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Willis Wilder Drive man reports son slamming doors, throwing clothes

A Willis Wilder Drive man told Forsyth officer David Asbell on Nov. 11 that his son is being disrespectful, slamming doors and throwing clothes, and he wanted to know what he could do. Asbell noted he could talk to the magistrate court about having the son evicted. The parties calmed down.

Convicted felon reports finding rifle in black case on Patrol Road

A driver told Forsyth police officer Kevin Powell on Nov. 11 that he found a rifle in a black case on Patrol Road. He said he called authorities immediately because he’s a felon who can’t possess guns. The rifle was a black Savage Axis 30-06 with a scope. The rifle was put into evidence at the Forsyth Police Department.

Walmart employee views suspects stealing two laptop computers

A Forsyth Walmart security employee told Forsyth officer David Asbell on Nov. 12 that she has two black males on video stealing two laptop computers worth a combined $1,000. Video shows a black male removing the laptops from the display locks and giving one to a second black male as they hid the laptops in their shirts and walked out. The employee said one suspect is thought to have already been charged with stealing items from the Macon Walmart on Zebulon Road.

East Chambers Street resident reports pit bull running loose

An East Chambers Street resident told Forsyth police officer Jeremy Malone on Nov. 13 that a grey pit bull was running loose. Malone saw the dog in the backyard free without a fence or collar, and noted that the dog had already killed a neighbor’s dog. No one answered the door at the home, so Monroe County Animal Control was called to take the dog to the shelter.

City utility employees discover stolen power at Holiday Cove unit

The Forsyth utility department told officer Kim Barnett on Nov. 13 that someone had jimmy rigged a unit at Holiday Cove Apartments to steal power from the city. Steve Sikes of the city electrical department said they had cut off power on Nov. 4 for nonpayment. While reading meters on Nov. 11 they found the tab had been cut off of power meter 903 and power had been restored. City workers took the meter from the box. Then on Nov. 12 Apt. 905 advised their power was off and workers discovered that someone had removed 905’s meter and moved it to 903. Workers moved the meter back to 905 to restore power. On Nov. 13 workers went back and found the clip on 903 had been cut again and someone had wrapped metal on the plastic lid and tried to insert the metal into the power box to restore power. Barnett contacted the former resident, who had been evicted, and she said she and her children had moved out when the power was cut. She said her child’s father had access to the apartment and may be involved. Finally, the father’s brother called police and confessed to tampering with the power. He was told the city would be pressing charges and agreed to turn himself in on Nov. 18.

Piedmont Hills Apts. resident reports keys, air conditioner missing

A Piedmont Hills Apartments resident told Forsyth officer Jeremy Malone on Nov. 14 who said her window air conditioning unit, change from a change jar and some keys were missing after all her belongings were removed for renovations.

Forsyth woman reports Seagram’s gin, fruit drink stolen from home 

A Forsyth woman told officer M.V. Merriman on Nov. 14 that someone knocked her air conditioning unit out of her window to enter her apartment and steal a bottle of Seagram’s gin, Canadian Mist gin, four packs of Seagram’s wine coolers, a bottle of prescription cough medicine, a gold necklace and a fruit drink. There was also items strewn all around the apartment.

Parsons Street woman reports man spit in crockpot after dispute

A Parsons Street woman told Forsyth officer Anais Benjamon on Nov. 15 that she got into an argument with a man and he spit in the crock pot where she was making supper. She said she didn’t see him do it but said he called his father and told him about it. The boy had left the home.

Norcross driver charged with cocaine possession after I-75 South stop

A 19-year-old Hispanic Norcross man was arrested and charged with possession of cocaine after a traffic stop on I-75 South on Nov. 18. At about 11:08 p.m., Cpl. Tyler Rodgers saw a black 2007 Acura TSX traveling 90 mph in a 70 mph zone on I-75 South near mile marker 189. The male driver said he didn’t have a license, and Rodgers smelled a strong odor of raw marijuana coming from inside the car. However, the driver denied having any marijuana inside the car. Rodgers then searched the car and found in the driver’s wallet a folded $1 bill containing a white powder substance that was suspected cocaine. He also found inside the center console four small bags of marijuana. A female passenger denied knowing anything about the marijuana, and the driver admitted the marijuana was his. However, the driver said someone else must have put the cocaine inside his wallet. The driver was also charged with speeding, driving while unlicensed and possession of marijuana.