Runaway girl found at an Ensign Road home

A runaway juvenile was found at an Ensign Road home after Deputy Dalton Mosely responded to a second call about a disturbance between neighbors around 11 a.m. on July 14. Mosely gave a verbal warning for loud noise and both parties were asked to separate. As he was leaving, a woman told Mosely she believed a runaway was at the home.  

Inv. Kemeyon Colvard asked two residents about the juvenile who gave him false information, saying the girl’s mother had picked her up. A woman then told him the girl was in the woods but wasn’t sure where. The girl was found in the backyard and warrants were taken out on the man and woman for obstruction.


Man charged with DUI after passing out at gas pump

A Davenport, Iowa man was charged with DUI after passing out in his Chevrolet Tahoe while parked at a pump at the Johnstonville Road Marathon around 2 p.m. on July 18. Deputy Phillip Billingslea answered the call and blocked the driver when he tried to leave. The man got out of his vehicle and began asking what was going on. Billingslea saw that the man was jumpy, jittery and talking fast. He told the deputy that he had run out of gas and that he wasn’t sleeping, just resting his eyes. 

He denied drinking or doing drugs and said he had no problem performing a sobriety test. He then refused to give Billingslea his license or tell him his name because said he didn’t have to and didn’t do anything wrong. 

When the deputy tried to handcuff the driver he became aggressive and began to snatch, twist, turn away, and kept repeating he didn’t do anything. He also told Billingslea he would take him out, and he could have taken him out earlier. He continued the tirade after being placed into a patrol car and said he was going to end Billingslea’s world. He was booked for DUI, obstruction, driving without a license, and making terroristic threats. 


Jail staff finds weed in man’s underwear

An unlicensed Bloomington, Ill. driver faces charges for marijuana possession after being stopped for following too closely by Deputy Wade Kendrick on I-75 S near North Lee Street around 4:45 p.m. on July 21. The man in the Jeep SUV was sitting on his seatbelt and gave his school ID to Kendrick who had him exit the vehicle and arrested him for driving without a license. He was searched and had Kendrick give all his possessions in his pocket to the female passenger who was allowed to take the vehicle.

At the jail, the man was more thoroughly searched by the jail staff and a bag containing suspected marijuana was found in the man’s underwear. He was issued three citations for following too closely, driving without a license, seatbelt violation, two counts of marijuana possession, and crossing guard lines with contraband.


Vehicle rolls into ditch after  I-75 chase

Cpl. Christian Sawley used a PIT maneuver to end a pursuit that began in Peach County on I-75 N around 10:30 p.m. on July 22. Peach County deputies were in pursuit of the vehicle and Sawley joined in the chase of the KIA Forte that reached speeds of over 100 mph. Sawley’s PIT maneuver near Johnstonville Road caused the vehicle to spin off the road and roll multiple times into a ditch.

Sawley pulled the Tallahassee, Fla. man from the car and arrested him for fleeing, speeding, improper lane change, reckless driving and driving without a license. A hold was also placed for on him for Peach County.


Man sets own car on fire

A man set his vehicle on fire behind a house on Springdale Road around 7:15 a.m. on July 24. His son told Deputy Mark Holloway his father started the fire. Holloway asked the older man why he started the fire and the man said he didn’t like the car. When asked how he started the fire, he started searching in his pocket for his lighter. He said he started it on the steering wheel. The investigation was turned over to Deputy J. Wilson. 


Bullet enters woman’s bedroom

Someone fired a shot into a Springdale Road home around 8:30 a.m. on July 25. The homeowner told Deputy Mark Holloway she noticed what she thought was a moth above her bedroom window. Her son also noticed it and realized it was a bullet hole. She said she just wanted it reported to the sheriff’s office and that she was going to repair the damage. 


Florida woman goes to jail for marijuana

A Jacksonville, Fla. woman was arrested for marijuana after she was stopped for speeding in her Ford Mustang by Corporal Nicholas Ortiz on I-75 S near North Lee Street around 1:45 p.m. on July 27. Ortiz could smell marijuana as he approached the vehicle and the woman gave him a passport because she didn’t have a license.

She said there was marijuana in the vehicle, but she didn’t smoke in the car because it was a rental. She also said she had a marijuana card from Florida. Small glass jars of marijuana were found in a Crown Royal bag. Also found were glass jars containing what was suspected to be wax marijuana. She was charged with speeding, driving without a license, marijuana possession and drugs. 


Former tenant harasses landlord

The former tenant of an Indian Springs woman has allegedly been harassing her former landlord by texting vulgar messages. The homeowner told deputy Dalton Mosely around 1:45 p.m. on July 27, the tenant moved out around the middle of February leaving behind numerous items that have since been given away or thrown out. She said there were still a few items on the property she wants to get rid of. 

She said the woman sent her a message that she was coming to pick up a lawn mower, washer and dryer and she told her she wasn’t allowed back on the property. Upon hearing that the tenant began sending the vulgar messages. A report was filed.


Florida man parked in the middle of the interstate gets jailed

A Live Oak, Fla. driver went to jail for obstruction after resisting arrest around 8:30 p.m. on July 27. Cpl. Christian Sawley saw multiple vehicles stopped in one lane on I-75 S under the Hwy. 18 bridge and discovered a GMC Yukon stopped in the right lane without lights. The vehicle was nearly struck by multiple vehicles. The driver was standing in front of the car and immediately jumped into the driver’s seat when he saw Sawley approach.

Sawley asked the man what the problem was, and he wouldn’t answer. After being asked four more times, the man finally said he ran out of gas and asked Sawley if he would get some out of his patrol car for him. Sawley asked the man to put his car in neutral so he could push it to the shoulder. The man just stared at him without saying anything and began reaching between the seat and the door and pulling his hand up very quickly in the shape of a gun.

Sawley opened the driver’s door and asked the man to exit. The man then slammed the door and attempted to start his vehicle and drive away. Dep. Dustin Ramsey, Sgt. Todd Haskins and Sawley opened the door and pulled him out. He started to pull away from the deputies and began to resist arrest. Once he was placed on the ground and handcuffed, he continued resisting and refused to get into the patrol vehicle. He was charged with 4 counts of obstruction. Once at the jail, he continued to resist and had to be carried into a holding cell.


Man arrested after smashing watermelons

A man was arrested for throwing stuff and breaking things, including watermelon, at the Wing Shack, on High Falls Road around 9 p.m. on July 27. Deputy Dustin Ramsey found the  man at Buck Creek Cabins who got into a rigid military stance and told Dustin his name was “Master chief, sir!” and gave a series of multiple numbers. He repeated this several times when the deputy asked for his name and was placed in handcuffs.

Two witnesses said they heard the man throwing and breaking stuff at the Wing Shack, knocking over shelves and breaking watermelons causing up to $300 in damage. He went to jail for criminal trespass.


Woman buys booze with friend’s credit card  

A Forsyth Garden Apartments woman told officer Arthur Musselman on July 28 that she sent a woman with her credit card to get some Motrin for her sick child at the dollar store, but that she also went to the liquor store and charged $30 to her card. The card owner called her friend and asked that she bring the Motrin and the liquor money over, but she refused. 


Fight breaks toilet in sister’s hotel room  

The LaQuinta Inn told officer Cody Maples on July 29 that guests damaged a toilet in a fight in their room. The room had been rented by a woman who’d left that morning. She claimed her brother came and paid for another night in the room under her name without her knowing. Patel stated that he got complaints from several neighboring guests about loud noises coming from the room. The manager investigated the following morning and discovered that the room’s toilet seat was broken. He said that the woman was responsible for the damages since the room was under her name. Maples spoke with the woman who broke down crying, saying that she “always sticks her neck out” for her brother. However, she eventually agreed to pay since the damages only added up to $20.  


Man gives false name and goes to jail

A Florida man driving a Dodge van at 111 mph on I-75 S was cited and one of his passengers went to jail for false information after Cpl. Christian Sawley stopped the vehicle North Lee Street around 2 a.m. on July 29. Sawley smelled marijuana as the driver passed him his license and asked him how much was in the car. The driver said around 6 grams and handed it to him.

Sawley asked the other passengers for their IDs and dispatch said the front passenger had a warrant out of Cook County. The middle passenger did not have an ID and gave a false name to Sawley. Sawley used a mobile ID machine and learned the man also had a warrant out of Cook County. Cook County did not place a hold on either. The man was charged with giving a false name and arrested. The driver was cited for improper lane change and speeding. 


Suspicious men in woman’s yard

A Jackson man and a Griffin man went to jail for prowling and other charges around 5 a.m. on July 29. Deputy Jacob Davis responded to a Stokes Store Road home where a woman said she took her dog out and saw two unknown men in her yard. She said she told the men to leave and they drove across the street. 

Davis and deputy Dustin Ramsey spoke to one of the men at the house and he said he had just bought the truck. He said that he had accidentally pulled into the woman’s driveway, trying to pick up a friend that needed to go to work as he frequently does. When asked why he didn’t recognize the house, he said it was because it was dark, and he had never driven there at night. Due to multiple false statements and conflicting stories, both men were placed under arrest and charged with prowling and obstruction. 


Windshield damaged by a sheet of plywood

A Kissimmee, Fla. man’s windshield was damaged by a piece of plywood as he was traveling south on I-75 around 2:45 on July 30. He told Cpl/ Nicholas Ortiz a red work truck was in front of him and a sheet of plywood flew from the bed of his truck. He said he was unable to get the tag number due to his damaged windshield.


Women fight at Village Oak Apartments 

A Village Oak Apartments woman reported on July 30 that another woman started aggressively knocking on the door, then broke in and attacked her. The apartment resident said the other woman came over to confront her about some things she’d heard were said behind her back. There was broken glass from a vase and candle wax on the ground from the scrap.  The other woman, who had scratches and marks all over her face, had a different story. She told officer Stacey Penamon the woman in the apartment struck her first in the face as she was standing outside trying to have a civil conversation. As she tried to grab the woman’s arms, she was repeatedly scratched in the face. According to her, the woman then picked up the vase that was sitting inside and threw it at her while she was still standing at the doorstep. Due to the scattering of debris and marks on the woman’s face, Penamon sided with her version of events. Although she was the apparent victim of the struggle, she refused to file a complaint because she didn’t want either of them to get in trouble at work.  


Man runs into woods after fighting with son

A pair of Hester Road residents were witnesses to an altercation between a father and son around midnight on July 31. They told Deputy Larry Sullivan the father had yelled at his son and saw him try to fight him. The son said his father became angry because he drove his truck, began yelling and came at him, trying to fight him. He said he fought his father off of him and his father ran outside into the woods. He said they had both been drinking.

Sgt. Chris Sherrell and Sullivan found the father lying underneath a tree and he was arrested for disorderly conduct.


Man steals beer from a garage refrigerator

A man was captured on video going into an Old Cork Road garage and stealing 2 beers from a refrigerator and shooting a pellet gun around 10:15 a.m. on July 31. The homeowner told Deputy Christopher Hardy he did not want to prosecute but wanted the man banned from his property. Hardy went to the home of the subject and told him he was no longer to go on that property. 


Woman’s Facebook hacked by scammer

A Brownlee Road woman had her Facebook account hacked and someone has been using it to scam users. She explained to Deputy Dalton Mosely around 11:30 a.m. on Aug. 1 she could not log into her Facebook account and when she tried to reset the password, the recovery email was being sent to the wrong email. The woman said she received a phone call from an unidentified female stating she needed to give the money she received back to her. The woman told the female she had no idea what she was talking about. She said a friend told her someone was using her old account to scam people by saying the first 50 people to send money could earn a payment of up to $100,000. She didn’t believe any of her banking information or card information was linked to the account. Mosely told her if she learned of any new information to contact the sheriff’s office.