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Couple caught with pants down on dead-end street

A Juliette man ended up in the Monroe County Jail for drug possession after he and his girlfriend were found with their pants down in a 2007 Honda parked suspiciously at the dead-end of Barrystone Drive. Deputy Dustin Ramsey thought the vehicle was unoccupied until he saw a man and a woman moving around in the backseat around 2:43 a.m. on Dec. 7. As Ramsey approached the vehicle, it appeared that the subjects were trying to put on their pants. Once the subjects were fully clothed, Ramsey spoke with the occupants and immediately smelled marijuana when he had them exit the vehicle. 

 The man told Ramsey there was a small bag inside the vehicle, in a compartment near the gear shift. Dispatch said the man was on probation for possession of cocaine. 

Ramsey found the pot and, on the ground, next to where the man exited the car, were ketchup packets and other trash that looked to have come from inside the vehicle. Located in the pile of trash was a small plastic bag, containing a white powdery substance, which appeared to be cocaine. Also, within the trash, was a marijuana cigarette. 

The woman became upset and said she did not know what that was and that the man just gave it to her and told her to throw it out. He was arrested on charges of marijuana and cocaine possession.


Forsyth woman forges check

A woman called police after a $700 check she mailed to her landlord for rent was forged. The woman told officer Kimberly Barnett that she received a call from her landlord claiming that he never received the check, despite the check being cashed on Dec. 7. The woman contacted the U.S. postal service, who provided a photocopy of the cashed check. The space where the woman had written the landlord’s name under “pay to” had been changed to the name of another Forsyth resident. Barnett told the woman that the case would be handed over to investigators, who would follow up. 


Schizo-daughter won’t stop talking about the devil

A mother staying at Comfort Inn and Suites told police on Dec. 13 her schizophrenic daughter started talking about the devil for three hours and didn’t sleep all night. Officer Robert Davis spoke with the mother, who said her concern was brought on by a past incident which occurred in Barnesville and that she wanted her daughter taken to a hospital. Emergency services determined that nothing was medically wrong with the daughter. Davis spoke with the 22-year-old girl, who said she had come to Forsyth to get away from her controlling family. The daughter also told Davis that she is pregnant, but said she has no mental illness. The daughter told Davis that she would go to the hospital if her family came along, so they could “own up to things” that occurred when she was young. Davis went back to the mother and explained that he couldn’t force the daughter to go to the hospital but that they could try taking her themselves. 



Woman left penniless by cheating husband

A troubled Forsyth woman at the Circle K told police on Dec.  14 that she’s been going through a rough time since her cheating husband of 10 years ran off with another woman and took $65,000 out of their savings. The woman told officer Robert Davis that she was struggling to pay bills and didn’t know what to do. Davis asked if the woman had any friends or family she could go to for help. The woman told Davis that she was going to stay with a friend in Jackson. 


Woman smokes grass

in hotel room 

Police were called to the LaQuinta Inn on Dec. 14 after staff called about a guest smoking marijuana in their room. Officer Kimberly Barnett arrived just as the guest was leaving the hotel in a black car. Barnett stopped the car at the Days Inn and asked the female driver who she was and told her why she stopped her. 

The guest said she didn’t understand what the hotel’s problem was and claimed she was going to pay them. Barnett explained that employees had reported a marijuana smell and that the card on file had been declined. At that point, the woman became very upset and shouted that the police were always harassing her. She continued, saying that she gets pulled over and searched all the time. Due to a strong odor of marijuana coming from the car, Barnett asked the woman and her male passenger to step out of the vehicle. 

Due to the cold, Barnett offered the woman a seat in the back of her patrol car. The woman refused, shouting that she wasn’t a criminal. Officer Malone found no trace of marijuana. The woman noticed that her male passenger was sitting in the back of Malone’s car avoiding the cold. The woman began aggressively shouting that Barnett needed to let him go. Barnett tried to explain that he sat in the car voluntarily and wasn’t under arrest. After more squabbling, Barnett allowed the woman and male-passenger to leave. Barnett advised that management ban the two from staying at the hotel. 


Son kicks door in at his mother’s house

A Forsyth mother called police on Dec. 16 after her son kicked her door in on Solomon Street to retrieve some of his belongings. Officer Benjamin Anais responded and asked the woman if her son lives with her at the house. The mother said yes, and Anais explained that not much could be done since he was classified as a resident and is legally allowed to kick his own door in. Anais advised the mother to take the proper steps towards evicting her son. 


Hampton man in jail

for stolen pistol

A Hampton man and his passenger were arrested after Cpl. Thomas Haskins found a stolen hangun on them during a traffic stop on a 2013 Chrysler 200 with darkly tinted windows around 10:34 p.m. on Dec. 16. The passenger was lighting a cigar as Haskins approached and he noticed both occupants were extremely nervous and evasive. The driver’s hand was trembling when he handed Haskins his license and both occupants were breathing heavily. 

Haskins asked for the vehicle’s registration and insurance and the driver said the vehicle did not belong to him and he did not know where it was and did not make any motions to check the glove box or center console. The driver said there was nothing illegal in the vehicle but refused to let Haskins search. 

Deputy Wade Kendrick’s K9 Rocky alerted on the vehicle.  A Ruger .380 handgun, fully loaded, was found inside the glove box. Dispatch said the handgun was reported stolen out of Pooler on Aug. 27.  A box of ammo was in the center console. Both subjects denied knowing about the pistol. The driver said he was a convicted felon and was just charged with a “gun charge” a few months ago. He was charged receiving stolen property, window tint violation, no license on person, and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The passenger was charged with receiving stolen property.



Hospital patient almost gets tased 

Police were called to Monroe County Hospital on Dec. 17 over a patient that was causing a scene. Officer David Asbell found the patient in the lobby rolling around on chairs shouting profanity. Asbell told the patent to be quiet and stop cursing. 

The man responded “f*ck you” and started to stand up. Asbell then drew his taser and aimed it directly at the patient, who quickly complied and made no further comments. Hotel staff took the man back to his room and Asbell returned to service. 


Man with medical marijuana card arrested for pot

A Forsyth man was arrested for marijuana and other charges on Dec. 17 around 9:14 p.m. after Cpl. Thomas Haskins stopped his 2020 Chrysler 300 with an illegal tag cover for failing to maintain its lane near North Lee Street on I-75 S.

Haskins noticed the driver was nervous with his hands trembling and physically shaking, while he was handing him his license. The man was breathing heavily, his body language was highly active, and his voice was trembling. 

The driver also handed Haskins his Oklahoma Medical Marijuana card. The driver denied possession of any marijuana and consented to a vehicle search. A small container of marijuana inside a small bag was found in the trunk of the vehicle. The driver said, “I forgot that was in there”. 

Several large bags of marijuana, which were in two different suitcases was discovered in a hidden compartment, near the suitcase handle. One of the bags of Marijuana had approximately twenty, 1-gram plastic bags, containing marijuana inside which were packaged for sale. The marijuana weighed in at weighed at approximately 3.5 pounds.  

A FNH 5.7 x 28 handgun was found inside the glove box. The serial number was returned as “not on file”. The man was arrested and charged with distributing marijuana and possession of a firearm during commission of a felony. 



Handgun found 

in felon’s vehicle

A convicted felon was arrested for having a firearm after being stopped for failing to maintain his lane on I-75 N near North Lee Street around 3 a.m. on Dec. 19. Deputy Anthony Thompson was overwhelmed by the odor of raw marijuana and asked the driver to exit the car because he was having a hard time hearing him. 

Thompson also noticed the male passenger had his hand balled into a fist and was hiding it between the passenger seat and the door as if he were hiding something in his hand. The deputy asked him to let him see his hand and he acted as if he was going to turn it over, and then just flipped it right back down. Due to the deputy not having backup on scene, Thompson decided not to confront the passenger anymore about what was in his hand. 

Thompson told the driver he stopped him for failure to maintain lane and the man said it was because, “The patrol vehicle lights blinded him from behind”. 

The passenger was moving around inside of the vehicle and Thompson asked him what was wrong with his friend. The deputy told the man he could smell marijuana inside the vehicle. The driver man told him he didn’t smell marijuana because there was none inside the vehicle. The passenger was removed, and Thompson searched the car. Thompson found a “roach” on the floorboard and small amount of marijuana. Inside the center console, a black Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm handgun was found. Asked about the handgun, the driver said it belonged to his wife and said he wasn’t a convicted felon. Dispatch said he was a convicted felon and that there was a warrant for the passenger. The driver was arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. 


Man gets nose punched at High Falls State Park

A High Falls man was charged with battery for assaulting a man near High Falls State Park on Dec. 19 around 5:12 p.m. Deputy Anthony Thompson met with the male victim who was bleeding from his nose. The man told him the person who had assaulted him was hiding behind the Dollar General store. 

Thompson ran to the back of the store and found the man. The man said he didn’t know what was going on and didn’t punch anyone. He said he had been sitting on the steps between the Dollar General and the High Falls Market and hadn’t moved. 

The victim said he was walking with his wife south on High Falls Road and went into the entrance of High Falls State Park, where they rent canoes. He said the subject began to follow them up the road and his wife asked him to walk behind her for protection once she noticed the man getting closer. He said that somehow the man gained ground fast and all he heard was three footsteps and turned around and the man punched him in the face. He said that the man said something as he walked away, but he didn’t know exactly what he said. The man was handcuffed and arrested for simple battery. 


Complaints of loud music results with citation

After three complaints during a single shift about his loud music, a Smith Road man was finally cited by Sgt. Todd Haskins around 11 p.m. on Dec. 19. When Haskins responded to the call, he stopped 3 houses down from the home and could hear the music from there. He cited the offender for disturbing the peace and tranquility. 


Man swings machete 

at girlfriend

Police responded to the Royal Seven One Stop Shop on Cabiness Road on Dec. 19 after a report of a man wielding a machete and swinging it at a woman. Officer Richard Maddox found the man yelling at the woman. As Maddox approached, the man put his hands on the hood of a patrol car and permitted police to search him. Police uncovered a small pill bottle containing marijuana. Police then found the machete in a large plastic container in the vehicle. 

The woman told Maddox the pair had gotten into a heated argument on the way to get gas. After arriving at the station, the man began throwing the woman’s belongings on the ground, then pulled out his curved machete and began waving it around. The man claimed he hadn’t waved the machete and had simply been removing it from the vehicle. Maddox looked up the man in the police database and discovered he had warrants out of Monroe and Butts County. The man was arrested and transported to Monroe County Jail. 


Mother wants son kicked out over cigarette butts

A mother and son got into an argument at their home on Willis Wilder Drive on Dec. 19 over him leaving burning cigarettes on furniture. The woman told officer Kimberly Barnett that she wanted him out of the house. Barnett explained that since she had been allowing him to live in the house since he finished school, he was considered a resident and she would have to evict him. 

Barnett then spoke with the son, who said his parents didn’t show him respect. The son claimed his mom called him stupid and he called her a b---- in response. Barnett told the son that it may be time he got a job and moved out on his own. The son agreed and said he would leave his parents alone if they would do the same. Both parents agreed but said they would be canceling his phone and car insurance, which they pay for. 


Firearm possession charge on man who tried to flee on foot

A Warner Robins man was stopped for improper lane changing and went to jail for possession of a firearm by a felon on Dec. 21 around 1:37 a.m. Deputy Jeff Thompson saw a 2020 Nissan Altima abruptly cross all three lanes of the interstate and exit into the weigh station. Thompson stopped the driver on the backside of the weigh station and was overwhelmed by the raw odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle. 

The driver told Thompson he was a rapper and they were coming from Atlanta from his record deal. Thompson asked him why he abruptly changed all three lanes, and he said he was pulling over to allow his friend to use the restroom in a good place.

Thompson asked him who had been smoking marijuana inside of the vehicle and the man stated that no one had smoked inside the car. He said they had just left a club and that they had been smoking inside of the club. None of the three subjects had a license and dispatch said the driver had a warrant for probation violation out of Houston County and he was arrested. 

Thompson found a white bag containing a small amount of suspected marijuana in the car as well as a THC cartridge. He also found in the pocket of the passenger seat, a black Ruger 9mm handgun. The passenger said it was his.

The passenger then gave Thompson a false name, and he was told to have a seat on the patrol vehicle bumper while the deputy retrieved a fingerprint scanner. But right after doing so, the man took off running across all three lanes of south bound traffic and jumped the guardrail. 

Thompson chased him down and caught him in the northbound lanes of travel. He was handcuffed and finally gave his real name and admitted to being a convicted felon. 

The driver was arrested for his warrant and the passenger was charged with possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, obstruction and giving false information.


Blount Road woman cited and warned about Pitbulls

A Blount Road man complained to deputy Judy Mercer that two of his neighbor’s Pitbulls tried to attack one of his dogs around 4:55 p.m. on Dec. 21. He said that he had just taken his dog outside and put him on the runner and just walked back inside his home when he heard dogs barking and growling. He said he went back outside and there were two bulldogs trying to attack his dog. He told Mercer these same two dogs had previously killed two of his small dogs. 

He said he has called the sheriff’s office before in reference to the incidents and he is also afraid these two dogs may attack his grandchildren. Mercer gave him a case number and told him she would contact the dog owners. 

Mercer went to the neighbor’s and was told by the dog owner’s mother she was at the wrong house and the dogs’ owner was at work. She said that the dogs were not out and were contained in her daughter’s home. She also said that the dogs have shock collars on, and it prevents them from leaving the property. 

Another female said she was the dog owner’s aunt, said, “He knows the dogs do not have their collars on today, that’s why he called the law”. 

Mercer asked the mother why she lied and said she needed to speak to her daughter about the situation. She told her that the sheriff’s office had been to calls about these dogs before and the mother said that “no one from the sheriff’s office has been out here before”. She told the woman to have her daughter call the sheriff’s office with the case number. 

Deputy Jeff Thompson spoke with the dog owner by phone at 7:30 p.m. cited her for violating the leash law and was told she will not be given any further warnings. 

Thompson told her the dogs will be taken into custody and turned over to Monroe County Animal Control if another call is received concerning them. 


Brewery litters on 

adjacent house 

A woman called police on Dec. 22 about litter being dumped on her doorstep by employees of a Kimball Street brewery. The woman told Officer Cody Maples that two cups of jumbo had been strewn across her doorstep by brewery employees. She spoke with the owner of the restaurant, who told her the cups were from a gumbo fest dinner the night prior. The woman told Maples that she’d had several problems with litter since the restaurant opened, including employees moving her trash can and leaving cigarette butts all over the place that have to be swept up. 

Maples spoke with the assistant manager at the restaurant, who said he had been told about the incident by the owner and was going to send employees out to clean the trash. He continued, saying the trash can had been moved because it blocks the path to the back door. The manager told Maples that he would work on getting his employees to smoke in a different location. 


Woman steals $470 worth of items from Walmart

Police were called to Walmart on Dec. 23 to cite a woman with shoplifting. The woman had been caught by Walmart security after not scanning $470.52 worth of items and trying to leave the store smuggling the goods in her purse and a trash can. The woman was cited for shoplifting and trespassing. All items were returned. 


Police give homeless man a place to sleep

Officer Richard Maddox spotted a man walking southbound on I-75 and pulled over to speak with him on Dec. 24. The man told Maddox that he’s currently homeless and doesn’t have money to stay in a hotel. Maddox spoke with Officer Kimberly Barnett, who suggested they give the man a coupon to America’s Best Inn. Maddox gave the man the coupon and took him to the Inn.