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Florida driver charged with DUI after running out of gas on I-75 N.

A Florida woman was charged with DUI after she ran out of gas on I-75 and admitted to taking several prescription drugs on Oct. 20. Forsyth officer Cody Maples found a U-haul-type truck on the side of I-75 north near exit 187 with its flashers on. When the driver rolled down her window Maples said he could smell alcohol, and noted the driver had a large plastic festival bottle with clear liquid between her legs. The driver told Maples another officer had already checked on her and she waved him on, but she couldn’t describe the officer. She said she was headed to Alabama from Orlando but had run out of gas. Maples observed she had slurred speech and puffy, red eyes that were so droopy the officer thought she might fall asleep while speaking. She took several minutes searching for her license and offered Maples three debit cards before finding her license. Maples asked her to step out of the vehicle and she leaned against the truck and had to use her hands for balance. She admitted taking Xanax as prescribed earlier in the day. Maples asked her if she knew what time it was now, and the suspect looked at her wrist watch and then back at Maples and shrugged. She swayed left to right and front to back while being questioned. Maples told her she showed signs of being under the influence, but the driver said she can drive while taking Xanax. When Maples suggested a field sobriety test, the suspect said she was not going to do that because, “that’s how the officers got me on my last DUI arrest.” In the vehicle Maples found three pill bottles with amphetamine salts, duloxetine HCL and Alparazolam, all prescribed. Maples also found an unopened Club Tail “Sex on the Beach” drink. She was arrested and charged with DUI, open container and driver failure to exercise due care.

Walmart shopper seen shoplifting for second time in three days

Walmart told Forsyth Cpl. Kim Barnett on Oct. 21 that a woman who had shoplifted twice two days prior was back in the store doing it again. Barnett found the woman in the electronics department with a buggy full of items. When she saw Barnett, she began acting nervous. Her hands were shaking and she was sweating profusely. She told Barnett she was going to put the items on layaway. She later admitted to shoplifting to Inv. Alexander Daniels and was taken to Monroe County Jail.

Motel guest reports fraudulent charges on credit card on Oct. 22

A Holiday Inn Express guest reported on Oct. 22 that someone used his credit card at El Dorado Mexican Bar and Grill and at the Marathon Gas station on Lee Street. He said he had contacted his credit card company.

Forsyth woman reports boyfriend pushed her down in domestic feud

A Forsyth woman told police her boyfriend pushed her down in the chest, knocking her down at a Norvin Place home on Oct. 22. She also had scratches and a red welt on her face. The victim said she and the suspect have one child together and are expecting another.

Brentwood Apartments resident reports getting scammed by phone call

A Brentwood Apartments woman reported on Oct. 23 receiving a call from someone claiming to be with the Social Security Administration. She said before she realized it was a scam she gave them her social security number. Officer David Asbell advised to contact the credit bureaus and her bank.

Former LaQuinta Inn employee warned after alleged trespassing 

The LaQuinta Inn reported that a fired employee was involved in an argument at the hotel on Oct. 25. The employee was found at her home in Union Hill Apartments and given a warning for trespassing.

Nissan Altima driver arrested for driving while license suspended

Forsyth officer Cody Maples stopped a Nissan Altima for going 88 in a 70 mph zone on I-75 on Friday, Oct. 25. The driver’s ID came back expired due to failure to pay child support. He was taken to jail for driving without a license and speeding.

Man cited for littering after bank statement found at car wash 

Chops Car Wash on MLK Drive told Forsyth police officer Jeremy Malone on Saturday, Oct. 26, that someone dumped trash on his property. The complainant found a bank statement with the suspect’s name on it. The suspect said he meant to clean his mess but never did. Malone cited him for littering.

Forsyth woman reports car stolen from Forsyth Gardens Apartments

A Forsyth woman told Forsyth officer Jeremy Malone that someone stole her 2004 Honda Civic at Forsyth Gardens Apartments between 2:30 a.m.-10 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 26. She explained that she left the keys inside her locked car but that if someone pulled the right way on the driver’s door they could get inside. Malone recalled that Monroe County deputy Chistian Sawley had recovered a wrecked vehicle of the same description on the side of the road in that area. Forsyth Towing had removed the vehicle.

Two suspects arrested after police find open container, pot in truck

Forsyth police arrested two suspects, one for open container and one for possession of marijuana, while parked in a green 1997 Dodge Ram truck at Elder Manor Apartments on Saturday, Oct. 26. Forsyth officer Jeremy Malone searched a suspect and found a green, leafy substance in the suspect’s left shoe. The other suspect, the driver of the truck, was cited for open container.

Honda Civic driver arrested after police spot broken headlight

Forsyth officer Cody Maples stopped a black Honda Civic on Tift College Drive at Berner Avenue for having only one headlight around 4 p.m. on Friday, Oct. 26. The suspect admitted he didn’t have a license. He was arrested for no license, illegal window tint, no brake lights and failure to dim headlights.

Byron driver charged with DUI after hitting tree in Hwy. 41 wreck

A 23-year-old white Byron man was arrested and charged with DUI after a one-vehicle wreck on Hwy. 41 South on Oct. 26. At about 11:43 p.m., Dep. Jacob Davis went to a wreck on Hwy. 41 South near Old Macon Road involving a white 2000 Ford Ranger. The male driver, who said he was uninjured, told Davis he swerved to avoid a deer, causing his truck to run off the road and hit a tree. Davis smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from the driver. The driver also had slurred speech, struggled to keep his balance and appeared to have soiled his pants. The driver then failed a field sobriety test and tested positive for alcohol on a field breath test. The driver was then taken to the Monroe County Jail, where he tested positive for more than the legal limit of alcohol on a state breath test.

Driver arrested for DUI after walking into car during sobriety test

A 28-year-old black Atlanta man was arrested and charged with DUI (refusal) after a traffic stop on I-75 South on Oct. 28. At about 12:56 a.m., Cpt. Christian Sawley was notified by dispatchers of a gold 2009 Honda Accord failing to maintain its lane and traveling without lights on I-75 South near mile marker 191. The male driver denied drinking any alcohol and also denied having anything illegal inside his car. Sawley then asked the driver if he knew where he was, and the driver said he thought he was in Atlanta. When Sawley told him he was actually in Monroe County, the driver replied, “No, you’re playing games with me.” Sawley then searched the car but did not find anything illegal. However, the driver failed several field sobriety tests, including walking directly into his car during the walk-and-turn test. Sawley then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with reckless driving, violation of headlight requirements and failure to maintain lane.

Deputies issue citation to CVS customer seen shoplifting nail polish

At about 3:30 p.m. on Oct. 31, Dep. Kaleb White and Cpl. Jake Justice went to CVS Pharmacy on Tift College Drive about a shoplifting in progress. When deputies arrived, the female suspect had already given seven different items of fingernail polish back to the male store manager. The suspect told deputies: “Those things might have flew into my bag.” The manager told deputies he didn’t want the suspect to return to the store. The suspect then asked whether she could still access the store’s drive-thru, but the manager said no. Deputies told the suspect, a 39-year-old white Forsyth woman, not to return to the store and cited her for shoplifting.

Warner Robins woman arrested after deputies find meth, marijuana

A 49-year-old white Warner Robins woman was arrested and charged with possession of methamphetamine after a traffic stop on Johnstonville Road on Oct. 28. At about 4:52 a.m., Sgt. Kevin Williams saw a silver 2005 Toyota Camry parked in the dirt near the Johnstonville Road Marathon station with the female driver slumped over the steering wheel. Williams walked up to the car to check on the driver and noticed a smoking device in the cupholder next to the driver. Williams then woke up the driver, who told him she was just sleepy. When Williams then asked about the smoking device, the driver, who appeared lethargic, admitted to having some methamphetamine in the car. Williams and Cpl. Christian Sawley then found in the center console several syringes. They then found inside the driver’s purse a bag of suspected methamphetamine and a spoon with a small piece of cotton stuck to it. They also found inside a blue pouch in the center console a glass smoking device, several small baggies and a bag of suspected marijuana. Williams then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where she was also charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug related objects.

Forsyth man charged with DUI after traffic stop on Hwy. 18

A 40-year-old black Forsyth man was arrested and charged with DUI after a traffic stop on Hwy. 18 on Oct. 30. At about 8:35 p.m., Cpl. Christian Sawley saw a red 2003 Mitsubishi Galant traveling 72 mph in a 55 mph zone while failing to maintain its lane while headed eastbound on Hwy. 18. When Sawley stopped the vehicle, it began to back up toward his patrol car at which point the deputy honked his horn to get the male driver to stop. Sawley then saw a 24-pack of beer on the back seat, and the driver, who didn’t have his license on him, smelled of alcohol. The driver, who admitted to drinking one beer about three hours earlier, then failed several field sobriety tests and tested a high positive for alcohol on a field breath test. When Sawley handcuffed the driver, he unsuccessfully tried to pull away several times. Sawley then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with speeding, failure to maintain lane, tag lights required and violation of conditions of a limited driving permit.


women arrested after giving 

fake names

A 26-year-old Hispanic Gainesville woman and a 33-year-old black Gainesville woman were each arrested and charged with giving a false name or date of birth after a traffic stop on I-75 South on Oct. 30. At about 8:37 p.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins and Inv. Timothy Campfield saw a black BMW 4D with a Florida tag traveling on I-75 South near mile marker 187. Haskins noticed the male driver, the female front seat passenger and female back seat passenger all appeared very nervous, and the driver shook as he handed Haskins his license. The back seat passenger kept trying to appear asleep, but Haskins saw her open her eyes and look at him several times. Haskins suspected that at least one of the two passengers had given him a fake name, so he asked the driver about it. The driver said he met the front seat passenger in a park and said she had asked him to drive her to Gainesville to pick up the back seat passenger. He said he only knew the passengers by their first name or first initial. When Campfield ordered the back seat passenger to exit the vehicle, she immediately reached down into the floorboard at which point Campfield grabbed her arm. The back seat passenger told Campfield she was just trying to get her cigarettes, but Campfield saw a glass pipe, which contained suspected methamphetamine crystals, inside the back seat passenger’s pocket. When Haskins removed the pipe, the back seat passenger said, “These aren’t my pants.” Deputies also found a plastic bag with a small amount of marijuana in the front seat passenger’s purse. While the back seat passenger admitted to giving a fake name, the front seat passenger continued to argue adamantly that she was giving her real name. However, the back seat passenger and the driver both told deputies that the front seat passenger was lying, and both passengers were taken to the Monroe County Jail. Once at the jail, deputies fingerprinted the front seat passenger and determined her real name. Deputies discovered the front seat passenger had a lengthy criminal history. The front seat passenger, the 26-year-old, was also charged with obstruction. The back seat passenger was also charged with possession of methamphetamine and possession of drug related objects.