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Forsyth motel reports finding BB gun under mattress in room

A Forsyth motel told officer Kim Barnett on Dec. 30 that they found a gun under a mattress while cleaning a room. The gun was determined to be a BB gun and was turned over to police for safe keeping.

Customer’s wallet found in parking lot of Shell on N. Lee St.

The North Lee Street Shell station told officer Richard Maddox on Dec. 30 that a customer had found a pink Michael Kors woman’s wallet in the parking lot. Maddox called the owner who said she must’ve left the wallet on the ground while she put air in her tires. She returned and retrieved the wallet.

Forsyth officer finds marijuana bag stuffed in driver’s pants

A 29-year-old man driving a silver Chevrolet Impala was stopped on South Lee Street by Officer Richard Maddox for excessive speeding. Ofc. Maddox approached the vehicle and requested a driver’s license from the driver, the driver stated he did not have a Georgia driver’s license with him, but he did have an Iowa driver’s license. Ofc. Maddox smelt a strong odor of marijuana and found a plastic bag containing pills inside. While the driver was being arrested, Ofc. Maddox felt an object inside his pants near the lower groin area and retrieved a plastic bag of suspected marijuana and a digital scale in the jacket pocket.

Driver cited for drug possession after officer finds marijuana bag

Officer Kim Barnett stopped a Chevy Impala on I-75 south for going slowly in the fast lane on Dec. 30. The driver said he knew of the “move over” law but may not understand it completely. Barnett said she smelled marijuana in the car and asked him to turn it over, and he handed her small baggy in the center console with a green leafy substance. He said he had not smoked it and was just headed home from Atlanta. Barnett cited the man for a move over violation and possession of marijuana but did not arrest him.

Six people arrested at Forsyth McDonald’s after Snapchat feud

Six people were arrested on Jan. 1 after a fight at McDonald’s that started in part with derogatory remarks on the social media app SnapChat. Three Forsyth officers responded to reports of a fight at McDonald’s and arrested four people for disorderly conduct and two more for disorderly conduct and obstruction. The suspects were screaming and trying to fight and Officer Powell had to point his Taser at one suspect who was coming toward him  while police ordered the crowd to back up. One participant said the other girl was talking about her on SnapChat.

Woman wanted out of Fulton County arrested at Forsyth motel

The clerk at America’s Best Value Inn told officer Kevin Powell on Jan. 1 that they were having trouble with a customer. The woman wanted a refund for her room but was denied because she wasn’t the one who rented the room. The motel allowed her to change rooms. The customer gave her name and left, but when police ran the name through the computer it didn’t come back as valid. Powell went to her room to ask her name again. When  the woman saw Powell notice a prescription bottle with her real name, she gave the real name and it came back as wanted in Fulton County. She was charged with giving false name, obstruction and pills not in original container.

Juliette driver charged with DUI after stop at Forsyth Gardens Apts. 

A 50-year-old Juliette woman was charged with possession of drug related objects, failure to maintain lane, possession of marijuana, no tag lights and DUI (refusal) after a traffic stop at Forsyth Garden Apartments on Jan. 3. Forsyth officer Cody Maples saw a white female stumbling back to her Pontiac Grand Prix at the North Lee Street Shell station around 11 p.m. She appeared to fall asleep in her car but then drove onto Lee Street and was weaving in her lane. Maples stopped her at Forsyth Gardens Apartments and she tried to make an abrupt turn into the parking lot but missed, then backed into the highway again, and then pulled into the lot. Asked if she was feeling well, she said she had not taken anything but had slowed, slurred speech. She the admitted to taking a Norco 10 that afternoon. She almost fell down several times during sobriety tests. She said she would give a blood test if it meant she could go home. Maples found some marijuana residue and burnt marijuana cigarettes in the car and was taken to jail.

Forsyth woman reports giving missing man $60 to buy groceries

A Forsyth woman told officer Jeremy Malone on Jan. 3 that she gave a man $60 to get them some groceries at Ingles while she waited in the parking lot. When he didn’t return in 30 minutes she went inside to check on him but couldn’t find him. She said the man is known for doing this kind of thing and wanted action, but police said they didn’t have enough to make a charge.

Forsyth woman reports nephew slipped, fell on laundromat’s wet floor

A Forsyth woman told officer Kim Barnett on Jan. 3 that her nephew, a juvenile, slipped and fell on a wet floor at the laundromat. She said she didn’t know whether his parents would want him checked out at the hospital.

Walmart manager told officer that customer shoplifted kitchen items

The Walmart manager told officer Kim Barnett on Jan. 3 that a black male was seen stealing a black tote box full of merchandise, including a pot and pan set and a knife set. An employee videotaped him loading the stolen items into a Chevy Suburban and they got the tag number. Walmart said they would check the store video camera footage as well toward making an arrest.

Stanley Way resident reports niece took Wells Fargo debit card

A Stanley Way man told officer Richard Maddox on Jan. 3 that his niece took his Wells Fargo debit card. The niece told Maddox that her uncle had given her the card to buy some items for him.

SUV driver arrested after falling asleep at wheel in High Falls

A 43-year-old black Locust Grove man was arrested and charged with public drunkenness after he was found sleeping in his SUV in the parking lot of a High Falls Road business on Jan. 4. At about 7:39 p.m., Sgt. Kevin Williams went to Marty’s Transmission on High Falls Road about the male driver of a blue 2014 Dodge Journey being slumped over the steering wheel with the SUV running. Williams and Monroe County EMTs saw the driver’s head was bobbing up and down as if he was going in and out of consciousness, and he was sweating profusely. Williams then knocked on the window and got the driver’s attention. The driver, who had saliva dripping from his mouth onto his shirt, was able to open the door after several tries. The driver’s speech was very slurred, and his eyes were watery and glazed. Williams then saw the driver’s wallet lying on the front seat next to a half-empty, open one-fifth bottle of vodka. The driver denied he had been drinking but refused a field breath test. He then changed his story and admitted to drinking alcohol while sitting in the Marty’s Transmission parking lot. Williams then called the driver’s wife, who said her husband is an alcoholic who has been to rehab several times. The driver’s wife initially said she’d come get her husband before calling back and saying she wouldn’t because she was tired of his actions. The driver’s wife added that he had recently been arrested for DUI in Henry County. While Williams was talking to the driver’s wife, the driver suddenly put his SUV in reverse as if he was trying to leave. Williams then moved his patrol car behind the SUV to keep it from going any further at which point the driver put his SUV in park. Williams then handcuffed the driver, who was very unsteady on his feet. When Williams tried to read the driver his rights, the driver said he didn’t understand them. Williams then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail. Once at the jail, the driver said his legs and hands were numb, but jail nurse Dennis determined the driver’s extremities were fine.

Mary Persons student reports purse stolen during class on Jan. 6

At about 5:08 p.m. on Jan. 6, a female Mary Persons High School student told Cpl. Tyler Rodgers that her brown satchel style purse is missing. The student said she realized she didn’t have her purse after her third period Spanish class that day and thinks it might have been stolen then. The student said her purse contained her car keys, driver’s license, school ID and $10 to $15 in cash.

Two persons arrested after argument on Sutton Road on Jan. 6

A 37-year-old white Forsyth man and a 42-year-old white Macon woman were each arrested and charged with affray after a fight on Sutton Road on Jan. 6. At about 12:08 p.m., Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz went to Sutton Road near Strickland Loop where a woman said a man slapped her and knocked her to the ground. The woman said the incident happened at an unmarked property on Sutton Road with a dirt driveway. Ortiz then met with the man, who said he had asked the woman to leave. He said when she did not leave, he slapped her. The man said the woman then began to walk away before turning around, grabbing him by the shirt and hitting him in the head. The man said he then shoved the woman away from him, causing her to fall to the ground and scrape her knee. The woman gave Ortiz the same account of the dispute as the man. Ortiz then took both the man and woman to the Monroe County Jail.

Deputies find sawed-off shotgun, bag of meth during I-75 North stop

A 26-year-old white Covington woman and a 29-year-old white Covington man were each arrested and charged with trafficking methamphetamine, possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony and possession of a firearm by a convicted felon after a traffic stop on I-75 North on Jan. 6. At about 2:05 a.m. on Jan. 6, Sgt. Kevin Williams saw a green 2006 BMW 750Li in which the female driver was holding a cell phone was failing to maintain its lane on I-75 North near mile marker 185. The driver, whose hands were shaking badly, admitted to using her cell phone while driving. The driver, who did not have her license, initially gave a false name. When the driver then gave her real name, dispatchers determined the driver had an arrest warrant. When the driver refused to allow Williams to search her car, Williams deployed his K-9 dog Zibi, who alerted on the vehicle. Williams and Dep. Christian Sawley then searched the car and found in the front passenger side floorboard a loaded sawed-off shotgun. They also found in the center console a notebook containing names and payment amounts. In the pocket of the driver side door, deputies found $1,830 in cash and in the back pocket of the passenger seat they found a second gun, a Ruger LCP .380 caliber pistol. On the back seat deputies found a small box containing three digital scales with residue from a crystal-like substance on them. Sawley then searched a male passenger and found in his possession a small plastic bag containing the same type of substance found on the scales. The substance, which was suspected methamphetamine, weighed about 3.2 ounces. Deputies then took both the driver and the passenger to the Monroe County Jail. The passenger, who admitted the sawed-off shotgun was his, was later determined to have given a false name as well. The driver was also charged with failure to maintain lane, possession of drug related objects, unlawful use of wireless hands free act and littering highway. The passenger was also charged with possession of methamphetamine, giving a false name or date of birth and possession of a dangerous weapon.

Cross Creek Circle man reports seeing suspects near vehicles on Jan. 6

At about 4:35 a.m. on Jan. 6, a male Cross Creek Circle resident told Deps. Corben Becelia, Stephen Phipps and Jacob Davis and Cpl. Christian Sawley that at about 4:21 a.m. his dog began barking, which he thought was unusual. The resident said he then walked to the door and saw a vehicle riding through his neighborhood. The resident said he then checked his security camera, which showed two suspects in his yard leaving in the direction where his vehicles were parked. The suspects ran toward the road in the video, and nothing was stolen from his vehicles. Deputies were unable to locate the suspects.