stop sign (2 counts), failure to maintain lane, driving on the wrong side of the road, no insurance, operating an unregistered vehicle, and fleeing. 


A 24-year-old threatens to kill his brother 

A woman called police after her two sons got into a fight at their Union Hills apartment on Dec. 28. The mother said her son was threatening to kill his brother and punched holes in the wall. Officer Kendrick Dumas saw no holes in the wall. He asked the mother where her sons were, and she advised that they’d both gone out. Dumas searched the area for the  siblings but wasn’t able to locate them. 


Aunt leaves threatening birthday card for her niece

A woman claims she’d had a “strained relationship” with her realtor aunt ever since buying a house without asking for the aunt’s help. The ongoing dispute has included harassing phone calls and texts including one that read, “I know where you are! I don’t play games”. 

The woman called police on Dec. 28 after an envelope arrived containing a birthday card that read, “Celebrate your Birthday in style” and “As if you could do it any other way”, with the words “any other way” underlined. The envelope also contained a tube of fresh mint baking soda and peroxide whitening toothpaste. The woman said she would seek a restraining order against her aunt. 


Woman rushed to hospital following pill overdose

 A Brookwood Drive woman had to be rushed to the hospital on Dec. 28 after talking several ibuprofens and other pills in an apparent suicide attempt. Officer Kimberly Barnett spoke to the still-conscious woman, who said she been “going through some stuff” and had tried cutting her wrists. Barnett looked at the woman’s wrists and saw no clear marks. The woman then told her about the pills and Barnett called Emergency Services to rush her to the hospital. 


Woman sexually harassed by creep at Union Hills

Police were called after a woman was hit upon at Union Hills Apartments on Dec. 29, leading to the man getting into an altercation with her boyfriend. 

The woman told officer Arthur Musselman the man approached her and grabbed her leg as she was walking up the stairs to her apartment. The man asked her to go home with him, to which she responded, “you’re crazy, stop, leave me alone”. The man backed away and said, “don’t tell your man”. 

The woman then ran up to her apartment and immediately told her boyfriend, who yelled down the stairs for the advancer to leave them alone. The man began coming up the stairs as if trying to fight, so the boyfriend grabbed a kitchen knife and threatened him to stay away, before closing the door and calling police.  

Musselman spoke with the harasser, who claimed the woman had spoken to him before in a way that led him to believe she was interested in a relationship. The man said he had misunderstood her intentions and would stay away in the future. 

Both the woman and the harasser claimed the other had been drinking before the altercation. Musselman advised that the two stay away from each other to avoid any more conflict. 


17-month-old removed from unsafe home

Police were sent to a mother’s home at West Main Street on Dec. 29 after a woman from DFACS called expressing concern about a 17-month-old living there. Officer Kimberly Barnett was let in by the mother. Barnett was immediately stopped by a large Pitbull, jumping on the door from the inside. 

Once in, she noticed that the child had a red mark on the side of his cheek and that items like clothes and trash were strewn all over the ground. Barnett then looked at the kitchen and saw dishes pilled high with molded food. 

She left the house and called the DFACS worker, noting that she saw the child pick up a medicine bottle and pencil from the ground, both of which could be hazardous to an infant. 

The DFACS woman became very concerned and advised that the child stay somewhere else until DFACS could further investigate. Barnett got in contact with a family friend, who agreed to take the child for the time being. 

After Monroe County cleared the friend’s house, she was allowed to take the child in.  


Forsyth man cited for DUI after one-car accident

An intoxicated Forsyth man was cited for DUI and other charges after deputy Corbin Becelia was dispatched to a single-vehicle accident on Hwy. 83 near mile marker 16 on Dec. 29 around 1:20 p.m. 

Becelia spoke with a witness who said he saw the 2007 Dodge Dakota drive off the road and crash into a dirt embankment. 

Deputies found the driver lying in the passenger seat and EMS was called. Upon opening the vehicle door, Becelia could smell alcohol and the driver said he was having trouble getting out of his vehicle and had to be assisted.  

The man was unable to stand up and said he was “drunk”. When asked how much he had to drink, he responded “a lot”. A breathalyzer test came back as high positive for alcohol. The deputies were unable to perform sobriety test due to his injuries and he was unable to stand. 

An ambulance arrived and the driver was secured on a stretcher. 

He was issued three appearance citations for driving under the influence, no seatbelt, and failure to maintain lane.


UPS driver disrupts man’s phone service

The telephone line at a Hopewell Road home was ripped down when a UPS 2019 GMC truck was leaving after a delivery around 4:06 p.m. on Dec. 29. The resident told Cpl. Nicholas Ortiz the truck was trying to turn around in his driveway after delivering a package and while backing up it struck the telephone line and tore it down. 

The driver said she was attempting to turn around and while backing the telephone line got caught on the top of the truck and fell to the ground.


Colorado man goes to jail and his dog goes to the pound

A Colorado man went to jail and his dog ended up in the pound after a BOLO was issued for a possible drunk driver in a silver Acura Integra with a large dog as a passenger traveling north on I-75 near Hwy. 18 and on Dec. 30 around 3 p.m.

Sgt. John Thompson was near Johnstonville Road when the vehicle passed him with the large dog in the back seat. 

The Acura had no license plate and Thompson pursued. The driver changed into the fast lane and began following a white car within a half of a car length. Thompson caught up to the car as it changed back into the middle lane and as he was catching up, the driver slammed on brakes and got over into the far-right lane and slowed to around 50 mph. 

Thompson stopped the driver and noticed a 24-ounce margarita can in the floorboard and a 16-ounce screwdriver can in the cup holder. Both cans were still sealed. The driver’s speech was slurred, and his eyes were very droopy. Thompson could smell alcohol as the man spoke.

Dispatch said the driver had a valid warrant out of Gwinnett County for terroristic threats and Thompson had the man step out of the vehicle. He was unsteady on his feet and Thompson asked if he had been drinking to which the man denied. He refused to consent to a roadside breath test but agreed to take the sobriety test which he failed. 

While they were waiting on the wrecker and animal control, the man told Thompson he was taking medication because of his mental state. Thompson told the man he probably did not need to drink and take his medication. The man replied, “If I had killed someone, I wouldn’t tell y’all so I’m not going to tell you if I had been drinking.” 

He was taken to the Monroe County Jail where he was cited for following too closely and DUI-refusal. His dog was taken to the Monroe County Animal Services facility.


Teen attempts to kick in woman’s door

An MLK Jr. Drive woman called police after a young teenager tried to kick in her door on Dec. 30. The woman said she recognized the boy and knows his parents, who live at Union Hill. A witness supported the woman’s claims and said he ran the boy off the porch. Police tried to contact the parents of the boy but were unsuccessful. 


Angry shopper punches woman’s van at Walmart

A Walmart shopper allegedly punched a woman’s van as he was exiting the store with his two children. The woman told police that she’d stopped at the crosswalk to let them pass and that the man then hit her car behind the driver’s side door. 

Officer Cody Maples reviewed Walmart’s camera footage, which confirmed the woman’s story. 

Police are on the lookout for the man, who drove out of Walmart in a Silver sedan.


Man relieves stress by hitting woman with a broom stick

A caregiver at the Whispering Pines Personal Care Home on Hwy. 41 S told deputy Dalton Mosely that a man had hit a woman over the head with a broom stick multiple times around 10:15 a.m. on Dec. 31. 

The injured woman was nearby holding a paper towel to her bleeding head and EMS was called.

Mosely spoke with the man in his room and he said the woman was putting stuff in his room causing ants to go into his room. Mosely asked him how he knew she was doing that, and he did not provide an answer. 

When asked why he hit the woman over the head, he laughed and said it was a good relief to his stress. He was then handcuffed and placed in a patrol vehicle. 

The caregiver said the man was not to come back for assaulting a resident and gave Mosely his medication to give to the nurse at the jail. 

The victim was taken to Coliseum Health in Macon.


Man in possession of meth he claimed to be sea salt

Deputy Matthew Mimbs questioned a man he saw walking south on Hwy. 87 near Popes Ferry Road and found him to be in possession of methamphetamine on Jan. 2 around 2:31 a.m. 

The man told Mimbs his car ran out of gas about 6 miles north and he was walking to the gas station. Mimbs ran his license and discovered he had a warrant for probation violation out of Habersham County. 

After handcuffing him, Mimbs searched him and found an orange medication bottle, with a crystal-like substance of suspected methamphetamine in his front right pocket. The man said that it was only sea salt. 

Mimbs will be seeking warrants on him for possession of methamphetamine.


Man claims tools were stolen from trunk of car while in storage 

Cpl. Tyler Rodgers spoke with a Moultrie man by telephone who told him he had items stolen from a 2013 Hyundai Elantra while it was in storage after an accident on Jan. 8 around 1:51 p.m.  

The man said his wife was involved in a vehicle accident on Dec. 27 and he removed some clothes from the vehicle before Watts Wrecker Service towed it away. 

He said when he went to pick up the rest of his belongings out of his car, a 3-ton floor jack ($250), a large breaker bar ($100), a 4-way lug wrench ($30), a Kobalt 24-volt impact gun ($400), and a chop hammer ($350) were no longer in his trunk and were stolen.

Rodgers spoke with an employee of Watts Service Center who said the man took several items out of the vehicle at the accident scene. They said there was a verbal release on the vehicle and Warner Robins Towing transported the vehicle to Insurance Auto Auction in Macon, Georgia on Jan. 6. The employee said they never opened the trunk of the vehicle nor did they go through it while it was in their possession. 

Rodgers spoke with deputy Peyton Henderson who was present at the accident scene who told him the man removed many items from the vehicle to another. She could not confirm what items were moved, but only that it was an exceptionally large amount. 


Man said marijuana was in his car when he bought it, felon passenger arrested

A McDonough man was charged with possession of a firearm by a felon when the 2014 Dodge Charger he was riding in was stopped by Cpl. Thomas Haskins near North Lee Street on I-75 S on Jan. 9 around 2:48 p.m. for darkly tinted windows. The temporary license plate was almost unreadable, due to the plate pealing apart and the vehicle was identified as having an expired registration. 

Haskins saw marijuana crumbs inside the front console area. He had the driver exit and asked him about the marijuana crumbs. The man said he just purchased the vehicle the day before, and the marijuana was already inside the vehicle when he bought it. 

Haskins found a Kel-Tec 5.56 rifle under the front passenger seat. The weapons serial number returned “not on file” and had two 30 round magazines, which were both fully loaded and taped together. 

Both driver and passenger denied knowing about the firearm. Haskins discovered the passenger was on active felony first offender probation for 10 years for an aggravated assault case. 

He was handcuffed and arrested for possession of a firearm by felony first offender. The vehicle was released to the driver who was given a verbal warning for the window tint violation.