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Deputies find needles, meth and heroin bags at sobriety checkpoint 

A 49-year-old white Macon woman was arrested and charged with possession of heroin after a traffic stop on the I-475 North exit ramp in Bolingbroke on Nov. 8. At about 3 p.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins, Sgt. John Thompson, Lt. Chad Beck and Deps. Jaleel Brown and Chris Sherrill were conducting a sobriety checkpoint on the I-475 North exit ramp at Hwy. 41 South when a gray Ford Ranger with a cracked window failed to stop. Haskins then waved and yelled at the female driver, who stopped but appeared very nervous and was shaking. Dispatchers determined the driver was wanted out of Bibb County for violation of probation, and Haskins ordered her out of the vehicle. The driver denied having anything illegal inside her truck but said she had several needles inside her purse. Deputies then searched the driver’s purse and found a bag containing about 20 empty hypodermic needles, a burned spoon with drug residue on it, a prescription bottle that contained a bag of suspected heroin and a bag of suspected methamphetamine and two Oxycodone pills. The driver admitted the drugs belonged to her and was taken to the Monroe County Jail. She was also charged with possession of a controlled substance, possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug related objects.

Jackson driver charged with DUI after deputies find beer inside truck

A 23-year-old Hispanic Jackson man was arrested and charged with DUI (refusal) after a traffic stop on North Frontage Road on Nov. 2. At about 6:41 a.m., Dep. Dustin Ramsey was notified by dispatchers to be on the lookout for a black 2016 Ford F-150 that hit the guardrail two separate times while traveling on I-75. After the truck nearly hit Forsyth Police Sgt. David Asbell’s patrol car on the interstate, Asbell stopped the truck on North Frontage Road. The male driver, who had bloodshot, watery eyes, then failed several field sobriety tests. When Ramsey asked the driver, who smelled strongly of alcohol and had slurred speech, to submit a blood sample, the driver replied, “I want to speak to my lawyer.” Deputies then found in the truck’s center console a Michelob Ultra tall boy beer can. Ramsey then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with an open container violation, failure to maintain lane and impeding the flow of traffic. Deputies later searched the guardrail to determine where an accident might have occurred but did not find any signs of damage.

Macon driver arrested after deputies locate meth, Oxycodone pills

A 56-year-old white Macon man was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine after a traffic stop on Hwy. 41 South on Nov. 8. At about 3:30 p.m., Invs. Timothy Campfield and Kemeyan Colvard saw a white 1997 Ford F-150 with a cracked windshield and suspended registration traveling on Hwy. 41 South near Bunn Road. The male driver told deputies his license was suspended due to a child support matter. When Campfield asked the driver if he knew why they had pulled him over, the driver replied, “Probably because I have no insurance on my truck.” The driver said he just bought the truck from a friend several weeks earlier and hadn’t completed the paperwork yet. Campfield then found in the truck’s center console six white pills, which the driver admitted were Oxycodone tablets he takes for neck pain. Deputies then found in the driver’s left pants pocket two clear bags containing suspected methamphetamine and a glass smoking pipe. They also found in the driver’s shirt pocket a cigarette pack containing a green Roxicodone pill. Dep. Middlebrooks then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with suspended registration, driving on a suspended license, possession of a Schedule II controlled substance, drugs not in original container and possession of drug related objects.

Woman charged with DUI after traffic stop on Pate Rd. on Nov. 9

A 63-year-old white Juliette woman was arrested and charged with DUI after a traffic stop on Pate Road on Nov. 9. At about 10:42 p.m., Cpl. Tyler Rodgers saw a gray 2019 Honda Pilot without headlights or taillights traveling on Pate Road near Laura Lane. The female driver nearly stopped the vehicle in the road before pulling over to the shoulder. Rodgers smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver, and the driver addressed the male deputy as “Ma’am.” The driver, who was drinking a lot of water when Rodgers approached, denied drinking alcohol but said she had been around someone else who had. Rodgers asked the driver if someone else might have spilled alcohol on her, and she answered, “Yep.” However, Rodgers did not see any stains on the driver’s clothing to indicate that any alcohol had been spilled on her. The driver, who later admitted to drinking one 12-ounce Budweiser about an hour prior to the stop, then failed several field sobriety tests and tested a high positive for alcohol on a field breath test. Rodgers then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where she was also charged with a headlight violation.

Macon man arrested at Shi Road home after ignoring Sheriff’s order

A 55-year-old black Macon man was arrested and charged with DUI (refusal) after a traffic stop on Shi Road on Nov. 10. At about 11:40 a.m., Dep. Peyton Henderson was notified by Sheriff Brad Freeman of a gray 2001 Toyota Camry driving recklessly on Hwy. 41 South. Freeman told Henderson he saw the car cross the center line while headed southbound, nearly hitting multiple vehicles head on. Freeman said he then followed the car onto Shi Road, where the male driver exited at his home. Freeman said he told the driver not to go inside his home, but the driver ignored his command. Inv. Kemeyan Colvard and Dep. Jaleel Brown then approached the home and a woman asked why deputies were there. The woman said she was asleep and didn’t know what had happened. She then let deputies enter her home to speak with the driver. Moments later, deputies exited with the driver, who was wearing a blue plaid shirt and jeans. Henderson smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver, who was slurring his speech and using his car to keep his balance. The woman said the driver was supposed to take their daughter to work at 9 a.m. that morning and then return home. However, she said he didn’t arrive back home until about 11:30 a.m. Henderson then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with failure to maintain lane and reckless driving.

Forsyth man reports wife missing following argument on Nov. 11

At about 9:02 p.m. on Nov. 11, a Forsyth man told Dep. Wade Kendrick that his wife left their Freeman Road home at about 8 p.m. on Nov. 9 and had not returned. The man said he had not had any contact with his wife since she left and said she didn’t pack any belongings before leaving. He said none of his wife’s family or friends had spoken with her since she left. The man said his wife had left their home several times previously and had been gone for days. However, he said this time was different because she usually called to check on their children. The man said when he last saw his wife, she was talking on the phone with an unknown man. He said he took her phone and asked who the man was, but the man hung up. The man said he then checked his wife’s text messages and saw messages about her cheating on him. He said his wife then got into her blue 2000 Honda Civic and left. The man said his wife had recently been in rehab and he wanted to make sure she was okay. Kendrick then entered the wife as missing, and the case was turned over to Inv. Antwain Jones.

Deputies find stolen pistol, suspected meth during vehicle search

A 26-year-old white Macon woman was arrested and charged with theft by receiving stolen property after deputies found a stolen gun inside the vehicle she was riding in during an I-75 South traffic stop on Nov. 11. At about 2:20 a.m., Sgt. Kevin Williams saw a black Cadillac sedan failing to maintain its lane on I-75 South near mile marker 189. When Williams saw an empty gun holster on the car’s floorboard, the female passenger, who had just lit a cigarette, told Williams she had a pistol inside the car. A male driver, who was not impaired, then allowed Williams and Cpl. Christian Sawley to search the car. Deputies found a Smith and Wesson 9 mm. pistol, which was determined to be stolen out of Houston County, partially tucked under the front passenger seat. The passenger said the gun was a gift from her ex-husband. Deputies also found inside a book bag in the trunk several baggies, which the passenger said she uses to store jewelry. Dep. Judy Mercer then searched the passenger and found in her right front pants pocket a yellow piece of plastic containing suspected methamphetamine. The passenger told deputies she had not worn those pants in a while and wasn’t sure if the substance was meth. The driver was given a warning for failure to maintain lane and was released from the scene. Meanwhile, deputies took the passenger to the Monroe County Jail, where she could also be charged with possession of methamphetamine pending analysis from the GBI crime lab.

Exxon customer reports employee hit daughter with door on Nov. 11

At about 8:48 p.m. on Nov. 11, a female customer of the Country Station Exxon station on Hwy. 41 South told Dep. Judy Mercer that a male station employee had purposely kicked a door into her three-year-old daughter’s face. The customer told Mercer her daughter did not need medical attention but showed Mercer a photo of a red mark near her daughter’s eye. The employee told Mercer he tried to push the cooler door open with his foot, but it wouldn’t open, so he kicked the door open. The employee said he saw the daughter running the other direction and yelled, “That’s not funny,” because he thought the child was holding it shut. The employee said the customer and some of her family members began yelling at him in Spanish but he didn’t know what they were saying. He said one of the customers demanded that he apologize to the daughter. The employee said he didn’t want the situation to escalate so he waited in the store office while his female co-worker called the male store manager. The co-worker told Mercer the daughter was out of control and running around the store. The co-worker said the employee went into the cooler to get drinks out to re-stock and said she saw him exit the cooler but never saw the daughter get hit by the door. Mercer then viewed the store’s surveillance video, which showed the daughter running throughout the store. The video then showed the employee enter the cooler, kicking it open about the same time that the daughter ran up and slammed the door. The video showed the employee had several cases of drinks in his hands when he kicked the door open and indicated the door hit the daughter in the eye area. There was no audio to the video, so Mercer was unable to determine what had been said. However, Mercer thought the incident was an accident. The manager told Mercer the store’s owner would be coming to the store the next morning to do an internal investigation.

Mary Persons students arrested after fight in locker room on Nov. 12

A 19-year-old black man and a 17-year-old black man, both of Forsyth, were each arrested and charged with disorderly conduct after a fight at Mary Persons High School on Nov. 12. At about 8:40 a.m., a male MP assistant principal told Dep. Teldric Middlebrooks there was a fight between two male students in the boys locker room near the gymnasium. The first student, the 19-year-old, told Middlebrooks he usually plays and jokes with the second student each day but said the second student was in a bad mood that morning. The first student said the second student got upset with him and hit in the face, which started the fight. The second student told Middlebrooks that the first student told him he looked “homeless.” The second student said he told the first student to shut up at which point the first student said, “You look like somebody today.” The second student said he told the first student to shut up a second time, but the first student kept tapping him on the arm. He said he then told the first student not to touch him, but the tapping continued. He said he then hit the first student in the face, and the fight began. Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz then took both students to the Monroe County Jail.

Cochran man arrested for possessing meth on Stonehill Rd. on Nov. 12 

A 49-year-old white Cochran man was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine after an incident at a Stonehill Road home on Nov. 12. At about 7:38 p.m., Cpl. Tyler Rodgers was notified by dispatchers that an unknown man was at the front door of a Stonehill Road home. When Rodgers arrived, he saw the man standing at the front door wearing a blue poncho. When Rodgers ordered the man to show him his hands, he saw a Bud Light beer can in one hand and a pack of cigarettes in the other. When Rodgers asked the man what he was doing, the man replied that a cop told him to walk to the store and a friend would give him a ride home. Rodgers then asked the man if he knew where he was at which point the man responded that he was in Ivey and had walked from Warner Robins. Rodgers then told the man he was in Monroe County and must have taken a wrong turn. Dispatchers then determined the man was wanted out of Dodge County for violation of probation. Rodgers searched the man and found in his front pants pocket a clear bag of suspected methamphetamine, a straw containing white residue and a burnt piece of metal. Rodgers then took the man to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with possession of drug related objects. Meanwhile, Dep. Dustin Ramsey was unable to find any vehicle in the area that the man might have arrived at the home in.

Milner woman charged with battery for hitting ex-boyfriend’s nose

A 29-year-old white Milner woman was arrested on Nov. 12 and charged with battery, third degree cruelty to children and second degree criminal damage to property after she allegedly broke her ex-boyfriend’s nose one week earlier. At about 7:13 p.m. on Nov. 5, a Garr Road man told Dep. Jacob Davis that his ex-girlfriend came over to his home to collect some belongings that he had left on his front porch. The man said he had just arrived home with his children and said when he went to open the front door, his ex-girlfriend punched him in the face. The man said he and his children then entered his home and locked the front door, denying his ex-girlfriend entry. He said she then kicked the door, damaging it, before grabbing a grill grate and breaking his front window. The man said his ex-girlfriend then left the scene before deputies arrived. Monroe County EMTs determined the man suffered a broken nose in the incident.

Truck catches on fire on High Falls Road in early morning hours

At about 6:42 a.m. on Nov. 13, Cpl. Jake Justice went to High Falls Road about a vehicle fire. A 9-1-1 caller told dispatchers that someone was outside of a burning 2019 Dodge Ram 1500 throwing gasoline onto the fire. Dispatchers notified Justice that a white GMC pickup truck was leaving the scene. When Justice arrived, he saw the truck’s male owner standing behind the burning truck. The truck was fully engulfed, and Monroe County firefighters were trying to put it out. The truck’s owner told Justice he came to the area to hunt at about 3 a.m. that morning. He said when he came back to his truck, he was unable to move it. He said he then got out of the truck and found a fire starting underneath the truck. He said he was unable to call 9-1-1 because his phone was inside of the truck. Justice then asked the truck’s owner if he poured gasoline onto the burning truck. The truck’s owner appeared confused and said, “Absolutely not. Whoever told you that is a bald-face lie.” A male Monroe County firefighter told Justice he saw the white truck leaving the scene when he arrived. However, the truck’s owner denied a white truck or anyone else had ever been at the scene with him.

Forsyth man reports Goodwyne Road mud hole damaged tires

At about 1:05 p.m. on Nov. 16, a Forsyth man told Dep. Willie Barkley that his son was traveling on Goodwyne Road when he drove through a large mud hole. The man said his son’s truck, a white 2013 Ford F-150, sustained damage, including cutting each of the two right tires. He said the cost of repairing the tires was $650. The man said he then inspected the mud hole and saw two large metal spikes underneath water inside the hole.

Straight Street resident reports vehicle strikes fence, leaves car parts

At about 12:10 a.m. on Nov. 16, a male Straight Street resident told Dep. Judy Mercer that he was sleeping when a loud noise woke him up. The resident said he heard a vehicle engine revving up, so he walked outside to check it out. The resident said he saw someone had driven off of the road and run through his fence, tearing it down. He said he saw two blue car parts on the ground and thought the vehicle must have gotten stuck on a tree stump near the fence or it would have run all the way through his yard. Mercer saw portions of the resident’s fence were broken, saw tire marks along the fence rails and discovered damage to the resident’s lawn. Mercer thought one of the parts appeared to be the side trim of the left side of a small SUV.