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Loose pit bull chases meterman 

A meter reader told officer Kimberly Barnett on Monday, Sept. 21 he had to run to his truck after he was chased by a loose pit bull on North Forest Avenue. The man said after he got into his truck, the dog retreated to a nearby porch. Barnett saw the dog on the porch and called animal control. She noticed that it wasn’t barking or acting aggressive in any way. Barnett started knocking on doors looking for the owner and found a man who said it was his wife’s dog and he didn’t want to take it. Barnett informed him that if he didn’t, animal control would take it and there’d be a $60 fine to get it back. The man begrudgingly agreed to take the dog and his wife was called and told it was placed in his possession. Barnett also informed her that the dog was her responsibility and they’d need to speak later about her keeping it fenced in. 


Runaway mom found on I-75

Forsyth officer Cody Maples and the Monroe County Ministerial Association helped a hitchhiking mother get home to her children in Valdosta on Wednesday, Sept. 23. Maples went to mile marker 187 on I-75 South in reference to a woman walking on the interstate. She had been reported missing in Valdosta and Lowndes County. There were several warnings included about the woman’s health. The woman said she’d decided to walk to Tennessee several weeks ago but had changed her mind and was going back to check on her children. The woman had made it this far back to Valdosta by hitchhiking. Wanting to get her to a safer location, Maples put her in his patrol car and took her to the station. Because there were no mental health orders or reasons to hold her, the runaway mom was given an allowance and a room at America’s Best Value Inn. The following day, she was given a bus ticket by a local ministry and Malone took her to the Greyhound bus station. 


Ex-boyfriend won’t stop harassing woman 

Officer Cody Maples told an ex-boyfriend to leave his ex-girlfriend alone at the Hampton Inn on Sept. 24 after she claimed he was harassing her on the phone. She told Maples that her and her boyfriend broke up months ago and he’s upset because she’s talking to someone else. She said he is using different phone numbers to call her and told her recently to “check her papers”. She believes he was referring to her health insurance papers, and that it was a threat on her life. While Maples was speaking with her, the boyfriend called her phone repeatedly and Maples answered. He told the man not to call or message her anymore. 

Maples spoke with the boyfriend in person later that day, who said the woman had been calling him too and “went off” on him that morning. He said her son had also sent threatening messages to him. Maples advised the man not to contact his ex anymore and went back to service. 


Woman forges check at Persons Bank

A Forsyth woman was charged with forging and trying to cash a check she had found on Sept. 25 after some thorough police work by officer Kimberly Barnett.

A Persons Bank customer told Barnett she had closed an account earlier in the day and thrown her checks out. The bank manager called her later telling her someone was trying to cash a check from the closed account. She immediately came back to the bank and saw two men and woman leaving as she entered. According to a bank teller, one of the men tried to cash the check. Barnett looked up the man’s name and saw that he’s a convicted felon.  

Barnett tracked the man down at Burger King and he said the woman he was with had found the check and asked him to cash it. He claimed not to know the check was stolen. Barnett found the woman walking on Tift College Drive and drove her to the Burger King to straighten the matter out. At BK, she admitted finding the check on the ground, filling it out, forging a signature and giving it to the man to cash. Barnett put the check forger in handcuffs and took her to jail. 


Shoplifting charges brought against High Falls woman

A High Falls woman wanted by Monroe County for trespassing charges was arrested for shoplifting and traffic citations around 10:22 p.m. on Sept. 30. Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a 2002 Mercury Grand Marquis leave the Dollar General and fail to stop at the sign on Towaliga River Drive. After the female driver turned right onto High Falls Road, Haskins stopped her, but she slowly continued about a minute before turning into the recycling center. 

The woman and her male passenger were extremely nervous, and she told Haskins she did not have her driver’s license with her. Dispatch said she had a warrant for her arrest for criminal trespass in Monroe County as well as a suspended driver’s license. 

She was handcuffed and the passenger denied there was anything illegal in the vehicle. Two hypodermic needles were found in the passenger seat and a glass pipe was found with marijuana residue. 

Two packs of Eckrich Hotdogs, a pack of Clover Valley Sandwich Cookies and a can of Campbells Spaghetti were found in the woman’s purse. Haskins noticed the hot dogs were still cold to the touch and asked the woman where she got the food from, to which she replied, “I had it for a while”. He asked her if she just stole them from the Dollar General, to which she denied and stated she bought them, but they “didn’t have any bags”. Haskins told her he was going to review the video footage from the Dollar General, to which she blurted out, “Ok, yes, I stole them”. 

The stolen merchandise, totaling $9.73, was returned to the Dollar General. The clerk said the man entered the store and purchased a drink while the woman walked around inside the store, and they were already suspicious of her for shoplifting earlier in the day. Both the man and woman were banned the Dollar General and the woman was charged with shoplifting, failing to stop at a stop sign and driving without a license. The vehicle was release to the passenger.


Blood in fast food 

A customer at a fast food restaurant on Lee Street told Sgt. David Asbell on Oct. 2 that they found blood on their French fry container.  The mom said she saw a red smear on one of the French fry containers as well as blood in the bag. The manager admitted blood had accidentally gotten on the food and bag from a cut on her finger. Asbell told the customer to contact the corporate office and gave a case number. The family was given a refund and Asbell advised them to check with their family doctor after coming in contact with the blood. 


Fleeing sport bike reaches speeds over 160 mph

A black Kawasaki sport bike driven by a Summerville man fled deputy John Cochran at speeds up to 160 mph on Oct. 2 around 2 p.m. Cochran clocked the bike doing 92 mph on I-75 N near Rumble Road and after Cochran initiated a stop, the driver went across three lanes of traffic, accelerating in excess of 160 mph. 

The motorcycle exited onto east Hwy. 18, failing to maintain its lane and passing in no passing zones. It turned onto Lee King Road at speeds of over 100 mph and continued onto Edge Road. At the intersection of Edge Road and Jenkins Road, deputy Wade Kendrick was waiting with his service weapon drawn on the driver. The man then stopped and got off the motorcycle with his hands in the air. Dispatch said he had a suspended license, and he was also charged with fleeing.


Epic motorcycle chase on I-75

A motorcyclist on a stolen bike was arrested after leading Forsyth police and Monroe County deputies on a chase at 130 mph. Officer Kevin Powell saw a man and woman come out of a convenience store on Cabiness Road and ride onto the interstate on a white Suzuki motorcycle without a tag. The pair quickly peeled out of the gas station and ran a stop sign, at which time Powell activated his blue lights. The Suzuki cut onto I-75 and rapidly accelerated, traveling at an excess of 130 mph. The motorcycle began weaving and cutting through traffic. Near Johnstonville Road, the interstate was reduced to a single lane and Powell lost sight of the bike. Powell got off at the next exit and checked to see if the bike had stopped at the Marathon station. A woman Powell spoke with said she had just seen a bike pull out and turn onto Johnstonville road. At that time, Powell heard on his scanner that deputy Haskins was pursuing the bike near Boxankle Road. The bike was chased onto Hwy. 42, where it was eventually stopped. The driver had a suspended license and the bike was stolen. The motorcyclist was charged with theft and felony fleeing and was taken to jail.


 Dogs disturb neighbors

Cpl. Jacob Justice told a Taylor Road, Juliette resident to keep his dogs on his property around 10 a.m. on Oct. 3. When Justice arrived, the dog owner told him he already knew why he was there. Before Justice had time to speak, the man said he and his neighbor have spoken on several occasions about his dogs barking continuously. Justice saw he had close to 8-9 dogs with two dogs roaming in the yard and informed him of the ordinances of Monroe County. 

The neighbor said that the dogs bark constantly, come onto his property and run around his deer plots. He had evidence of the dogs on his hunting trail cameras and told Justice he has spoken to his neighbor many times, asking him to control his animals better, but the result is always the same and the dogs always come onto his property. After receiving this information, Justice returned to the dog owner and told him that dogs cannot roam freely.


Forsyth woman receives terroristic threats

A Colvin Road woman told Cpl. Nicholas Ortiz she received terroristic threats around 12:44 p.m. on Oct. 6. She told Ortiz she received 3 text messages from an unknown number stating, “I know where you live and will kill you tonight.” She said she didn’t know who could be sending the messages. 

Inv. Robins did a number search, but the woman didn’t know the owner of the number. An attempt was made to call the number, but voice mail had not been set up. Ortiz told the woman deputies would patrol the area of her home on Colvin Road. 


Old Indian Springs Road man admits to trespassing

A woman on Old Indian Springs Road said a shirtless man was walking down her property line, looking at her tools around 7:27 p.m. on Oct. 6.  She told Cpl. Christian Sawley said it appeared to be someone she knows who lives on Old Indian Springs Road, but she didn’t want to press charges.  

Sawley met with the man who said he was upset and went for a walk. He admitted to being on the woman’s property and Sawley told him if he returned without permission he would be arrested for trespassing.