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Motel guest reports $1,100 Cannondale bike stolen on Oct. 28

On Oct. 28, Officer Anais Benjamin of the Forsyth Police Department went to America’s Best Value Inn & Suites on North Frontage Road where a male guest said someone had stolen his bicycle. The guest said he had last seen his Cannondale bicycle, which is red with black handlebars, at about 1 a.m. that morning. The guest said the bicycle is valued at about $1,100.

Walmart customer reports leaving wallet in store shopping cart

On Oct. 31, Cpl. Kimberly Barnett of the Forsyth Police Department went to the Forsyth Walmart, where a female customer said she checked out of the store at about 7:47 p.m. on Oct. 30. The customer said she put her wallet in her shopping cart and then loaded up items into her truck. However, she later received a call from her bank about unauthorized purchases at which point she realized she had left her wallet in the shopping cart. The customer said her wallet was a cream-colored Jessica Simpson brand and contained two debit cards, a credit card, her driver’s license and her social security card. The customer said her cards had been used at five locations in Jackson, two Chevron stations, two BP stations and a Denny’s between 10:57 p.m. on Oct. 30 and 1:30 p.m. on Oct. 31. The customer said she had already canceled her cards. Barnett then viewed the store’s surveillance video and saw a red extended cab truck with a white tarp in the bed pull up to the return cart area at about 8:42 p.m. on Oct. 30. A man and woman each got out of the truck and the man was seen picking up something in the buggy return area and getting back inside the truck and leaving. The truck then returned to the Walmart parking lot three more times within the next several hours but didn’t stop.

Forsyth man reports ex-wife stole personal info to withdraw funds

At about 2:29 p.m. on Nov. 1, a Forsyth man told Dep. Akedra Robertson that he believes his ex-wife has stolen his personal information to change his online passwords and lock him out of financial accounts. The man said he was recently contacted by Fidelity Investments about $2,100 being withdrawn from his 401K retirement account during September or October 2018. The man said he believes his ex-wife withdrew the funds without permission.

Forsyth man scammed out of $3,000 in gift cards by male caller

At about 4:50 p.m. on Nov. 1, a Forsyth man told Dep. Larry Sullivan that he received a phone call from a male caller who identified himself as Steve Marshall claiming to be with the Alabama state attorney’s office. The man said the caller told him he was part of an investigation and the caller said he needed the man to transfer money from his bank account in order to keep funds from being seized. The man said the caller told him to withdraw $3,000 and put the money on a total of six gift cards, four from Walmart and two from Gamestop, at $500 apiece. The man said a second male caller who identified himself as David Morgan with the Alabama state attorney’s office asked the man to give him the numbers on the gift cards, which he did. The man said the second caller told him he was to receive a check for the amount of the gift cards, but he never received it. However, the man said he discovered that the gift cards had been fully used. He said he then tried to phone the two callers back but was unable to reach them.

Forsyth driver charged with DUI after wreck on Hwy. 41 South

A 17-year-old white Forsyth man was arrested and charged with DUI after a one-vehicle wreck on Hwy. 41 South on Nov. 2. At about 8:29 p.m. on Nov. 2, Cpl. Tyler Rodgers went to Hwy. 41 South near Sanders Road where a red Toyota Tacoma was off the road with visible damage. The male driver, who was not injured, said he was headed northbound when a deer entered the road. The driver, who smelled strongly of alcohol, said he swerved to avoid the deer but hit a ditch. The driver, who initially denied drinking any alcohol, then failed several field sobriety tests and tested a high positive for alcohol on a field breath test. Rodgers then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he tested positive for more than the legal limit of alcohol on a state breath test.

River Walk resident reports son bit by dog while trick-or-treating

At about 11:45 a.m. on Nov. 2, a Forsyth woman told Dep. Larry Sullivan that her son was bitten by a female neighbor’s dog while he was trick-or-treating at a River Walk home on Oct. 31. The woman said the neighbor’s teenage daughter opened the door at the home at which point a dog ran through the doorway from inside the home and bit her son. The woman said her son had two puncture wounds as a result of the bite. The neighbor said she was not home when the incident occurred but said her daughter called her immediately afterwards to tell her about it. The woman said she then made sure on Nov. 1 that all of her dogs’ shots were up to date. She said all of her dogs stay inside the home or within a backyard fence and are always on a leash when they exit her property. Sullivan notified Monroe County code enforcement officer Jeff Wilson about the incident.

Man reports receiving death threats after dispute at Macon bar

At about 6:51 p.m. on Nov. 3, a Forsyth man told Cpl. Christian Sawley that he got into an argument with another man at Billy’s Clubhouse bar in Macon on Oct. 31 during which he thought the other man appeared to be pulling a gun. The man said Bibb County Sheriff’s deputies came to the scene but the other man had left before their arrival. The man said since that night the other man had been sending him texts and photos of the man’s girlfriend from several different numbers. The man said the texts contained threats to kill the man and his girlfriend. Sawley tried to call the other man at the numbers the man provided but was unable to reach him.

Pair of nursing home employees report male patient attacked them

At about 12:27 p.m. on Nov. 3, Cpl. Nicolas Ortiz went to Pruitt Health Monroe nursing home on Hwy. 42 North where two female employees said an 84-year-old male patient had attacked them. The first employee said they entered the patient’s room to change his underwear because he had defecated in them. However, the first employee said when she finished cleaning the patient, he tried to hit her in the face with a closed fist. She said she then exited the room and ran down the hallway, where the patient followed her. The second employee told Ortiz she was still in the patient’s room, picking up his clothes, when the patient returned to his room, grabbed her from behind and put his arm around her throat. The second employee said the patient then picked her up while still having his arm around her throat to where she couldn’t breathe. She said he then released her, and she too left the room. Ortiz then met with the patient, who initially didn’t respond when Ortiz asked him what had happened. The patient then said he was outside weedeating his lawn at which point the first employee told Ortiz that the patient had dementia and was not coherent. The first employee said the patient had not been on his medication because his children were not letting him take the medication prescribed by his doctor. Both employees said they did not want to press charges against the patient, who was taken to Monroe County Hospital for treatment.

Man faces arrest after grabbing woman’s throat during dispute 

A 54-year-old white Jackson man faces charges of simple battery, simple assault and disorderly conduct after a domestic dispute at a Riverview Road home on Oct. 29. At about 4:18 p.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins and Dep. Jaleel Brown were notified by dispatchers that a woman was locked inside a bathroom of a Riverview Road home while a male resident was drunk. When deputies arrived, the woman said the resident had run out of his home after he found out she had called 9-1-1. The woman said she thought the resident had run into a nearby abandoned trailer. Deputies then searched the area but were unable to find the resident. The woman told Haskins that the resident was heavily intoxicated and got upset because there was no food inside the refrigerator. The woman said the resident then picked up a wooden bat and started hitting the refrigerator shelves and the outside of the refrigerator. She said he then turned and began beating the wall with the bat, breaking the wall. The woman said she told the resident to stop, but he instead turned toward her with the bat in his hand. The woman said she began backing up to protect herself while telling the resident not to hurt her. She said he then dropped the bat and grabbed her around her throat, pushing her to the ground. The woman said the resident then wrapped his arms around her and refused to let her off the ground. She said she then pushed the resident off of her with her feet and ran into the bedroom at which point the resident threw two beer cans at her. Haskins saw several cuts and scrapes on the woman’s arms. The woman’s father then picked her up from the home.

Forsyth man reports fraudulent charges on Chase credit card bill

At about 1:25 p.m. on Nov. 4, a Forsyth man told Dep. Akedra Robertson that he received a letter in the mail last month from Chase Bank about a fraudulent account opened in his name. The man said he was told by Chase Bank officials that the account would be deactivated. However, the man said he later received a second letter in the mail from Chase Bank on Oct. 19 telling him he owed $2,449.76 on an outstanding credit card bill. The man said he has never had a credit card through Chase Bank.

Forsyth man refuses to press charges after being hit with chair

A Forsyth man told officer Jeremy Malone he doesn’t want to press charges despite being treated at Monroe County Hospital after getting assaulted by a black man with a chair at Union Hill apartments on Nov. 4. The victim said he was visiting a friend near Building 7 around 2:30 a.m. The victim said he got into an argument with the other man who proceeded to swing a chair at him. He said he doesn’t know the attacker and doesn’t want to press charges.

MLK Drive resident reports man banging on door over loan

An MLK Drive man told officer Jeremy Malone on Nov. 4 that a local man is coming to their home early in the morning, banging on the door and threatening he and his wife if they don’t repay a loan. The man said they’ve already paid the man back and don’t owe him any more money. Malone told the man he could seek a restraining order. He was unable to contact the suspect.

Moreland Rd. resident reports tools stolen from truck on Nov. 5

A Moreland Road resident told officer Marc Merriman that when he returned from a funeral on Nov. 5 he discovered numerous tools missing from his unlocked Ford F-150 and front porch. He said stolen items included drills, saws, weed eaters, chainsaw, leaf blower and two compressors, combined worth more than $2,000.

Monroe County deputy reports hitting cat on Tingle Road on Nov. 6

At about 2:34 a.m. on Nov. 6, Cpl. Tyler Rodgers told Sgt. Kevin Williams that he was driving his black 2019 Dodge Charger patrol car on Maynards Mill Road near Tingle Road when he hit a cat that entered his lane. Rodgers said his patrol car’s front bumper was damaged.

Central Georgia EMC employees find power box rigged at home

At about 4:30 p.m. on Nov. 6, Dep. Larry Sullivan went to an Old Benton Road home where two male Central Georgia EMC employees said someone had rigged the components in the home’s power box to turn back on power to the home after it had been turned off. One of the employees said he cut the line this time to prevent further tampering with the power box. Sullivan met with a 17-year-old boy inside the home who said he was there alone and didn’t know about the power box being tampered with. The boy said he lived with his parents but they had left.

Driver arrested after giving false name during I-75 South stop

A 22-year-old black Douglasville man was arrested and charged with giving a false name during a traffic stop on I-75 South on Nov. 6. At about 11:41 a.m., Cpl. Thomas Haskins saw a green 1995 Honda Accord traveling 84 mph in a 70 mph zone with a brake light out on I-75 South near mile marker 191. Haskins saw the car was also failing to maintain its lane and stopped the car near mile marker 185, where he immediately smelled the odor of marijuana coming from inside the car. The male driver, who was later determined to have given a fake first name, told Haskins he lost his license one week earlier. Haskins saw the driver was shaking and appeared very nervous. Although the driver admitted he and a male passenger had smoked marijuana inside the car the previous night, Haskins and Dep. Willie Barkley but did not find anything illegal inside the car. After dispatchers determined the driver had given Haskins a fake name, Haskins confronted the driver, who admitted his license was suspended and he had multiple arrest warrants for drug possession, which Haskins confirmed. Haskins then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with driving while license suspended, speeding, a brake light violation and failure to maintain lane.

Wrecker service tows wrong truck outside Jackson Country Store

At about 7:20 p.m. on Nov. 7, the male owner of the Jackson Country Store on Hwy. 74 told Cpl. Tyler Rodgers that his blue 2015 Ford F-150 was missing from the side of his store, where he had parked it earlier that evening. The owner said he had a spare key inside of his truck and no one else had permission to drive it. The owner said he had several tools inside the truck and a welder on the back. Rodgers then viewed the store’s surveillance video and saw a flat bed wrecker enter the parking lot at about 6:12 p.m. A woman then told Rodgers she called Piggy Back Wrecker Service and instructed the company to pick up her black Ford F-150 that was parked outside the store. The woman said she called the wrecker service and told them they picked up the wrong truck. Soon after, the male wrecker driver returned with the owner’s truck and said he mistakenly picked up the wrong truck.

Dungan St. resident reports dogs running loose on Nov. 8

A Dungan Street resident told Forsyth officer Jeremy Malone that a golden retriever and black lab dog were running loose and acting aggressively on Nov. 8. The dog’s owner said she would make sure they were on a leash.

Forsyth police seeking Accord driver who hit mailbox on Sharp St.

Forsyth police are looking for the owner of a black Honda Accord suspected of a hit-and-run at the intersection of Sharp Street and MLK Drive on Nov. 8. Officer Jeremy Malone reported finding debris in the road and a mailbox knocked down at 37 Sharp Street. A witness told Malone that an older model black Honda Accord swerved off the road, struck the mailbox, hit some other items and then stopped. She said the driver got out, picked up some items off the road, and then drove away. She said the suspect was a black male with low-cut hair wearing black clothes.

Piedmont Hills resident reports dryer damaged, washing machine stolen

A Piedmont Hills Apartments woman told officer Jeremy Malone on Nov. 8 that someone stole her washing machine and damaged her bed frame and dryer. The woman said the apartment complex has told residents to take everything out of their units while a company does renovations and she did as requested. But she said her washer is now gone and her dryer and bed frame were damaged.

Hampton man charged with DUI after hitting Culloden roundabout

A 55-year-old black Hampton man was arrested and charged with DUI (refusal) after a one-vehicle wreck at the Culloden roundabout on Nov. 8. At about 2:02 a.m., Cpl. Tyler Rodgers went to the intersection of Hwys. 7 and 74 where he saw a silver 2015 Chevrolet Malibu stopped in the road with damage to the front driver side tire and front end. Rodgers also saw scuff marks and tire marks on the inside curb of the roundabout. The male driver, who admitted to hitting the curb, had sluggish body language, vomit on his shirt, red, watery eyes and was sweating from his forehead and neck area. Rodgers smelled a strong odor of burnt marijuana coming from the car, and dispatchers determined the driver’s license was suspended. The driver was unsteady on his feet and braced himself against his vehicle to keep him from falling. The driver said he had been at a friend’s house in Griffin and was headed to his home in Spalding County. When Rodgers then asked the driver if he knew where he was, the driver said he was just outside of Griffin. The driver, who refused any field sobriety tests, denied using marijuana or drinking alcohol but said he had taken some medication for gout and blood pressure. Rodgers then took the driver to the Monroe County Jail, where he was also charged with striking a fixed object, possession of drug related objects and driving while license suspended.