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Lee Street man reports mountain bike stolen from yard on Jan. 26

A Lee Street man told officer Kim Barnett on Jan. 26 that someone had stolen his black and blue mountain bike from his yard.

College Street woman reports theft of table after fight with spouse

A College Street woman told officer Richard Maddox on Jan. 27 that she had learned her husband had an extensive criminal history and was using meth and heroin. She left their home to give them some space and upon returning found he had taken a table and some dishes. She said she was filing for divorce.

Weldon Road resident reports pit bull attack on Mayfield Road

At about 10:30 p.m. on Jan. 27, a Weldon Road man told Sgt. Todd Haskins that he was attacked by a brindle-colored pit bull on Mayfield Road near its intersection with Weldon Road. The man said he has never seen the dog before, and Haskins was unable to find the dog. The man was treated and released from Monroe County Hospital.

Benjamin St. woman reports son ran away after school suspension 

A Benjamin Street woman told officer Kim Barnett on Jan. 28 that her son was suspended from school for having marijuana. She had to pick him up and when they got home, she began telling him he was going to get a spanking and he ran out the home’s front door. Barnett put out a BOLO and Inv. Alexander Daniels found the son on Tift College Drive and took him back home. The mother said the boy’s father was on his way home from Florida to get him.

Officer goes to Circle K store about suspicious man with pants down

Officer Cody Maples was dispatched to the Circle K at 7:30 p.m. on Jan. 28 on reports of a suspicious black male with his pants around his ankles.

Passenger facing arrest goes to hospital after stomach pain complaint

A passenger from Macon developed a sudden stomach problem after officer Cody Maples determined she had arrest warrants from Bibb County. Maples pulled over a white Hyundai for going 88 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-75 south near the Lee Street exit on Jan. 28. The driver began waving at Maples saying his female passenger was miscarrying and needed an escort to the Medical Center. The passenger didn’t seem to have any pain and said she didn’t need medical attention. Maples offered to call an ambulance but the passenger said no. The driver was arrested and charged with driving on a suspended license, speeding and open container. The passenger gave a false name and once she was identified, dispatchers said she was wanted in Bibb County. The passenger then began to act as if she was in pain in her stomach and requested an ambulance. She was taken by ambulance to the Medical Center after being given citations for giving false name.

Forsyth Police track down owner of wallet left at local restaurant

El Dorado Restaurant gave Forsyth police Sgt. David Asbell a wallet left at the restaurant on Jan. 29. The wallet included a military ID but the National Guard armory in Forsyth didn’t know the man. Asbell found the man on Facebook and sent him a message that Forsyth police had his wallet.

Woman shows up at Jones St. home during night, steals pennies

A Jones Street man told officer Kevin Powell that a female came to his home at 1:30 a.m. on Jan. 30 saying she had nowhere to go. Later that morning, the man said he was getting ready to go to work and she needed to leave, but she asked him to check the water in her car first saying it was running hot. After checking the car the woman left in a hurry and then the man noticed a gin bottle on his dresser full of pennies had been stolen.

Officer finds butane lighters in waistband of Walmart shoplifter

A Forsyth Walmart employee told officer Jeremy Malone at 7:11 a.m. on Jan. 30 that a shoplifting suspect was in the store. Malone found the suspect in the parking lot, but the suspect kept reaching in his pockets and wouldn’t stop moving. The suspect said he couldn’t stop moving because he was on meth. Malone found two cans of butane in his waistband and a watch and two butane lighters in a backpack. His shoes were also stolen from Walmart, and Walmart officials said he had stolen two sound bars as well in recent days. Malone charged him with three counts of shoplifting and three counts of trespassing because he had been banned from Walmart.

Deputies seize $13,975 in cash during traffic stop on I-75 North

A 28-year-old black Brinson man was arrested and charged with possession of marijuana after a traffic stop on I-75 North on Jan. 30. At about 3:40 p.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a silver 2011 Nissan Altima with dark window tint following another vehicle too closely on I-75 North near mile marker 191. Haskins smelled marijuana coming from the vehicle, and the male driver, who was smoking a cigarette, was breathing heavily and appeared nervous. The driver told Haskins both he and a female passenger smoked marijuana before they left their home. The driver said they were headed to buy a 2019 Dodge Ram pickup truck in Covington. He then changed his story and said the dealership was located in Conyers. The driver then denied having anything illegal inside the car but admitted to having $11,000 in cash inside the glovebox. Haskins then searched the car and located the cash, which was rubber banded together in increments of $1,000. He also found marijuana crumbs inside the center console. When Haskins told the passenger that a female deputy was headed to search her, she removed a plastic bag of marijuana from the front of her pants and put it on the hood of the car. The driver, who said the marijuana was his, said he got the cash from the company he owns. However, when Haskins asked the driver to provide some documentation about his business, the driver failed to provide any and said the cash was just “laying around the house.” Haskins then determined the driver had an extensive criminal history, including previous drug charges. Haskins then seized the cash and later determined it amounted to $13,975. Meanwhile, Dep. Willie Barkley took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with following too closely and having no license on person.

Forsyth man reports woman hacked into Snapchat account

A Forsyth man told officer Jeremy Malone on Jan. 30 that a woman had hacked into his Snapchat account, was posting things and changed his password. They called the suspect but she became defensive and changed her story, at first saying she had access to the account but then saying she never had access. She finally said she was logged out but the man couldn’t log in. The case was turned over to investigations.

Forsyth woman reports owing $1,241 in false charges in Chicago

A Forsyth woman told officer Richard Maddox on Jan. 31 that she had been getting calls from a collection agency in Chicago for several months. She said she thought it was a scam but later learned her name was used to set up utilities in a Chicago apartment. The agency said she owed $1,241 dating to May 2018.

Thomaston Road man reports theft of 10-foot tall metal gate

At about 1:03 p.m. on Jan. 31, a Thomaston Road man told Dep. Gueorgui Dimitrov that someone had stolen his silver, 10-foot metal gate, valued at $400. The man said he didn’t know who took the gate or when it was taken.

Man reports co-worker stole xBox from High Falls Hideaway room

A 35-year-old black Barnesville man faces a charge of theft by taking after he allegedly stole an xBox from a High Falls Hideaway room on Feb. 1. At about 2:45 p.m. on Feb. 1, a male High Falls Hideaway resident told Dep. Peyton Henderson said his male co-worker stole his xBox from his apartment. The resident said his co-worker was supposed to pick him up from their workplace, Ready Pac Foods, on Jan. 31 and take him back to his apartment, but his co-worker refused. The resident said he instead walked back to his apartment and arrived at about 12 a.m. on Feb. 1. The resident said he then locked his door before going to bed but was woken up during the night by his co-worker, who said he owed him money. The resident said he told his co-worker that he wanted to leave his job and go back to Arkansas after receiving his next paycheck. The resident said his co-worker became upset and stole the resident’s black xBox, valued at $150, before leaving in a red Ford Mustang. Henderson asked the resident how his co-worker entered his apartment. The resident said the apartment was in his co-worker’s name and said his co-worker stayed the first night at the apartment. He said his co-worker got a key from the front desk. Henderson then tried to call the co-worker, but was unable to reach him.

Ellabell man arrested after deputies locate marijuana joint in car

A 30-year-old black Ellabell man was arrested and charged with DUI after a traffic stop on I-75 South on Feb. 2. At about 1:05 a.m., Dep. Jacob Davis saw a silver 2003 Buick Century traveling 103 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-75 South near mile marker 190. Davis smelled marijuana coming from inside the car, and the male driver admitted to having a marijuana joint inside the car. Davis, who also smelled alcohol on the driver, told the driver to sit on the front of his patrol car, but the driver, whose eyes were bloodshot, instead walked over to the left side of his patrol car and stood next to it. Davis then pointed his flashlight where he wanted the driver to sit, but the driver appeared incoherent. The driver, who admitted to drinking two beers earlier that night, said he was coming from Liberty County, which is located south of where Davis stopped him. The driver then failed several field sobriety tests and tested positive for alcohol on a field breath test. Davis then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he tested just under the legal limit for alcohol on a state breath test. The driver was also charged with speeding.

Driver arrested after giving brother’s name during I-75 South stop

A 32-year-old black Macon man was arrested and charged with giving a false name after a traffic stop on I-75 South on Feb. 3. At about 9 p.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a white 2019 Nissan Sentra with a Florida tag failing to maintain its lane on I-75 South near mile marker 186. The male driver said he didn’t have his license on him. When Haskins then looked up the name the driver had given him, the photo didn’t match the driver’s appearance. Haskins then told the driver he knew he had given him a fake name, and the driver admitted he had, saying he knew his license was suspended. The driver said he’d given his brother’s name instead. Haskins then searched the car but didn’t find anything illegal. Officer Cody Maples of the Forsyth Police Department then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with driving while license suspended and failure to maintain lane.

Blue Ridge School Rd. man reports neighbor shot German Shepherd

At about 12:39 p.m. on Feb. 3, a Blue Ridge School Road man told Dep. Akedra Robertson that at about 6 a.m. on Feb. 2, his male neighbor shot and killed his red German Shepherd dog after it got loose and went into his neighbor’s yard. The man said his neighbor told him that his wife was outside in the yard, and she got scared and feared for her life, so he shot the dog.

Red Fox Run resident reports someone used identity to buy truck

At about 5:45 p.m. on Feb. 4, a Red Fox Run man told Dep. Larry Sullivan that he was contacted at about 2 p.m. that day by a female employee of Tomwood Ford car dealership in Indianapolis, Ind. The man said the employee told him someone had used his license to try to buy a $40,000 truck at the dealership. The employee said the suspect had all of the man’s personal information, including his social security number. The employee said the suspect requested to have all of the sales paperwork overnighted to a Newark, N.J. address and said he would arrange his own private transport of the truck from the dealership. The man said he then contacted his bank and froze any sales transactions on his account.

Woman reports hacked e-mails, suspects ex-husband’s girlfriend

At about 6:28 p.m. on Feb. 4, a Blount Road woman told Cpl. Tyler Rodgers that her e-mail address had been hacked and her personal information had been compromised. The woman said she is in the midst of a divorce and said she suspects her ex-husband’s girlfriend might have hacked her account. She said she sent her ex-husband’s girlfriend an e-mail on Feb. 2 and she discovered files on her computer had been opened on Feb. 3. The woman said she then asked her ex-husband about it, and he told her that his girlfriend had experience hacking accounts while she was in the U.S. Army.

Forsyth man arrested after fight at High Falls bait shop on Feb. 4

A 23-year-old white Forsyth man was arrested and charged with simple battery and battery after he allegedly spit on and punched two men during a fight at Jackson Bait and Tackle on Feb. 4. At about 9:47 p.m., a man told Cpl. Tyler Rodgers that his male cousin drove to Jackson Bait and Tackle on Buck Creek Road after drinking Everclear grain alcohol. The man said his cousin could not find his phone and accused the man and another man of getting the cousin’s sister to use acid. The man said his cousin then spit on both he and the other man and also hit him several times in the head. The man said his cousin’s grandfather then picked him up from the store and took him home. Two male witnesses both said they saw the cousin, who was drunk, spit on and punch the man in the head multiple times. Dispatchers then told Rodgers the other man had reported the cousin was trying to fight him again at a Brownlee Road home. Rodgers and Sgt. Kirk Seckinger then arrived at the home and saw the cousin standing in the driveway. The cousin told deputies the other man got his sister to use acid and methamphetamine. He said everyone was trying to fight him and he was just defending himself. The cousin, who smelled strongly of alcohol, then admitted to spitting on both men. The other man, who had a cut on his nose, told deputies that the cousin was accusing him of making his sister use acid and taking his phone. He said the cousin then spit on him and hit the man in the head three times. The other man said the cousin then tried to fight his grandfather. He said when they returned to the Brownlee Road home, he told the cousin not to talk to him, but he said the cousin tried to bait him into a fight by again spitting on him. He said the cousin then kicked him and bit his nose. Rodgers then met with the grandfather, who said his grandson drove his truck without permission to Jackson Bait and Tackle, where he found him arguing with the two men about his phone. The grandfather said his grandson hit the man a few times and punched and spit on the other man. The grandfather said his grandson also got in his face but never hit him. Rodgers then took the cousin to the Monroe County Jail.

Deputy locates Subaru abandoned on I-75 S. facing wrong direction

At about 11 a.m. on Feb. 5, Dep. Peyton Henderson saw a green 2002 Subaru Forester parked on the right shoulder on I-75 South facing northbound. The vehicle, which had heavy front end and front driver side damage, was unoccupied and appeared to have been involved in a wreck. The vehicle’s tag came back to a Fort Valley man, and Henderson entered the vehicle as abandoned.

Warner Robins woman reports accusatory phone calls from aunt

At about 5:51 p.m. on Feb. 6, a Warner Robins woman told Cpl. Tyler Rodgers that her father recently died and she now owns his home on Willis Circle. The woman said she had received phone calls from her aunt accusing her of killing her father and saying the property belongs to her aunt. The woman said she blocked her aunt’s phone number but said her aunt then began calling her from a different number. She said she told her aunt to leave her alone and not to contact her again. Rodgers told the woman to report any further incidents to the Warner Robins Police Department.

I-75 driver reports rock hiting car windshield as other driver flees scene

At about 12:35 p.m. on Feb. 7, a Dogwood Circle woman told Dep. Judy Mercer that she was traveling on I-75 North near mile marker 193 in a burgundy 2003 Ford Crown Victoria when a blue Jeep kicked up a rock, hitting her car’s windshield. The woman said she followed the Jeep before pulling up beside it, letting down her window and screaming at the Jeep’s driver to pull over. The woman said the Jeep instead took off, and she called 9-1-1. The woman gave dispatchers the Jeep’s tag number but said she could not determine what state the tag was issued. The woman then showed Mercer a small scratch on her car’s windshield and said her mother, who owns the car, had recently spent $500 getting brake work done on it. When Mercer told the woman she would write up a report, the woman asked, “Will it include the name of the driver and his insurance information for the Jeep?” Mercer told the woman it wouldn’t because she had no way to prove the Jeep was responsible for damaging the windshield. The woman said she would just have to get cameras before becoming upset and saying, “So this guy almost killed somebody when he ran off the road and slung rocks everywhere and was going over 100 miles per hour and just gets away with it?” Mercer then asked the woman why she left the area where the incident occurred, and the woman replied that the 9-1-1 dispatcher told her to pull over at the next exit. She said she told the dispatcher she was close to her home, so she went there. Mercer then told the woman she would include the woman’s description of the Jeep in her report at which point the woman said, “Okay, thanks,” and angrily walked away into her home.

Man faces arrest after allegedly choking woman on Feb. 8

A Forsyth man faces charges of aggravated assault, battery and obstructing or hindering persons making a 9-1-1 call after a Forsyth woman said she was attacked on Feb. 8. At about 12:30 p.m., a Forsyth woman told Dep. Dustin Ramsey that she was at her male friend’s home playing video games at about 12:40 a.m. that morning when a man came into the room behind her and grabbed her cell phone and car keys out of her lap. The woman said the man then grabbed her by her hair and back of her neck and took her outside at which point he slammed her against a blue Mercury car three times. She said he then dug his nails into her side and put her in a chokehold from behind. The woman said the man’s sister then approached and asked the man why he was there. The woman said the man then slammed her onto the ground as the man’s sister then hit her in the face. The woman said the man then grabbed her hair again and ordered her to take him home as he forced her down the street. The woman said while they were headed to her home, the man’s sister drove up in a truck, picked up the man and left her in the street. The woman said she then went to the Forsyth Police Department to report the crime, but the door was locked. The woman said her friend witnessed the incident but said he didn’t get involved. She said her friend tried to call 9-1-1, but the man took the phone from him. Ramsey then tried to call the friend, but he said he was unable to talk at the time. The woman said she was unsure of the address of the home where the incident occurred. She was then taken to Monroe County Hospital for treatment.