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Marijuana sends trio to jail

Two men and a female passenger in a Toyota RAV 4 went to jail for distributing marijuana and other charges after being stopped for crossing the fog line on I-75 S near North Lee Street around 12:30 a.m. on July 15. Sgt. John Thompson smelled marijuana and beer as he approached the rented vehicle. He also saw marijuana crumbs on the center console and the floorboard. When the driver was asked for his license, he gave Thompson a DUI citation from May. 

Thompson could see a male passenger in the back seat that would not make eye contact with him and was typing on his phone. He asked the front seat female passenger if she had her license with her. She said she did not. All the occupants were removed from the vehicle and once the female passenger opened her door, Thompson saw two Budweiser 8 ounce cans opened in the door pocket. 

A black sock was found in the seat with two methamphetamine pipes inside of it. Two large socks with several balls were found rolled up in electrical tape. Twelve of the balls contained a half of an ounce of marijuana each (6 ounces total). The other 30 balls contained tobacco and rolling papers. Also, four cell phones were placed into evidence.

The female and male passenger both gave false names. The woman had a warrant out of Fulton County for larceny and theft by taking. The male passenger had several warrants out of Louisiana for kidnapping and battery with serious bodily injury. He also had a probation violation warrant out of Gwinnett County.

Thompson will be seeking warrants on the driver for distributing marijuana , possession of drug-related objects and open container. Warrants on the female passenger include giving a false name and open container. The male passenger will have warrants for distributing marijuana, possession of drug-related objects, giving a false name and open container.


Woman calls cops on deadbeat husband

A Union Hill Drive woman called Forsyth police July 15 to report her husband for not doing his duties as a “husband and father”. Officer Benjamin Anais responded to an apparent intense confrontation between the husband and his 21-year-old son. The wife said her husband ran off with another woman last Thanksgiving. He had since come back home but refused to pay any bills.

The husband meanwhile claimed that his wife was “talking crazy” and just “trying to make a huge scene”. Anais explained to the wife that he couldn’t make the husband leave since they are still married and he has property at the home. However, the husband did agree to go stay in a hotel for the night so that tensions could cool. 


Go-kart struck by U.S. Postal van

A Barrystone Drive man told Cpl. Jacob Justice his son’s go-kart was hit by a mail delivery person around 1 p.m. on July 15. He said his son was riding his 2020 Trailmaster go-kart in the cul-de-sac of Barrystone Drive when a Postal Service van was coming down the road. He told his son to let the vehicle by. The postal employee put the mail in the mailbox and as she turned around, she struck the right rear of the go-kart. 

Aching stomach causes woman to shoplift

A woman looking for relief from an aching stomach allegedly shoplifted a bottle of Pepto Bismol from the Johnstonville Road Marathon around 9:15 p.m. on July 15. A clerk told Deputy Larry Sullivan a woman in her early 40’s entered the store complaining of stomach pain saying, “Oh, my stomach!” She said the woman told her she had no money and asked her to buy her some Pepto Bismol and a drink. The clerk gave her a small pack of the medicine, but the woman said she wanted a big bottle and the clerk said she wouldn’t buy it for her. 

The woman then walked through one of the aisles and the clerk said she thought she saw the woman take a bottle of Pepto Bismol from the shelf and into the bathroom. She said she found an empty bottle in the trash as the woman walked out of the store, got into a dark red Honda SUV and left going north on I-75. A bottle of Pepto Bismol costs around $7. 


Drugs, cash and firearm send two men to jail

Two convicted felons were arrested after a large amount of cash, marijuana and a weapon were found in a Nissan Altima that was stopped by Deputy Wade Kendrick for following too closely on I-75 N near Johnstonville Road around 5:20 p.m. on July 16. The nervous driver and passenger both answered Kendrick at the same time when he asked where they were coming from. The driver said Macon and the passenger said Warner Robins. He asked where they were headed and the passenger said they were headed to his house. When asked where his house was, he said to run his information to find out. Dispatch said both men had previous drug history and were convicted felons.

K-9 Rocky alerted on the vehicle and a small black bag containing a firearm, bands of cash equaling $3,000 and two bags marijuana all in the same bag. The driver said the money in the bag belonged to him and he had it to buy a dog. He said the firearm and marijuana in the same bag as the cash did not belong to him. The passenger also denied owning the weapon and marijuana. 

Both men were charged with possession of marijuana and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon. The driver was also cited for following too closely.


Woman sent over $24,000 in apparent unemployment benefit fraud

A Forsyth woman told Deputy Phillip Billingslea she had received $24,500 in unemployment checks even though she has never filed for unemployment. The woman told Billingslea on July 17 that she received three letters from the Georgia Department of Labor addressed to her maiden name and saying she was receiving $24,500 in unemployment benefits.  She said she never filed for unemployment and never worked for the company the letter stated the money was coming from, Ingram Timber Enterprises. Billingslea tried to contact the company by telephone and in-person at 6 E. Johnston Street but was unsuccessful.  


Man wearing only underwear charged with DUI

A Cricket Run man was arrested for DUI and obstruction after a witness, working in the area for Southern Rivers, told Deputy Judy Mercer the driver of a Jeep Compass was speeding, playing loud music and blowing the horn around 1:45 p.m. on July 17. The man said the car swerved and spun around in the road and then the man got out of the vehicle and started walking.  The witness told Mercer the man could not make a complete sentence, acted spaced out and his speech was very slurred. He said the man then left the scene in the Jeep and went to his home on Cricket Run.

Deputies went to the home and the man came to the door in only his underwear, wearing them backwards and smelling of alcohol. While deputies were speaking with him, he became agitated and tried to shut the door with himself and Deputy Wilson inside. He tried to snatch away as he was handcuffed, refused to enter the patrol car and had to be forced inside. He was charged with DUI refusal and three counts of obstruction.


Man charged with DUI on a dark road

A Vienna man went to jail after an accident on Hwy. 18 around 4 a.m. on July 19. Deputy Dustin Ramsey smelled a strong smell of perfume as he approached the wrecked vehicle and asked the man what happened. The man told him that a deer ran out in front of him and he swerved to miss the deer. Ramsey noticed the man’s eyes were bloodshot and that he stumbled as he walked. The driver almost fell down multiple times during a field sobriety test and said, “I’m a black man on a dark road with 2 white men”. He was charged with DUI.


Irate man on railroad tracks is arrested

A Laurens man went to jail after Cpl. Jacob Justice responded to a call about an irate man walking on the railroad tracks  and punching himself in the face near Indian Springs Road and Collier Road around 11 a.m. on July 20. When Justice approached him, the man began yelling, “You are going to have to kill me!” He then turned and ran away, towards I-75,  climbed a tree, and leaped over the fence from Collier Road to the interstate. Cpl. Thomas Haskins caught the man and handcuffed him. He wouldn’t give his name or date of birth and a fingerprint identified him. He will be charged with reckless conduct.


Construction cone causes damage to car

A Macon man reported an orange construction cone damaged his vehicle near High Falls Road on I-75 N around 5 a.m. on July 20. The man told Dep. Dustin Ramsey there was a white Ford pickup in front of him while driving in the construction zone and the pickup hit a cone, which threw it into his vehicle. He said the truck continued driving and wouldn’t pull over. 


Someone tries to scam Rumble Road clerk

A clerk at the Rumble Road BP station told deputy Akedra Robertson on July 21 that she received a letter in the mail on July 20 from Dr. Pepper along with a check for $1,990 from US Bank. 

She said she called the number on the letter and spoke with a man who instructed her to deposit the check into her account and after making the deposit send him $1,490 and she could keep $500. She told Robertson she knew it was a scam and wanted a report. 


Domestic dispute sends man to jail

Cpl. Holly Martinage was dispatched to a domestic dispute inside a vehicle on Towaliga South Road around 3:30 p.m. on July 21. The driver of a vehicle stopped at a stop sign told her he and his female passenger had an argument but that was all.

Martinage saw that the woman’s left cheek was swollen and cut. The woman said the man struck her in the face two times while they were on I-75 traveling from Butts County to Monroe County near the Hwy. 36 exit. The Butts County Sheriff’s Office was notified of the situation and arrested the man. The woman was taken to the Sunoco on High Falls Road to wait for a ride. 


Woman suspects ex-husband sleeping at her house with his girlfriend

A Deer Ridge Trail woman told Cpl. Tyler Rodgers around 9:30 p.m. on July 21 she suspects her ex-husband and his girlfriend has been sleeping in her home while she has been staying at her mother’s house the past few nights. She said she has been going home everyday to care for her two dogs and noticed her front door was open and one of her dogs missing. She told Rodgers she found several blankets on her couch as if someone slept there. She said the front door does not lock, but the only person who knows how to open it is her ex-husband. She said nothing was stolen.


Man claims he’s attacked by demon

A Super 8 motel guest ran into the Forsyth Fire Department on July 21 screaming that he was attacked by a demon. The man said at first he thought it was spirits but that he later realized it was indeed a demon. Officer Jeremy Malone took him back to his Super 8 motel room and asked if he needed to go to the hospital. The man responded that the hospital would not do him any good; that he needed to go to a church to exorcise the demon. Malone noted that the man didn’t have any marks or apparent injuries and left him in the care of a friend. 


Woman stalks friend with knife 

A Union Hill Drive woman told officer Kim Barnett on July 22 her friend was stalking her outside her apartment, making loud threats and holding a large knife. The friend told Barnett that she sits outside the apartment most mornings and drink coffee but that she had never made any threats or held a knife. The friend stated that the woman was mentally ill and that might account for the wild accusations. With nothing concrete to charge either woman with, Barnett filed a report and returned to service. 


Woman flashes customers at Walmart 

Walmart officials told Forsyth officer Arthur Musselman on July 22 that a woman was flashing and harassing customers. The woman first exposed her breasts in the pay station. The customer service manager then followed her to the checkout line where the woman began creepily staring at a young child in a grocery cart. She continued to do so until the child’s father got nervous and left the line. The woman then left the store and started exposing her breasts again in the parking lot. According to witnesses, the flasher had bruises and sores all over her body. The woman then looked up at the sky and started cursing God. Eventually, she got in her car with a friend a left the scene. A lookup bulletin was placed on the vehicle but no word at this time if the woman has been found. 


Man’s tires damaged and someone urinated in his tank

A Torbet Road man told Cpl. Tyler Rodgers someone put nails in the tires of his 1993 Ford Ranger around 10 p.m. on July 24. He said he found one of his tires to be flat approximately 3 days prior and he found another tire to have a finishing nail in the sidewall on July 23 and believes someone urinated in his gas tank. He said he found another tire to be flat and believes it was cut with a knife. He said he does not know who would do this. 


Angry woman banned from Waffle House

A Forsyth woman was jailed and banned from the Waffle House on Tift College Drive after she became irate with an employee around 1:30 a.m. on July 25. The woman told Deputy Larry Sullivan and Cpl. Rogers she came into the store to pick up a to-go order and got angry because an employee was on the phone while she placed her food on the counter and because the food was cold. She admitted she yelled and threw her food at the waitress behind the counter. The employee said the woman also put her debit card up to her face and hit her with it while still yelling at her. The woman was cited for disorderly conduct and was banned from that Waffle House.


Forsyth Gardens woman arrested for drunken Facebook fight

A Forsyth Gardens Apartments woman was jailed for battery and obstruction on July 25 after she broadcast on Facebook live a drunken fight with a neighbor. Officers Stacey Penamon and Kevin Powell responded to a call about a fight and tried to speak with one of the women involved. Powell was refused entry into the woman’s apartment due to previous encounters they’ve had. The woman was extremely drunk and livestreaming on Facebook throughout the interview. She repeatedly fell to the floor and refused to answer any questions. Penamon told the woman’s roommate to keep her in the apartment or she may be arrested for disorderly conduct. Penamon and Powell left the scene but received a call a short time later that there was another fight in progress. The two officers returned and found out that the woman had live streamed herself climbing out the apartment window before getting into another brawl with other tenants. Powell found the video on Facebook and recorded it with his bodycam for evidence. Penamon again tried to speak with the irate woman but she once again ignored the officer and tried to push her out of the way to go back outside. She was arrested for battery and obstruction and taken to jail.