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Two women cited for possession

Two women were cited by officer Richard Maddox after being stopped for speeding in a Toyota just south of Hwy. 18 on I-75 on Aug. 29. Maddox spotted the vehicle doing 91 mph near the Cabaniss Road exit, activated his emergency lights, and got behind the female driver who slowed to 65 mph and moved to the far-right lane. 

She then increased her speed to 75 mph and showed no signs of stopping for over 2 miles before finally pulling over. When Maddox asked her about taking so long to stop, she replied she had never been stopped on the interstate before. The officer could smell marijuana in the car and the woman told him her passenger had a little bit on her. The passenger then reached into her bra, retrieved a Dutch Cigar foil wrapper with a small amount and passed it to Maddox. Both women were cited for marijuana possession and released.


Woman cited after being caught with grinder

A Chevrolet on I-75 N with a busted taillight was stopped by officer Richard Maddox on Aug. 29 and the driver was cited for marijuana possession. Maddox could smell marijuana and the passenger admitted she had a small amount in a grinder in the glove compartment. Maddox seized the grinder and cited the woman for possession. She was released to appear in court.  


Wanted woman arrested after illegal turn

Officer Richard Maddox saw a woman make a left turn into Circle K on North Lee Street without a turn signal and she stopped at a gas pump after Maddox pulled her over. She explained she had a DUI permit, but had left it at home. Maddox checked the tag displayed in the rear window of the car and learned the registration was suspended and that the woman had an active warrant out of Coffee County who wanted to place a hold on her. She was cited for failure to signal and suspended registration. 


Man arrested for pointing pistol at neighbor

A resident of the Holiday Cove Apartments was accused of pointing a pistol at a neighbor on Aug. 29. Officer Richard Maddox and Cpl. Kimberly Barnett responded to a fight-in-progress call and found several people in front of the 1000 building. Barnett stayed with the group while Maddox spoke to the complainant. The man said when he arrived home, he found two girls sitting on the landing by his apartment. 

He said he told the girls to leave, and they told him they could sit wherever they pleased. The girl’s mother came around to the front of the building and began yelling and cursing. He said he tried to speak to her, but she kept yelling and cursing and when he tried to walk away from her, she pushed him on his right arm. He had to walk through the bushes in front of the building to get around her. 

He said he went to his vehicle to get his Davis Industries .380 and placed the gun into the waistband of his pants without taking it from the holster and walked to his apartment while calling 911. Maddox asked him why he retrieved the weapon from his vehicle, and he said he felt threatened. He added the weapon was unloaded and he never pointed it at anyone.

The girl’s mother told Barnett she heard the man yelling at her daughter and her friend and left her apartment to see what the problem was. She tried to talk to the man, but it turned into a shouting match. She said he walked to his vehicle and pulled out a black handgun in a black holster. When he picked the weapon up, he pointed it at her, put it into his waistband and walked to his apartment.  The man was then arrested and taken to the Monroe County Jail.


Man caught on camera switching price stickers at Walmart 

An asset protection associate at Walmart reported to officer Arthur Musselman a dark-haired bearded man in a white t-shirt and khaki shorts had switched price stickers on an item and exited the store without paying full price on Aug. 29. The man was caught on security cameras removing the price sticker from a $52 Bear Archery youth compound bow and placing it on the packaging of a CenterPoint Dagger 390 crossbow valued at $298. The suspect then went through a self-check-out scanning the lower priced sticker and exited the store after paying the fraudulent price. The suspect then got into his car and fled the scene. The associate was given a case number for theft.


Car rolls off semi-trailer for unknown reason

A car rolled off a semi-trailer and into the woods near 464 West Main Street on Aug. 30 and the driver told Cpl. Kimberly Barnett he had no idea why it happened. There were no injuries or damages other than a dented bumper on the runaway vehicle. A wrecker was called, and the car was reloaded onto the trailer. 


Woman causes disturbance in mother’s home

Cpl. Anais Benjamin responded to a Sharp Street home regarding a disturbance on Aug. 31 and an irate woman was warned not to return. A woman at the residence told Benjamin that her daughter pushed her way into the house and started yelling and struck her. She said she thinks her daughter is losing her mind and needs help. She added her daughter also has a heart problem. 

The daughter told Benjamin her mother assaulted her, and she wanted to press charges. She said that her mother wouldn’t let her in the home and pulled off her wig. She also stated that she was still mad from an incident that had occurred when she was a child. 

Benjamin again spoke with the mother who said her daughter had been acting strange all day and thinks she may be on drugs. She denied striking her and said she wanted her gone from her home. Benjamin then returned to speak with the daughter who was still irate and disorderly, and asked her where did her mother strike her, and she stated in her face but was touching her head. She showed no signs of being struck.  

The corporal asked both women what could be done to fix the issue and the mother said she wanted her daughter to leave. Benjamin asked the younger woman if she had anywhere to go and she stated no. A man inside the house then gave her money for a room for the night. She declined a ride from Benjamin and said she would stay next door at her niece’s house. She was escorted to the home and told not to return to her mother’s house that night. 


Unlicensed driver arrested after stop

An unlicensed driver was taken to jail after officer Richard Maddox stopped him on I-75 S near the Hwy. 18 exit on Sept. 1 around 9:40 a.m. After learning his license was suspended for failure to appear, the officer arrested him, and a wrecker was called. 


Unlicensed driver caught speeding on interstate 

A blue Toyota Corolla speeding northbound on I-75 at 90mph was stopped by officer Richard Maddox around 10:36 a.m. on Sept. 1 and the driver was later arrested on marijuana charges.  When Maddox activated his emergency lights, the man moved to the shoulder of North Lee Street without using his turn signals and stopped. 

When Maddox asked the driver for his license, the man reached into the glove compartment and handed him the vehicle registration. Maddox asked again for his driver’s license, and he began looking around inside the vehicle, but could not find it and gave the officer his name and date of birth. Maddox could smell marijuana and had him step out of the vehicle. At the rear of his car, the man told Maddox his female passenger had a small amount of the substance in her purse.

Maddox asked the passenger to give him the marijuana and she handed him two clear plastic bags from her pocketbook. She said that was all she had and that it was all hers. Dispatch said the man had no valid license and he was arrested. The Florida passenger was released and took possession of the Toyota. The marijuana was entered into evidence. 


Stranded woman offered help to be taken near Macon shelters

A stranded New Jersey woman who was helped by Forsyth Police officers secure a place to stay last week called officers again for assistance on Sept. 1. Officers Jeremy Malone and David Asbell were able to assist the woman on Aug. 26 by getting her a voucher, with the help of the Circle of Care, to stay at the Roadway Inn for a week. The woman told the officers at the time that she got a job at McDonald’s but had no money to stay anywhere. 

She told Cpl. Kimberly Barnett the week is up tomorrow, and she will have nowhere to go. Barnett told her that they would not be able to put her up again but offered to give her a ride to Macon so that she would be close to shelters. She agreed and said she would call when she was ready. 


Unlicensed driver speeding on Main Street arrested

An unlicensed driver in a white Dodge Caravan was clocked by officer Richard Maddox speeding on Main Street doing 60 mph around 1:34 p.m. on Sept. 1. Maddox followed the car for nearly ¼ mile and activated his emergency lights. The driver then pulled into a driveway on Brooklyn Avenue and gave Maddox a GA ID card when asked for his license. He told the officer he had all the paperwork ready to get a license, but he didn’t have the money. Maddox allowed him to call his brother to pick up his car before he was arrested and taken to jail. 


Two guests arrested at hotel after dispute

A dispute at the Quality Inn on Hwy. 42 ended in the arrests of two guests on Sept. 4. Officer Arthur Musselman responded to the call and met with a woman who told him her friend became angry and started yelling when she could not repay him the $35 for her half of their room. She told him to stop being a girl and to get over it and he struck her in the face. He also grabbed her by the neck and tried to make her get back into his car. He then left as officers were arriving. 

Cpl. Anais Benjamin spotted the man in his vehicle and escorted him back to the hotel where both parties were arrested for disorderly conduct.