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Hit and run driver found walking down interstate

A driver was charged with hit and run after being found on the side of I-75 on Oct. 11. 

Deputy Dustin Ramsey found a man around 2:41 a.m. and he claimed that a grey or black Chevy Malibu rear-ended his vehicle and kept traveling. He said he couldn’t read the entire tag number, but the first letter was an “R”. 

Ramsey later found a grey Malibu with a tag beginning with an “R” in the ditch in front of the southbound weigh station, but the driver had left. Ramsey saw the car had left the road while driving into the weigh station and had struck a utility pole. 

Ramsey was unable to find the driver. He found multiple alcoholic beverages inside the rear passenger compartment of the vehicle. On the front passenger seat was a loaded magazine to a handgun which contained 19 9mm bullets. In the center console, Ramsey found a driver’s license. A sealed package containing marijuana was found within 15-20 ft of the car.

Cpl. Ortiz saw the driver covered in mud and scratches walking up the interstate around 8 a.m. and he was arrested and charged with following too closely, hit and run, open container, failure to maintain lane, speeding, reckless driving, marijuana possession, and failure to report an accident.


Atlanta driver caught with THC edibles

A 2019 Volkswagen Jetta was stopped by Cpl. Jacob Justice near Rumble Road on I-75 S for failing to signal and an Atlanta man was found to be in possession of marijuana edibles around 4 p.m. on Oct. 26. Inside a book bag on the driver’s side, there were two containers of THC labeled chewable gummies (edibles). 

The driver said the edibles belonged to him and that the book bag contained both his and the female passenger’s property. He said that he uses the THC gummies for his anxiety and that he is awaiting his medical marijuana card in Florida. He was arrested and charged with failure to signal and possession of marijuana edibles.


Kentucky pair in jail for distributing marijuana

Cpl. Thomas Haskins stopped a gray 2016 Dodge Challenger with dark tinted windows for following too closely near Johnstonville Road on I-75 S and a Kentucky couple went to jail for marijuana possession and other charges around 5:21 p.m. on Oct. 26.  

Haskins could smell marijuana as he approached the vehicle and had the male driver exit the car. He asked him if there was any marijuana in the car and he said there was a “blunt” in the female passenger’s purse. The passenger told Haskins, “If there was, he must have put it in there”. Sgt. John Thompson found three marijuana cigarettes inside the purse. 

A plastic bag containing a few grams of marijuana and two large bags of the weed were found inside the trunk of the vehicle along with many empty bags that said “Gelato, Top Shelf Cannabis”.

Haskins asked them who the marijuana belonged too, however both subjects remained silent. 

They were arrested and the passenger blurted out “the marijuana belonged to me”. She was told that they were both already under arrest for marijuana possession with intent to distribute. The driver was also charged with following too closely.


Woman pushed down stairs at niece’s apartment 

Officer Benjamin Anais responded to a woman who said she was pushed down some stairs on Martin Luther King Drive on Oct. 28. The woman had been in the area looking for a man that owed her money, when she started drinking alcohol at her niece’s apartment. Some people she’d been drinking with then jumped on her and pushed her down some stairs, causing some injuries. The woman told Anais which woman pushed her and pointed out where she lived. Anais spoke with the alleged pusher, who claimed the woman was lying and that she was innocent. 


Autistic man attempted to destroy evidence by burning marijuana in fireplace

Officers Kimberly Barnett and Cody Maples responded to loud argument between a father and daughter that occurred Oct. 28 in the front yard of a house on Berner Avenue. Maples spoke with the woman who witnessed the argument, who stated that the father had hit his daughter a number of times. The girl’s brother was evasive when Maples questioned him. The father, who’d left the house driving a blue Chevy Impala, was found nearby. The daughter was also found shortly after with cuts and bruises on her face. 

The girl said the fight had started between her autistic brother and his girlfriend, which led to her and her father to get involved. Maples noticed smoke coming from the chimney of the house, which he found odd considering the humidity. With the mentally disabled brother still inside, Maples decided to enter. Maples noticed the chimney smoke smelled like marijuana and found large bags and a mason jar with marijuana residue inside. The fireplace had several burning shirts and large amounts of ash that reeked of marijuana. It appeared that the brother had been trying to destroy evidence. He was then handcuffed and arrested. 

Maples later secured a warrant and search the rest of the house, discovering several bags of marijuana in the yard, the pool-table and a vehicle which also had a large amount of cash. All items were put into evidence and warrants will soon be obtained for battery and obstruction. 


Atlanta man jailed for a Fruity Pebbles edible

An Atlanta man driving a 2018 Nissan Altima at extremely slow speeds and failing to maintain lanes went to jail for drugs and other charges after Cpl. Thomas Haskins stopped him near Johnstonville Road around 2:04 p.m. on Oct. 28. Haskins spoke with the driver and his female passenger and noticed the driver was incredibly nervous. He took off his seatbelt, then put it back on, was physically shaking in his seat and appeared confused. 

The man’s license returned expired out of Georgia and Florida. Haskins asked the man why he was so nervous, to which he answered he didn’t know. Haskins asked if he could search the vehicle, to which he replied, “It’s not my vehicle.” He said the car belonged to his mother, and he could not give permission.

Sgt. John Thompson deployed K9 Kahn to conduct a free air sniff, who alerted on the vehicle. A large plastic bag containing a Fruity Pebble marijuana edible was found in a bookbag in the rear seat. The driver said it belonged to him and that he “forgot” the marijuana edible was inside his bookbag. He was handcuffed and arrested for possession of a controlled substance, expired license, and failure to maintain lane. The passenger was taken to the Monroe County Jail lobby, due to her license being suspended. 


Woman having seizure found parked on interstate median

An unresponsive Jackson woman with a small child in the backseat was found parked in the median near Johnstonville Road on I-75 N around 7 p.m. on Oct. 28. Sgt Chris Sherrell noticed the 2004 GMC Envoy was still running as he approached the vehicle and found the driver slumped over, jerking, sweating, and unresponsive. 

Sherrell  notified dispatch that he needed EMS for a possible seizure and tried to open the driver’s side door, but the door was locked. He tried to open other doors, but they were also all locked and after several attempts, he was unable to break the window. 

While trying to enter the driver’s window, he heard faint crying and saw a small child who was crying and visibly shaken. After several more unsuccessful attempts to break the window, Sherrell was able to get the driver to briefly respond and she barely rolled down the rear window, and he was then able to enter the car. Once inside the vehicle, he unlocked all doors, put the vehicle in park, and was able to get the driver to sit back up. 

While trying to get the driver to regain consciousness, he saw that she had an insulin pump on her forearm. Deputy Dustin Ramsey found glucose tablets in a book bag, and they were able to give her two tablets. 

Shortly after they gave her the glucose tablets, she regained consciousness and was beginning to become alert when EMS arrived. Sherrell used her cell phone to call her mother who came to the scene with her father and the vehicle was turned over to them. 

Two wanted woman flee deputies

Sgt. Chris Sherrell was patrolling Hwy. 74 when he met an oncoming 2015 Ford Fiesta partially in his lane of travel with its high beams on and two wanted women ended up in jail around 1:15 a.m. on Oct. 29. 

As the car passed, Sherrell saw it speeding and turned around and began to catch up with it but the driver sped up to 100 mph and failed to maintain lane. 

As the driver approached the Hwy. 74 and Hwy. 341 roundabout, she continued speeding and while trying to negotiate the roundabout, struck the curb and came to a stop in the ditch. Sherrell exited his patrol vehicle with his weapon drawn and ordered the driver to exit the vehicle and the driver and passenger were then taken into custody. 

The driver said she was unlicensed, and dispatch said the passenger had a felony burglary warrant out of Houston County and the driver had a shoplifting warrant out of Clayton County. The driver will be charged with fleeing and several traffic citations. The passenger was taken to jail for her Houston County warrant. 


Motorcyclist flees deputies at 100 mph down West Johnson Street

A Chauncey man was seen riding a 2011 Suzuki GSXR 750 without a tag by deputy John Cochran on North Lee Street and after Cochran tried to initiate a stop, the man sped away at over 100 mph around 9:30 p.m. on Oct. 29. 

The man continued on West Johnson Street doing 100 mph in a 35-mph zone and went through the stop sign at Indian Springs Drive while failing to maintain his lane. He continued at a high rate of speed until crashing. After the bike came to a stop in the road, the suspect jumped up and began to flee on foot while reaching into his belt line. 

Cochran order the suspect to show his hands and to get on the ground. The man was then taken into custody and a Glock 19x was found inside his waistband which dispatch said was stolen from the Cornelia Police Department. The man was charged with failure to maintain lane, reckless driving, speeding, failure to stop at stop sign, receiving stolen property, possession of a firearm by a felon and no tag. 


Unlicensed Forsyth man drives while intoxicated

An unlicensed Forsyth man was charged with DUI after Sgt. Todd Haskins saw his 2020 Toyota Camry cross the center lane on Indian Springs Drive around midnight on Oct. 30 and stopped him when the man pulled into a driveway. The driver told Haskins in slurred speech he didn’t have his license, and the sergeant noticed his eyes were glassy, and bloodshot, and he had a strong odor of alcohol. When Haskins asked him how much he had to drink he said that he had a little and asked Haskins if he wanted him to walk a straight line. After failing a sobriety test, he was arrested for DUI and driving without a license. 


Stone Mountain man on way to Florida job arrested for DUI

Cpl. Tyler Rodgers was watching traffic near Johnstonville Road when he clocked a black Dodge Journey doing 94 mph and stopped a drunk Stone Mountain man and arrested him on several charges around 7 p.m. on Oct 30. 

The driver said he was traveling to Florida for a job and Rodgers saw the man’s eyes to be very red and watery. He also noticed his speech slurred and his body language sluggish and there was a strong odor of alcohol and marijuana from his car. 

The driver said he had not consumed any alcoholic beverages that evening. Rodgers asked him if the front passenger had consumed any alcoholic beverages, and he said, “Yes, sir.” The corporal asked him to exit his vehicle and while speaking with him, he could smell alcohol on his breath. He asked again if he consumed any alcoholic beverages, and he said he consumed 2 shots of Jack Daniels around one hour earlier. 

Rodgers told him he smelled marijuana inside the car and asked if there was any in there and the man said there may be a marijuana cigarette. After failing a sobriety test, he was arrested. 

An open 100 ml bottle of Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Sour Mash Whiskey was found inside the front driver door and a partial marijuana cigarette was found in an ash tray in the front seat cup holder. The vehicle was released to the passenger and the driver was cited for speeding, open container and DUI combination of drugs and alcohol.


Meth-head claims she can hear woman under her bed

Police were called to the KOA Kampground on Oct. 31 after a woman called claiming her boyfriend had hidden a woman underneath the bed in their trailer and that she could hear her voice. After Sgt. David Asbell searched the trailer and told her that no one was there, she took out her phone and tried to call the trapped girl. The woman held her phone up for a few minutes stating that she could hear a cellphone ringing. Asbell and Officer Davis Powell didn’t hear anything. The woman then changed her story, claiming that she could hear the girl yelling inside a car trunk. Asbell noticed that the woman’s pupils were pin-points and asked if she’d taken any meth recently. The woman said about a gram a day and that she needed help. Powell took the woman to Coliseum Hospital for treatment. 


Man asks deputy for ride, gets a ride to jail

A Thomaston driver was arrested for receiving stolen property and weapon violations after he broke down on the shoulder of I-75 S near High Falls Road and around 1:16 a.m. on Nov. 1. 

Deputy Larry Sullivan found the driver standing outside of his 2004 Nissan Maxima and the man explained that he was out of gas. The deputy told him he would call a tow truck or that he could take him to a gas station. The man said he did not have money for a tow truck and would like Sullivan to take him to town for gas.

Sullivan explained he needed to search him before entering his patrol vehicle and asked if he had any weapons on him. The man stated that he had a firearm and pointed to his right foot. Sullivan took a Smith and Wesson M&P Shield .40 caliber from him and upon running the serial number, learned the gun was stolen out of Phenix City, Ala. 

He was arrested for possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, receiving stolen property, and carrying a concealed weapon without a license. 


Man throws bush axe at Forsyth woman

A Forsyth man is charged with aggravated assault after throwing a bush axe at a woman at a Stokes Store Road home around 3 a.m. on Nov. 1. Deputy George Dimitrov met a man who told him he went to another man’s home on Stokes Store Road to pick up his girlfriend and while he waited for her in his car, the man stormed down his driveway, screaming that he didn’t want the woman to leave. 

He said the man took a bush axe and held it back as if he was going to strike his girlfriend, and when she was trying to get in the vehicle, he threw the axe, trying to strike her. 

Dimitrov spoke with the woman who told him when she was about to get into the vehicle, the man was a couple of feet behind her and threw the brush axe at her. She said the brush axe landed next to her and her boyfriend picked it up so he could not get it again. She also said when they were leaving, he went up to the driver’s side window acting irate and using profanity. The magistrate court judge will be issuing the warrant. There were no injuries.


RV driver stopped for yelling at wife while driving

A man was seen yelling at his wife while driving an RV on I-75 S near Johnston Road and was stopped near North Lee Street by Sgt. Willie Brown around 2 p.m. on Nov. 1. The man told deputies he had just been telling his wife to get the dog from out of the front of the RV because he was driving. He said he never touched her, and she had been in the far rear of the RV for the whole trip. He said he had been yelling to try and find out where she wanted to stop the RV since she had mentioned staying at a campground for the night to rest. 

His wife said that he had been yelling at her during their trip and he was abusing her emotionally but stated he had not touched her. Deputy Dalton Mosely asked them if they could continue their trip without any further complications and both stated yes. Mosely gave the case number to the wife.


Tennessee brothers go to jail together

Two brothers from Nashville, Tenn., were arrested on marijuana charges after a 2020 Hyundai Elantra was stopped for speeding by deputy Justin Watson on I-75 S near North Lee Street around 10 p.m. on Nov. 1. 

As Watson was walking up, the driver began moving around in the vehicle and rolled down the window and Watson immediately smelled marijuana. He asked the driver where he was coming from and he said he was coming from his home in Tennessee and on the way to a funeral in Florida. 

A small jar of marijuana was found in the center console and the driver stated that it was his. He was handcuffed and while he was being placed in the patrol car, his brother tried to toss another small jar of marijuana into the grass. He was also handcuffed and joined his brother in the patrol vehicle. The driver was cited for marijuana possession and speeding. His brother was cited for marijuana possession and obstruction.  


Man accused of stealing water from tattoo parlor

An Ensign Road man was accused of running a water hose from the Ink Wizard Tattoo building to his trailer and running up a water bill to over a $1,000 around 9:30 a.m. on Nov. 2. The owner of the Ink Wizard Tattoo told deputy Peyton Henderson he received a monthly water bill for $1,018.33 and did not use that amount of water. He said he called the City of Forsyth Utility Department to have his meter checked. 

He and a utility employee investigated and he found a water hose hooked up to a faucet, located underneath the Ink Wizard Tattoo building and followed the hose to a trailer located behind the business. 

The man said he owns the trailer located on Edge Road and the man who rents it from him is responsible for running up the bill. Judge Wilder told Henderson to tell the man to go to the Monroe County Magistrate Court Office and fill out pre-warrant hearing paperwork


Large amount of drugs send two men to jail

Around 9 ounces of marijuana was found along with other drugs in a Chevy Malibu driven by an Austell man and he and his Swainsboro passenger were both arrested around 2:31 p.m. on Nov. 2. Cpl. Thomas Haskins stopped the car for having dark tinted windows on I-75 S near Cabaniss Road and while speaking with the occupants, he noticed they appeared extremely nervous and would not make eye contact with him. He could also tell air freshener had just been sprayed prior to his approach. 

Haskins had the driver exit the car who said he had no prior drug charges on his criminal history, however dispatch said he was a convicted felon for drug offenses. He was asked if there was anything illegal inside the vehicle, to which he denied. When asked if he would consent to a vehicle search, he said the vehicle did not belong to him, but Haskins told him that he was in care and control of the vehicle and was responsible for everything inside. He then consented to a search. 

The passenger denied there was anything illegal inside the vehicle and he also denied he had any property in the car. After several seconds of being inside the vehicle, Haskins smelled marijuana and folded down the backseat and saw several bags inside the trunk.

Haskins asked both men if they had any bags in the trunk of the vehicle, to which they both denied. The sergeant opened the trunk, found a black bag with a combination lock and smelled a strong odor of raw marijuana coming from the bag. The men said they didn’t know the combination, so Haskins cut open the bag with his knife. 

He removed a large glass jar containing a large amount of marijuana, Ecstasy pills, crack cocaine, and oxycodone pills. Both men were arrested and asked who the drugs belonged to. Both denied ownership. They were taken to jail and charged with trafficking in Ecstasy, distributing marijuana and possession of drugs. 

The marijuana was weighed at approximately 9 ounces. The Ecstasy was weighed at approximately 3 ounces with around 318 pills and there were 10 oxycodone pills. There were also 2 separate packages of crack cocaine.  


Woman tries to kick out patrol car windows  

  A Griffin woman tried to kick the windows out a patrol car after she was charged with driving a stolen 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee around 9 a.m. on Nov. 3. Deputy Wade Kendrick had to forcibly remove her from the stolen vehicle before taking her to jail. Dispatch said the stolen vehicle was being followed on I-75 S by Butts County deputies while Kendrick and Cpl. Thomas Haskins waited for her to pass near North Lee Street. Haskins pulled out in front of the vehicle and Kendrick pulled out behind to box her in and she finally stopped in the middle of the interstate after traveling about a mile.  Haskins and Kendrick told the woman to exit the car, but she would not comply and had to be pulled from the vehicle. 

She again refused to comply with deputies trying to take her into custody and had to be forced into handcuffs. She was taken to jail by deputy Peyton Henderson who said she was acting violently and tried to kick the windows out of the patrol car. She was charged with felony theft by receiving and obstruction. 


Bibb County man fails to outrun deputies

A silver 2015 Toyota Corolla driven by a Bibb County man was clocked at 93 mph on I-75 N near Rumble Road and the driver was arrested for fleeing and numerous traffic violations around 3:14 p.m. on Nov. 4. 

Deputy Judy Mercer attempted a traffic stop and the vehicle began to speed up and drive aggressively and recklessly. The vehicle was cutting other vehicles off, following too closely and traveling in the emergency lanes on both sides. The driver exited at Juliette Road, failed to stop at the stop sign, and got back on the interstate without yielding to oncoming traffic. The Toyota was traveling at speeds of up to 125 mph and got off at the Johnstonville Road exit, failed to stop at the stop sign and traveled through the grassy median area and back onto the interstate again, not using care at intersections or while traveling in and out of emergency lanes. The driver also did not use turn signals.

Cpl. Thomas Haskins did a pit maneuver on the vehicle to end the chase and the driver was taken into custody with warrants for felony fleeing and citations for speeding (2 counts), failure to maintain lane, failure to use turn signals, failing to stop at a stop sign (2 counts), reckless driving, aggressive driving, hands free, driving while license suspended, failure to exercise due care, no license on person, and failing to yield.


Men flee deputies with marijuana and edibles 

Two Warner Robins men and a Norcross man were arrested for marijuana and THC products after they fled from deputies and were stopped by a P.I.T. maneuver on I-75 S near Rumble Road around 9:04 p.m. on Nov. 4.  

Deputy Dustin Ramsey tried to stop the car near North Lee Street but the black 2013 Dodge Avenger accelerated to speeds in excess of 100 mph. Ramsey tried to use a P.I.T. maneuver south of Hwy. 18 but upon nearing the vehicle, the driver slammed on brakes. The driver then continued using all lanes of travel until the Rumble Road exit. Sherrell did a P.I.T. maneuver, the vehicle came to a stop and the occupants were taken into custody.

In the back seat was a large cardboard box containing a plastic bag with 7 marijuana cigarettes, a plastic bag containing 26 small glass jars labeled as moon rocks (THC infused marijuana), 3 unopened containers of “Medicated Nerds” (THC edibles), 9 boxes containing suspected THC oil, 11 bags of marijuana, and 18 bags of THC edibles. Also found was a Century Arms Z RAS47 pistol. 

Warrants are being sought against the men for 3 counts of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, possession of marijuana, possession of a controlled substance, and fleeing on all occupants. The driver was cited for tag light requirements, speeding, failure to maintain lane, failing to use turn signal, and reckless driving.